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Reviews: Full Body Cleanse

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by PL
I ordered the D-Herb Full Body Cleanse and started on July 10. I was really nervous about taking so many pills. I do not even take pills even a headache. When I started I was 164 pounds. I was really looking forward to a weight lose of at least 20 pounds. Now, that I am all done, I believe weight loss became secondary. All in, I lost 8 pounds and with a running program that included running 2-4 miles 3 times a week. What I learned about plant based recipes and desserts became primary. My primary goal now is to stay with plant based eating. I have researched and learned so much. I can make small changes and yet and still have a big impact. I am somewhere between a vegan and vegetarian. I still wear leather, but don't eat animal products. I never felt starved, hungry or stuffed from eating too much like when I ate meat. Small improvements. Also, the D-Herb cleanse did keep me regular and that never happened before. It helped with gas and bloating. When taking so many pills it reminded me to drink more water throughout the day. That was much needed. I used my cellphone to remind me when to take the pills. I still use it to remind me to drink water. I also used the recommended sauna. Sauna time became ME TIME! Pro, I learned a new way to be and stay healthy. Con, I did not lose as much as I expected.
3 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Tonya
My experience with the full body cleanse was awesome. I did this cleanse for the first time back in May 15 , which I was very hesitant at first. However, in the end I was amazed at my results and the way my body felt. I lost a total of 25 pounds and I feel amazing. I'm now going to try the weight release cleanse in Aug 15 and this time around I will incorporating exercise to the regimen. Most definitely would recommend DHERBS to anyone.
5 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Erica
After constantly hearing about the Full Body Cleanse program every morning in the car on my way to work on the Steve Harvey morning show; I and a couple of co-workers decided to try it out. This was in April 2014. After reading the instructions I was worried that I wouldn't be able to take the pills as directed because of the quantity. So I decided to "just do it" and see what happens. Taking the pills were easier than I thought. After the first week I noticed my energy level, skin, and digestive system were all improved beyond belief. I truly felt and saw a difference in my body; and it didn't hurt that I lost some unwanted pounds as well. I Loved this cleanse so much that I've decided to make it a yearly routine. I just ordered the program today. I've ordered other products that have been beneficial as well. I'm a DHERBS customer for life. Thanks for such wonderful products.
5 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Monique
On June 9th, 2015 I started my Full Body Cleanse and must say that I wasn't quite sure if I would make it through the full term because I had never eaten a vegan only diet before. However, I knew that if I wanted to remain healthy I needed to make this commitment and stick to it. So, I did. The first three days were the hardest for me. Although I was used to juicing my vegetables, I wasn't used to eating only vegetables. I found it difficult to find something to eat because I'm out in the field all day with work but I managed by snacking on nuts. Then, the forth day I began to incorporate salads by locating salad bars throughout the city. The more research I did to locate vegan restaurants the more I realized that there was hope for me and this detox:-) So, around day seven, I was on a roll and wanted to make sure I was getting the full benefit of the detox. I began to workout and became more active. While working out and sweating (which I hate) I noticed that my sweat had a stench. Now, I'm not sure if my sweat would always smell this way because I make it a point not to sweat (I think sweat is gross). However, during the detox I allowed it to flow and can I tell you that by day thirteen my white t-shirts became free of the dingy yellowish color and smell during and after a workout (now I don't mind sweating)? Finally, on the nineteenth day, I began to notice that mucus was breaking up in my sinus cavity and chest area. My vision became more clear and my mental clarity was sharpened. P.S. This was by far, the best cleanse that I've ever done because replaces the nutrients that's depleted over time by our daily diets. I love it so much, I'm getting ready to order another one because I think I need to get rid of more mucus. Oh, one more thing, the coffee enemas works wonders at expelling the toxins. I know it sounds gross but I had so much energy after elimination.
5 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Aline
The Full Body Cleanse was one of the best cleanses I have ever done and I feel so rejuvenated. I would recommend it for anyone to try. I lost 23 lbs.
5 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Kye
I have tried the Full Body Cleanse and believe it to be very helpful as well as healthful. Quite a bit of pills to take but other than that, it was a good experience. Would definitely recommend.
4 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Julia
I am so pleased to be introduced to the Full Body Cleanse. It is such a natural product that will not interfere with the medications that I take, my Doctor even gave me a thumbs up. I feel good and have energy and strength. Thanks Dherbs, I will continue with this product 2nd Full Body Cleanse on the way.
5 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Delores
Overall it was a great cleanse and I felt better physically once my body adjusted to the regimen, about 1 week in. I am trying it again. I felt better in my energy level and loved feeling lighter and less bloated. However, I was hoping to shed about 10-12 pounds and I only lost 6 pounds and was faithful to the regime throughout the 20 days.
4 / 5

Full Body Cleanse

Date Added: by Keona
Just ordered my FBC. I'm excited but also nervous about falling off, can't wait to start. Wish me luck.
5 / 5
Full Body Cleanse 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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