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Anal and Rectal Problems

Before we can deal with anal and rectal problems, we must first know what the anus and its auxiliary parts are...


Many people experience anal and rectal problems at some point in their life. While these problems can range from minor to severe, anal issues can be bothersome.

The rectum is a ring at the end of the large intestine whose function is to keep the intestine sealed shut and hold feces until your body needs to have a bowel movement. When that need occurs, the rectum assists in transporting the feces out of the body through the anus, which is the opening at the end of the anal canal. In order to have a sufficient bowel movement, your rectum and anus must be functioning properly. When not functioning properly, you are more susceptible to a variety of anal and rectal conditions, including anal fissures, anal fistula (common in Crohn’s disease), hemorrhoids, and rectal cancer.


-        Inadequate cleaning of the anus after a bowel movement

-        OTC or prescription medication can potentially induce diarrhea or constipation

-        Use of harsh, chemical-laced soaps and ointments

-        Hemorrhoids

-        Infections of the anus



-        Itching and scratching of the anus

-        Inflammatory bowel movements

-        Bleeding during bowel movement

-        Pain during bowel movement

-        Incontinence

Natural Healing

Lesions and ulcerations in the anal canal that can cause irritation, bleeding, and itching are signs that the body is attempting to expel waste, mainly because the normal elimination channels, like your coon, are clogged and inaccessible for the expelling of the waste. Therefore, having a balanced ratio of good to bad bacteria will help to inhibit or eliminate pathogens like yeast, fungus, and parasites that make their way thru the intestine and cause inflammation, ulcerations, and infection. Cleansing your colon is imperative in order to prevent the your bowel movements from causing further irritation and inflammation.

Switching to a mainly raw foods diet that is void of refined grains, artificial sugars, meat, and dairy can help detoxify your colon. Many processed foods can put strain on your colon and GI tract because they are deficient in good nutrients that keep your system clean and healthy. Eating a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can provide the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber that you need in order to stimulate peristalsis (bowel movement), provide essential nutrients, and support the body’s tissues. Raw foods can take a maximum of 30 hours to digest, while refined foods that are low in fiber, may take more than two days to digest!

Hydrate your body. Drink half your body weight in water to help move food and waste to your eliminative channels and aid in the absorption of essential nutrients.

Herbs that assist in the healing of anal and rectal problems include:

Cascara Sagrada can help counteract constipation and an impaired colon. As a cathartic and laxative herb, it can help prevent and/or remedy hemorrhoids as well as Crohn's Disease.

Horse Chestnut can help heal, repair, and reduce swelling in the veins throughout the whole body, including the anus.

Herbs that help stop bleeding or hemorrhaging include: Goldenseal Root, Cranesbill, Dragon's Blood, Beth or Birth Root, Yarrow, Cramp Bark, Shepherd's Purse, Lady's Mantle, and Manjistha.

Cardamom, ginger, and cumin can also help reduce inflammation if your are experiencing symptoms, as well as promote healthy digestive function.
Avoid using commercial brand laxative such as Ex-Lax as many pharmaceutical grades of laxatives can be have chemicals and flavoring agents that can have further negative effects on the body.

Aloe Vera gel can be rubbed on hemorrhoids or anal lesions or sores to facilitate healing. Aloe Vera juice is a powerful tonic that can help internal wounds such as gastric ulcers and colon conditions of diverticulitis, colitis, and Crohn's Disease.

Coconut Oil can also be applied directly to the area to help facilitate healing of skin lesions and moisturize your body’s linings.

Performing a weekly enema can also help keep the anus clean. Herbal enemas can be performed with regular water (distilled or alkaline is best in this case), herbal tea (herbal laxatives or cathartics), or organic coffee (if you want to target and cleanse your liver). Colonics are also very effective in maintaining the health of the anus.


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    Q: I have been sexually involved with this guy for 1 1/2 yrs. He just recently found out that he has a Peri Rectal Abscess. Actually several abcesses on his butt cheeks. They gave him antibiotics for it. This morning I woke up with the same type of (abcess) knot/soreness on my upper buttocks, near the crack of my butt, as he did. We have never had anal, sex. Is this Peri Rectal Abcess contagious and, or transferrable sexually? He seems to think it's not. What should I take naturally as an antibiotic? I know your thoughts and views on Colloidial Silver, but that is all I had this morning to ease some of the pain.


    For remedies, please read our article "Anal and Rectal Problems" in our articles section.

    Anal and Rectal Problems

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    Q: What can be done about recurring anal abscess?


    Please read the article â€ANAL AND RECTAL PROBLEMSâ€. Visit articles section!

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    Q: I have a bump on my anus that itches. Would you please help me to understand what it is and what I can do about it? Thank you. Please read the article "ANAL AND RECTAL PROBLEMS" located in our articles section on our site.


    Please read the article "ANAL AND RECTAL PROBLEMS" located in our articles section on our site.

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    Q: My daughter Heather is 4 yrs. old and is battling Candida. She has been on antibiotics from the age of 2 months till 1 yr. old about 8 times for ear infections. She developed constipation at 7 months, food allergies at 1 yr. and a lot of food intolerances. She also had heartburn and was getting bad rashes around her mouth when she ate. Unfortunately, I did not know about Candida so this went on for a couple of years. Despite my efforts of taking her to every doctor there was, no one could help me. Right now she is on a treatment for Candida, but she is so sensitive, she can't even tolerate a lot of the supplements. Her bowels do not move at all. I have to do enemas everyday to keep them going. Right now I'm having a hard time finding a laxative she can tolerate. I ordered the "Children?s laxative extract" from DHERBS but after 4 days of being on it her bowels still aren't moving. I started colonic therapy sessions for my daughter and we saw parasites come out of her. When I called DHERBS, I was recommended to e-mail you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    For Candida, please know the antibiotic medication is the present cause of her persisitent candida (yeast infection). Read our article "Candida Albicans." She needs anti-fungal herbs, not antibiotic medication. These are harming her body.

    The child is very acidic and this may be due to her diet (what you are feeding the child).

    Have your child perform the Children's Detox for starters. A basic cleanse is greatly needed!

    To target the Candida, make your child a tea consisting of Pau' D Arco. Let the tea cool down and add maple syrup (or agave nectar) and a little lemon. Let the child drink this sweetened tea throughout the day (even as a cold beverage).

    Bathe the child in warm water and sea salt (1 box per bath). Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil to each bath as well. Let the child soak in the water for 30-60 minutes. This bath is very alkalizing (which counteracts acidity).

    Because she has parasites, have the child drink pomegranate juice (often) and eat plenty of pumpkin seeds (often).

    For the enemas, make a tea of Dherbs Bowel Mover tea (let cool down). Pour tea into enema bag and perform an enema with the tea as the enema solution. Some days switch off from the tea and just add hydrogen peroxide (half an ounce per enema bag) to the enema solution (distilled water). Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen which kills parasites. You could even add 30 drops of Oxy-Drops to the enema bag and perform an enema using liquid oxygen.

    It is imperative you put the child on a vegan vegetarian diet a.s.a.p.! Remove all meat and dairy products as well as all refined grains from her diet (as these feed worms and parasites).

    Have the child drink prune juice before going to bed each night. Dilute the juice with water if necessary.

    The child needs to eat a lot of fruits (i.e. plums, apples).

    Continue to give the child Dherbs Children?s laxative extract daily, perhaps in the early evening hours.

    Doing all of the above will cause positive changes in your child's situation. Just remember, drugs won't help her. Read ou article "Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical drugs" on our site.

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    Q: I am writing you to see if you have any information and remedies for hemorrhoids. I am a Black African male in my 40's. I have changed my diet for the last 3 yrs., no meat, fish, cheese, milk, no dairy, no alcohol, no bread, greatly decreased sugar and salt. I exercise 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, drink at least 6 glasses of water a day and take lots of vitamin c and a multivitamin but I still have not been able to get rid of the hemorrhoids. Also the hemorrhoids only come out when I have a bowel movement. I have bowel movements twice a day. Also, I have been taking horse chestnut tincture. Is there anything that you know of that might help me to get rid of them. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Truthfully, thank you very much.


    Try our 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser. After the cleanse, take 3 capsules of Hemorrhoid Buster 2-3 times daily. Drink 1 cup of Aloe Vera juice daily.

    Have your read our article of "Hemorrhoids" on our site?

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: The reason I have chronic constipation is not because of diet, I eat very healthy, it is because of pain medication (narcotics), that I have to take to be able to stand the excruciating pain I am suffering from 5 spinal surgeries (I have metal rods in my spine from my shoulder blades to my tailbone). In order to have a regular bowel movement every day I take Glyco Lax (a dr.'s RX) 2x a day, plus what I call my "concoction" : I Tbs raw honey, 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1/3 cup fresh ground golden flaxseeds,? 1 tsp. Natural Psyllium Husk Fiber, and put all of that in hot purified water and drink it. I also take a stool softener with stimulant. That is a lot of time consuming work for me, but it does work. You offer several products for regularity, but I don't know which one to order. My Dr. says senna is very harsh and addictive, and your products seems to have a lot of senna in them. I was told it is not good for long term use. Please advise.


    Senna is a 100% all-natural herb that is completely safe. It can be used for bowel movement stimulation, as the body recognizes and assimilates the herb without any side effects. All of our products can provide numerous health benefits.



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