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What type of foods are you required to eat while drinking the detox tea?


Raw foods are best to help detoxify and cleanse your body.

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    Q: What type of foods can I eat while I am on this FULL BODY DETOX?


    Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; fruit smoothies, salads, raw foods entrees, etc.

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    Q: I need to know what diet will keep my body ph perfect? I am drinking alkaline water, but don't want to mess up the effectiveness with wrong foods.


    A raw foods diet consisting of living enzymatic foods! Eat at least 50% raw organic foods!

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    Q: I seen your website and I was interested in purchasing the male cleanse and as I was reading everything that it came with then I seen that it came with a moonstone crystal that is the only thing that I really don't believe in because on you all's website it states that it can do all of these weird mystical type things such as grant wishes and cleanse the human heart which in my non judgmental opinion sounds sorta like voodoo mantra type stuff and I am not interested in doing that so I would like to know would this cleanse work effective without the moonstone crystal or would it work less if I did not go through with the procedure of the moonstone crystal because to tell you the truth that is only 1 of the things that I would not want to do concerning the total male cleanse. Also I seen on you all's website that on the dietary regimen for the total male cleanse you all have a circle around the coke, burger and fries and I can understand that a person would have to eat healthy but would this mean that I would have to go on the strict all organic and all raw diet for the whole 3 weeks because I would not be able to be really adhere to and follow the real rigid and strict diet if that is what the male cleanse required so according to what I have told you all would the total male cleanse be a waste of my time since I would not be willing to follow the strict diet and neglect doing the moonstone crystal procedure.


    The Male Cleanse would undoubtedly work, even without the moonstone crystal. The crystal simply helps to heal on a subtle body (energy) level.

    We strongly suggest consuming a raw foods diet while performing the Cleanse. In order to achieve the best results, a raw foods diet is ideal.

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    Q: I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What do you suggest?


    We recommend that you do our Pancreas Cleanse, which is a 20 day cleanse that helps to detoxify, nourish, and rejuvenate a sluggish and degenerate pancreas and kidney

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    Q: I have a friend who has been said to have cancer. First diagnosed in the breast, now in the lungs back and bones. I told her about the full body cleanse and the dietary regimen. I was wondering if this is something that you think would benefit her at this stage. If so what other things do you think she could look into?


    The Full Body Cleanse is best! This cleanse can detoxify the body and help remove the toxicity that your friend's body is suffering from.

    She should drink 2-4 cups of the Full Body Cleanse Tea too to give her body an extra boost!

    After detoxing, I would have her take 5 capsules of Electric Greens every 2-3 hours every day in addition to drinking raw vegetable juice every day. This can further help eliminate toxicity in her body once she completes the cleanse.

    She should avoid eating any cooked foods, just raw foods!

    She should bathe daily in moderately hot water, sea salt and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. More tips and pointers can be found in the Full Body Detox Companion (available on-line).

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    Q: I am required to eat at least 60 oz. of proteins on a daily basis, take 2 vitamins daily, 3 calcium tablets daily, 2 iron tablets daily, and dink at least 64 oz. of water daily. With your products, what do you recommend? I would also like to detox my body with the colon cleanse, do you recommend this and if so, which of your products do you recommend?


    Yes! Give the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE a try!

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