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Reviews: Oxy-Drops


Date Added: by Albert
Oxy-Drops are a wonderful water supplement that I add to my distilled water. It adds plenty of energy and enhanced oxygen to many of my refreshments. Appreciate it.
5 / 5


Date Added: by sharyl
I have the sickle cell trait and I usually feel sluggish but I am so glad that I ordered the oxy drops because it feels like I get a boost of energy. I make sure that I add this to my water before I workout... Great product!
4 / 5


Date Added: by CHARLENE
Thanks for another great product, definitely feel that the Oxy-Drops increases energy levels. I personally think that the drops are tasteless and the bottle will last ages its perfect value for my money. A good companion for all DHERBS cleanses or just for daily use also.
4 / 5


Date Added: by JUANITA
I am so glad to have ordered the Oxy Drops during this time in my life. You feel a boost of energy when you need it, and when you least expect it. It does wonders for the skin, which I use as a toner or splash. Yeah, for Oxy drops!!!
5 / 5


Date Added: by Kota
The Oxy-Drops have been an excellent product for my son. He has sickle cell anemia, and I can tell that the oxy-drops are truly helping his immune system. We have been using oxy-drops for a few months now, and we truly see a difference with his health. Thank you Dherbs we couldn't do it without you.
5 / 5


Date Added: by V.M
I am not as impressed with the Oxy-Drops as other Dherbs products. I've been using this product for several months and will now purchase a water ionizer to receive the benefits of alkaline water.
2 / 5


Date Added: by debra
Greetings from Chicago DHERBS family & friends! I am 105 lbs., and have been drinking distilled and spring water half of my body weight for years now (approx. 52.5 ounces), which is good; though, not necessarily great because I find myself using the bathroom every 15 minutes. One day I heard that water should stay in the body for a while longer in order to effectively replenish the blood cells and cause the tissues of the body to throw off toxins….So, I greatly noticed that since I have been adding Oxy-Drops to my water I do NOT have to use the bathroom as much, which also means that my water is now alkaline and it is working effectively to replenish my blood cells. Instead of going to the bathroom every 15 minutes; now, after adding 9-12 drops of Oxy-Drops to my 16-ounces glass of water— I go 45 minutes or sometimes an hour later. I am much happier now knowing that adding Oxy-Drops to my water has been greatly effective in penetrating my entire body—cleansing, replenishing, restoring & rejuvenating—and not just going straight (more or less) to my bladder. Please read the Articles section, on Alkaline Water for more healthy benefits!! Thanks DHERB.COM and better health to us all!!!
5 / 5


Date Added: by Veronica
Oxy-Drops makes me feel more energetic. I started out with a smaller than recommended dosage and worked my way up.
4 / 5


Date Added: by gwene
I absolutely love these ox drops, they help to restore energy levels and also helps with cognition!
4 / 5
Oxy-Drops 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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