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Query: Full Body Detox

Testimonial: I finished my detox program and would like to say "thank you." You were accurate in everything you said the detox would do.

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I used the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse this year, and it gave me a lot of energy during the day. Also my face has cleared since using this product. Never made me feel jittery or hungry. The best result is that I lost a total of 15 pounds. I will be ordering the 10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express.
Jul 29, 2014
I did the 10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express. I released 10 pounds. My mind is clearer and I have more energy. Also doing the raw food, I have noticed my nasal allergies are no more and my digestive issues are a thing of the past. Now I will be ordering the Maintenance Package. Thanks Dherbs!
Jul 29, 2014
The Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen is one of the best products that I have ever used. I had to take the pills every two hours which wasn't bad. I set my phone alert to remind me. It helped me loose weight but moreover to loose the waste that probably been stored for years in my body creating toxic and poisons. I felt energized and walked my butt off as a part of the exercise while taking the herbs. As for as regularity. I was bond but now I am free. Try the Bowel Motion. It works!
Jul 29, 2014
WOW! The Nerve Formula is amazing. My whole body was aching from inflammation and joint pain. I felt much better shortly after taking the nerve formula. This was just what I needed. Thanks Dherbs.
Jul 29, 2014
Omg I love the Hair Skin Nails Tea. The taste is not bitter. I add agave to mine. Looking forward to trying the Hair Skin Nails formula and Hair and Scalp Oil. I have not been happier since I started using Dherbs products.
Jul 29, 2014
I started the Full Body Cleanse on July 10, 2014. I decided not to weight myself until I complete the cleanse because I want to shift my focus to the health aspects of the cleanse and not just the pounds I so desperately want to shed. I am currently on my 17th day of the cleanse and without a doubt my mind feels so much clearer and my body feels lighter. The jeans/size I was wearing when I began the cleanse no longer fit, AT ALL! I also realized that the constant craving for food is really, "Mind over Matter." This cleanse has helped me become more in touch with myself, which has lead to a more positive self image. Thank you DHerbs for a natural product that works.
Jul 29, 2014
I had just finished the Full Body Cleanse. I feel amazing and I can think much clearer than I did. My skin is much smoother even the bumps on the back of my arm are disappeared. I would highly recommend everyone should do this doesn't matter who you are what you do because if you needed to lose weight you will and if you didn't you won't. Thanks Dherbs!
Jul 29, 2014
I just finished my Full Body Cleanse! I highly recommend this product! I get these bumps and red dots on the backs of my arms called keratosis pilaris (KP), and they've significantly cleared up since doing this detox. I feel great! I was a pretty small and fit girl to begin with, so I didn't think I would lose any weight, but I did. My tummy is so flat. I'm onto the The Female Cleanse now. DHERBS has me seriously hooked on their products!
Jul 29, 2014
I completed the Full Body Cleanse on July 2 2014. I lost 27 lbs and I didn't even drink the charcoal mix every night. This is the most effective diet I have ever done. I had lots of energy and I was not hungry all the time. The hardest part for me was being around people who didn't understand that eating only vegetables was healthy ( I live in the South). Unfortunately, eating all the wrong food in the south is part of the culture down here. I am going to order the Weight Release Cleanse tomorrow. I don't want to fall of the wagon. Thank you DHERBS. This was a blessing from the great I AM.
Jul 29, 2014
The Full Body Cleanse is a great product. Lost 11 pounds. Currently on the Maintenance Program. Getting ready to start Weight Release Cleanse and Regimen for another 10 pounds. Would have lost more, but I exercised at gym for an hour each day and weight training!
Jul 29, 2014
The Full Body Cleanse was very pleasing. I now have energy clearer thinking peace. I think if you would like to have a little joy in your life try this product you will be most happy. Please try and enjoy... All smiles...
Jul 29, 2014
The Full Body Cleanse was awesome. I lost a couple of inches and pounds. Overall I felt wonderful. I'm ready to order my second cleanse. Thanks Dherbs.
Jul 29, 2014
I purchased the 20 day Full Body Cleanse for my husband. Using this product gave him energy. He also lost 15 pounds.
Jul 29, 2014
The Eye Tea is a truly wonderful product. I work in a lab, and even with safety glasses my eyes were always irritated. I drink the Eye Tea and sometimes the Eye Formula capsules-and amazingly no more eye irritation.
Jul 29, 2014

THE Full Body Cleanse has been a great benefit and experience for me, I'm now getting ready to start on my second cleanse...this time I'm doing the Male Cleanse. THE Full Body Cleanse was excellent!! I was a border line diabetic, no longer have to take the med-form pill, thumbs up to you guys...or should I thank THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW for advertising the product...I lost 23 lbs. After the cleanse, there was clothes in my closet I had purchased years ago I was able to go back and ware them again...AMAZING !!!! Because of my results from the cleanse, two of my co-workers are now ordering this product, thank you guys for all of your personally, I give this a 5 star ratting... ONCE AGAIN THANK'S.


Jul 28, 2014
My penis felt longer and stronger IMMEDIATELY after taking the Jackrabbit. My LADIES love me even more now! I don't want to recommend the Jackrabbit to anyone because they might try to steal my girls LOL.
Jul 17, 2014
This Full Body Cleanse was excellent! I received mental clarity, and lost a couple of inches of the gut. I also obtained an overall feeling of good health, and got rid of a lot of nagging aches and pains. This cleanse eliminated a lot of toxins from my system. The recommended diet (vegan-like) for this cleanse went a long way in helping me change my eating habits for life - it's said that new habits are formed in 20 days. If you are tired of being sick and tired, and your ready to get healthy - start here!
Jul 17, 2014
Just finished my second Full Body Cleanse and went to my Dr. Who told me that I am border line diabetes and I no longer have to take insulin.
Jul 17, 2014

Best move ever!!!! I am a living witness that Full Body Cleanse does what it states. I lost 33 lbs, got energy to no end and felt great.
I did not take any meds while on this (my choice) with no problems. I felt wonderful .
I did not realize the weight I lost because I finished on a Sunday night at the end of my vacation and did not weigh myself until I got to work. I was surprised by the comments from my co-workers who are mostly men, after weighing myself I was amazed. 33lbs. Wow!!!
I will do it again and recommend to all who reads this and looking to get healthy.
Happy detoxing!!! Results amazing

Jul 17, 2014
I had a great experience on my Full Body Cleanse. The only challenge was getting used to a raw food diet. Within a few days everything fell into place and I'm ready to order more products today!
Jul 16, 2014
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