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Dherbs Full Body Cleanse
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Testimonial: I finished my detox program and would like to say "thank you." You were accurate in everything you said the detox would do.

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I never imagine that I would be so happy with the results of the Full Body Cleanse. I thought I might lose a few pounds, never imagined that I would feel so much better. I mean I was more alert and focus, my blood pressure went down to where it should be, I even had a bounce to my step. You see I was carrying so much weight on my knees it was hard for me to get around, not anymore. I lost 27 pounds and feel good. That was almost 2 years ago and I can say I'm back again to try another 'full body cleanse'. Thanks Dherbs!
Apr 23, 2015
OMG....This product is amazing, I am a week and two days into the Full Body Cleanse, and I have lost 11 lbs, all my friends and family are in shock. Am full of energy, I sleep very well, and the greatest accomplishment so far is enjoying raw veggies that I hated when cooked or steamed. P.S. if you are looking for more raw diet recipes, check out I can't wait to try the weight release cleanse next. Thank you Dherbs!!!!
Apr 23, 2015
DHerbs Full Body Cleanse is the BEST!!! 16 DAYS in and I have lost 18lbs so far with 4 days left!! This Product is So Good, Im doing Another 20 Days!!! Haven't been Hungry since Day 2 and I Feel Great!!! The Next 20 Days will be with Exercise...Watch Out Summer, Here I Come!!!!LOL Thanks DHERBS..You're The Best!!!
Apr 23, 2015
I was scared to try the 10 DAY FULL BODY CLEANSE EXPRESS at first. However, I needed to start somewhere. I did not like the tea and I didn't drink it the entire cleanse. I didn't drink the charcoal water every night but I drunk it more than the tea. I was faith full with the rest of the formula. I did really will with my raw fruits and vegetables. The first week of my cleanse it rained everyday and I could not go on my walk. At the end of my 10 days, I lost 14.5 lbs. So imagine if I had drank the tea and charcoal water as instructed. I need something else. I want to continue losing because I have a lot more weight to shed.
Apr 23, 2015

I was motivated to do the Full Body Cleanse program after the health class from Alaska Cruise. I am one of the several, who took detox test on the cruise to measure the body fat , water levels, metabolic rate etc. After the trip, I looked at several websites, product reviews and fixed with the below detox program.
This is a 20 day detox program: According to program guide, consume 30 pills a day which will cleanse different organs inside the body. Mostly eat raw veggies, fruits and nuts throughout the program. Below link provide the full details.

My experiences during the detox:

First five days were really hard, I use to get tired by the evening and take naps after work.

Breakfast: Soy milk & banana smoothie around 7 AM and Blueberry ,strawberry, banana around 10 AM.
Lunch : veggie salad
Evening snacks : Cucumber, lemon and salt .
Dinner : Guac (homemade) and veggies.

Ate plenty of nuts, throughout the day. I use to prepare ( buying groceries and making salads, gauc etc) food by my self to sync up the body and mind on what to expect.

Did i cheat on my diet ? Yes, during my long run and volleyball days, I use to eat 1/4 cup of quinoa.
I lost around 12 pounds . I am pretty sure i will gain it back within three months but losing weight was not my goal .If i don't see any negative impacts with this program, I am planning to do 10 Day Full Body Cleanse program starting from next year. Feel free to share this email.

Apr 23, 2015
I'm on day three of  the 10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express and its hard but I'm surviving. If I eat a piece of fish will it destroy the cleanse?
Apr 23, 2015
I love the Maintenance Package. It is get to take on vacation so you do gain that vacation weight. I used it when I went to Cabo in February and didn't gain a pound. I also use it when I am between cleanses. Thank you Dherbs for helping me stay healthy.
Apr 18, 2015

So this is my second time doing the Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen, I lost 17lbs whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!
I love the way I feel. I taking a week of and I am going to do a 10 Day Full Body Express
cleanse. I will let you guys know how that goes. I am excited for 8 years I
have tried to get to my goal weight and I feel like I may actually get there
with the help of Dherbs. I have my mom and coworkers doing it as well.

Apr 18, 2015

I tried the Female Cleanse because I have been on birth control so long that I fear infertility or fertility complications. I trusted this cleanse because it instructed to eat vegan, which is completely necessary for the herbs to work. Being vegan will naturally shed pounds, plus the colon cleansers helps to eliminate waist your body rids of detoxification from herbs.

I didn't loose a ton of weight as I expect, but then again I'm not over weight so maybe I didn't have much weight I needed to loose. My system certainly feels much cleaner.

I love love the magnets that the cleanse comes with. The cleanse encourages you to learn about magnet therapy and how it can help balance energy. I feel much stronger when I wear the magnets.

I took the antiviral formula along with this cleanse to get rid of viruses that could be trapped in tissue or membranes.

The only negative side effect that I experienced with this cleanse is occasional hyperhydrosis on my back, chest, and hands. I asked the herb specialist and they said it was just my hormones balancing them self and its not permanent.

I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who has ever had a bacterial infection, yeast infection, viral infection, low immune system, about to start a new relationship, or trying to get pregnant.

Products like this are rare. Very beneficial holistic approach to healing and treating.

Apr 18, 2015

I have ordered the Oxy Oil in the past, however my most recent order was due to noticing my skin seemed much dryer this past winter. I purchased the Oxy Oil and immediately saw and felt the difference in my skin. I also used it on my scalp occasionally as my scalp also seemed a bit dryer this winter, which resulted in some flakiness. The Oxy Oil is a really good product and I also like the fact that it’s not greasy and pleasant smelling. Dherbs~ just simply the best in natural products!

Apr 18, 2015
The Monoatomic Formula is a great product! Really helps with the case of Monday blues... worth the price.
Apr 18, 2015
I finished 20 day Full Body Cleanse about 3weeks ago with great suggest and able to maintain the weight loss. My question is what food will I be eating with the Weight Release Cleanse so I can do some pre market shopping.
Apr 18, 2015
My experience with the Full Body Cleanse has been absolutely WONDERFUL! I suffer with acid reflux, high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. At the end of my cleanse I can honestly say that my acid reflex is gone, my blood pressure is back to normal and my diabetes is near close to being normalized. I did lose weight and I've had a few co-workers that praised me on how well I did during the cleanse. I plan to purchase the Weight Release Cleanse because my goal is to lose even more weight. This has become a lifestyle change for me and I'm so happy that my co-worker introduced me to DHerbs. Thank you so much for producing a great product.
NolaGirl8 NolaGirl8
Apr 18, 2015
The Anti Viral Cleanse has not only healed my body of HSV1, but has also lead me to a healthier path in life. I remember when the doctor told me that I was diagnosed with HSV1, I felt disappointed and devastated. They reassured me that it wasn't the sexual version of the virus, but it still didn't make me feel any better. Rather than accepting their diagnosis as reality, I decided to research and find alternative ways to destroy it. I found information on all of the plants and herbs that could fight off the virus. The only problem is, they didn't seem easily accessible. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Dherbs. I read the reviews from past customers and was intrigued. They seemed genuine and not like a fraud. I also noticed that a lot of clientele were African-American. I read about the regimen and decided to embark on a 40 day cleanse (Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral Cleanse). Since I was new to being raw vegan, I contacted their customer service at least twice a week. They were helpful and very motivational. The first week was grueling. I experienced nausea, shaking, diarrhea and one case of vomiting. It turns out my body was really unhealthy and acidic. After a week of these side effects, I began to feel really good. My skin and eyes became really clear. It was tough to stay on diet, but I did my best and seeing how I live in New York, my schedule is crazy. I tried to eat salmon after the first week, but my body just didn't enjoy the taste. I stuck out the first 20 days and I felt really good. I still craved meat for most of the Full Body Cleanse, but that soon subsided. When I began the Anti-Viral Cleanse, it was a completely different ball game. My body was used to fruits and veggies. The herbs in the Anti Viral specifically fought the virus in my body. I didn't experience any side effects. Throughout the Anti-Viral Meditation is mandatory. This helped me in so many ways! My mind was clear, and I became more focused. At the end of the Anti Viral, I felt light and clean. My energy was clear from past relationships and my mind was clear of any doubt. As soon as I finished the cleanse, I scheduled lab work for the next day. A week later my results came back with everything normal. I BEAT THE VIRUS! Thanks Dherbs! This is exactly what people need! The raw vegan path may not be easy at first, but it's worth it! If you have a similar situation, I recommend doing the Full Body and Anti Viral Cleanse after.
Apr 18, 2015
The Activated Charcoal tasted good, no bitter or off-putting aftertaste. Most importantly, helps my digestion without making me constipated or cramp. I LOVE the clean, mineral flavor and often take an extra scoop dry but I will drink 16-20 ozs. afterwards. I started with the Full Body Cleanse and have reordered. It also gives me sustained natural energy and makes my smile brighter.
Apr 17, 2015
I have had seasonal allergies since childhood, I decided to try Dherbs Allergy Relief this year because I refuse to allow my Doctor to put me on Steroids again. God is good because I have been praying for relief without prescription drugs for a long time. I take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening and I am so grateful with the fact that I can now go for walks and ride bikes with my husband without sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and headaches! Thank you Dherbs I am so thankful for your Allergy Relief it really has changed my life.
Apr 14, 2015
I am on the 20 days Full Body Cleanse and have lost 8 pounds. The program has been good so far and I have decided to move on to other products from Dherbs. Thank you!
Apr 10, 2015
I purchased the Full Body Cleanse in January of 2014 and was optimistic and pessimistic at the same time as I had never had to make changes to my eating habits or had weight problems before I reached the age of 45. D-Herbs made a believer out of me in seeing is believing that a lifestyle change and healthy eating habits not only made a difference in the way I looked but in the way that I felt. In 20 days I lost 17 pounds and in 2 months I lost a total of 25 pounds. That had me at my ideal weight and clothing size. Unfortunately life continued and stressful situations came up and I resorted to those unhealthy eating habits and found comfort in all the wrong types of edibles; sugars, carbs, and anything else that could take me back up 25 pounds plus. It's been a little over a year since I did the first cleanse and I'm going for round 2 with a supportive team going in with me. I'll be praying for strength during and after to maintain what D-Herbs teaches. Thank you for the Blessed Lessons in Healthy Leaving!
Apr 10, 2015
I am currently taking the DHERBS Full Body Cleanse this is day 6 and I already lost 6 pounds, I feel great I have experience headaches but I know it will past. I will by more products and will recommend this to my family and friends.
Apr 10, 2015
I love the Full Body Cleanse! I will admit, I was quite skeptical on wondering if I would be able to do this for 20 days. I took it day by day. By the time I had gotten to day 3, I noticed I was feeling a little more energetic. After the first week, I could definitely tell a difference. I had more energy at work, felt more clearheaded and was losing weight! I lost a total of 17.5 pounds. I only exercised 3 times during that time. My friends and co-workers said my skin looked brighter and they definitely could see the weight loss. I'm going to do another round of it. I ant to drop those last stubborn 15 pounds. The weight loss was definitely a plus, but I also liked knowing I was cleaning my body of all the toxins we put in daily! I enjoyed eating the healthy foods. I tried to mix things up a bit and tried different combinations of vegetables in a salad. I had nothing but an awesomely positive experience with Dherbs! I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel and look better!
Apr 10, 2015
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