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Reviews: Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Kimberly Zingler
My daughter loves the taste of the Children's Detox Formulas, LOVE would be an understatement. I dont exactly let her eat and candy and she understands why, so her herbal extracts are her candy:) The Children Detox cleanse was very easy, the not-so easy part was keeping her on a raw diet. The most ...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Angela Baker
This Children Detox is ESSENTIAL in today's toxic environment. My children eat fairly healthy foods most of the time, but seemed to be exhibiting cold symptoms very easily. I figured since they eat a primarily vegan diet at home, and rarely any meats that this would aid in upping their immune respo...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Sheena Dixon
This Children Detox (liquid extracts) is amazing. My nephew was having severe seasonal allergy symptoms (stuffy nose, eyes etc.) and just after one day on this detox his symptoms have improved drastically. Would definitely recommend to others.

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Monica Meikle
I recommend this Children Detox (liquid extracts) for all children. My daughter had a fever during the cleanse...she was that toxic, and her bowels were neon green (almost) just like mine was (we did our detox together) I will definitely do another round soon. Thanks DHerbs!...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Stacey Pernell-Fluker
We used the Children's Detox on our 2 and 4 year old. They both didn't mind the flavor nor the concept (they aren't used to "taking" things). They even began to recognize which extract was for which organ combination. We still have enough for their next detox which we (as a family) are beginnin...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Tanya Astin
Both my children went through the 2 week detox, in July 2009. They both went to over night camps, and I wanted to make sure their immune system would ward off illness going and coming. They have been cold/flu/ect free even as we wrap up the second month of school. Thanks for the enlightenment prov...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Sylveita Jones
I gave my eleven year old daughter The Childrens Detox and I am absolutely thrilled with her results! She instantly became regular in bowel movements, her skin has a beautiful glow, whereas before she was beginning to get pre-teen acne, and the all natural deoderants that did not work for her before...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Vanessa Garcia
Thank you so much for this! My 5 year old daughter was extremely toxic at such a young age! Overweight, sluggish, snored loud throughout the night due to heavy congestion, chronic cough, no physician or conventional medicine could tame or explain. I administered this kit for 10 days, which was so ea...

Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts)

Date Added:  by Gloria Roberts
I bought for my son (13) the children detox. He is on his 5th day and I can already see improvement. He has eczema, ichthyosis, asthma and very dry skin. Thank you in advance. PS He finally started to sleep better in the last few days. I am very please with your products....
Childrens Cleanse (liquid extracts) 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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