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Full Body Cleanse

5 / 5
Date Added:  by latisha washington
The full body cleanse is amazing. Not only did my skin have a beautiful glow because of the herbs working its magic, but my body was rejuvenated. My energy level was through the roof. To give an example of how much energy I had, I jogged and walked the track 14 times and did 28 push ups. I'm a woman that's not into doing push ups. One day I moved furniture from my deck, purchased a new lawn mower, mowed the grass and trimmed the edges ALL IN ONE DAY.I felt so good. I highly recommend the product.

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Date Added: 04/24/2014 by Chas Lofton
I jus did the 20 day Full Body Cleanse. I'm a truck driver it was hard but I love how it turned out, I feel a lot better. I move quicker & I had been trying to loose weight for years. I loss over 30lb on this cleanse. I hope all truckers try this. Just don't run too hard on your 1st week of the clea...

Date Added: 07/26/2014 by Alexandria Daniels
I started the Full Body Cleanse on July 10, 2014. I decided not to weight myself until I complete the cleanse because I want to shift my focus to the health aspects of the cleanse and not just the pounds I so desperately want to shed. I am currently on my 17th day of the cleanse and without a doubt ...

Date Added: 07/19/2010 by cedric burgess
With the Full Body Detox, my wife is grateful for the experience of purging the toxins out of her system. Initially it was rough but well worth the initial discomfort of getting healthy!!

Date Added: 04/02/2010 by Kendra Turner
I love this product (Full Body Detox). I am going to buy it for my mother. These herbs have helped me to change my eating habits.

Date Added: 11/15/2009 by Regina Searcy
Full Body detox was wonderful. I am now promoting it to friends, family and strangers. Cleansing is a lifestyle not a one time experiment. Thanks DHerbs now it's time to have a referral program so I can continue to support your site and get residual income. RSearcy...




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