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Ear Problems

By all means, avoid using Q-tips for purposes of ear cleansing. Q-tips will do more harm than good as a Q-tip will push ear debris such as wax further into the ear.

Ear problems get our attention for a physical reason and a metaphysical reason.

The physical reasons may include a host of causative factors from excess ear wax buildup to excess mucus or waste matter of a liquid nature in the brain that press against ear nerve endings.

Common ear problems include:
  • Ear infections
  • Swimmer's ear
  • Ear wax build up
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Hearing problems
Causes and Risk Factors

Ear infections are generally caused by an excessive build up of fluid behind the ear drum, usually as a result of cold, flu, respiratory infection or allergy.

Swimmer's ear is a bacterial infection caused by water getting trapped in the ear canal. It can be aggravated by excessive or aggressive cleaning of the ears with cotton swabs, bobby pins, match sticks or other devices. A good rule is to never put anything smaller than your pinky-finger in your ear.

Ear wax is natural, and promotes a healthy ear system. Excess ear wax is not healthy and can cause a host of other problems.

Tinnitus, or ringing of the ears, can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the more modern causes is exposure to excessive noise such as digital sound, loud volume funneled through headsets on mp3 players, high-volume music concerts, or exposure to sirens blaring on emergency vehicles. Even something as innocent as church bells ringing, a child crying or the sounds of cars or motorcycles can cause tinnitus.

Vertigo is an inner ear problem that causes someone to struggle to keep his or her physical balance. It's most commonly associated with those who experience sea-sickness or motion sickness, but in reality, anyone can experience vertigo if the circumstances are right.

Healing Ear Problems Naturally

Ear Coning and Candling

Ear coning/candling is an ancient craft that was practiced by the ancient Egyptians (People of Khem/Khemet); Mayans, Chaldeans, Druids, et al.

If you have never had ear coning performed, you don't have a clue of how much wax you actually have in your ear and also the degree of harm this wax is doing or can do. Excess ear wax can actually prevent the depth of your hearing.

The ear coning process works via heat osmosis. The smoke from the cone goes deep into the ear canal and melts wax, liquefying it and sucking it up into the cone whereby it dries and hardens.

Always wait at least 48 hours before the next session so the natural ear secretions can return to the ear. For a really good ear candling session, put some good ear oil in your ears overnight (plugging the ears up with cotton as you sleep).

And by all means, avoid using Q-tips for purposes of ear cleansing. Q-tips will do more harm than good as a Q-tip will push ear debris (such as wax) further into the ear.

Ear Oil

Putting ear oil in your ear overnight from time to time is also helpful for the ears.

A good ear oil should contain Olive Oil, garlic (and or onion), herbs of Mullein (leaves and flower), Echinacea, and/or Goldenseal; essential oils of Rosalina, Tea Tree, Manuka, Ravensare, Kanuka, and Leleshwa; and crystals of Amber, Orange Calcite, Opal Aura Quartz, Obsidian, Celestite, and Rhodonite.


From time to time, insert Quartz (or Opal Aura Quartz) crystal sticks (with points), i.e. little thin wands, into your ears for about 15-30 minutes. This process helps balance the ear chakras and enhance the ability of spiritual hearing for purposes of spiritual understanding. There's a physical hearing and a spiritual hearing. This is why the Biblical character Jesus said: "...because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand." Matthew 13:13

Oxygen & Ozone

If you have an ozone machine, you can insert the hose into the ear canal and let ozone ooze into the ear canal for about 15-30 seconds. You can do this daily or every 2-3 days as you like.

DHerbs Solutions

DHerb's Ear Oil Extract is an excellent ear oil. Ear Oil Extract

Thank you for reading!

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    Q: Is there an alternative remedy for inner ear problems?


    Please read our article "EAR PROBLEMS" on our website under "Articles" section. There is help for you!

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    Q: I read some of your article on â€EYE PROBLEMSâ€, my eye vision has been getting worse and worse over the years to the point that I can't see without my glasses or contacts. I always believed that somehow my vision can be restored. Do you have a product that can strengthen my eyes so I don’t have to be so dependent on eye glasses or contacts?


    We list natural remedies near the end of the â€EYE PROBLEMS†article. Go to the end of the article and you will find natural solutions.

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    Q: I would like to find out what can I take for bowel problems, weight and female problems


    I would suggest performing the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSEto help with bowel movements and female complaints.

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    Q: My six year old was just seen by the ENT today, I was told that his hearing loss is getting worse and that he needs tubes to be put in his ears. He has also had several cases of strep throat, so the ENT is wanting to remove his tonsils as well. He is scheduling the surgery for three weeks away, and I was just wondering if there is an alternative to have the surgeries? Please write me back and let me know your feelings on the matter. I'm concerned about him being put under. I really don't want it to be done, unless it's absolutely necessary. Thank you


    I'm never pro surgery until everything natural has been done! First, experiment with an improved diet. Read our "Ear Problems" article for starters. Make sure to get a few ear coning sessions done.

    Ear Problems

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    Q: My wedding is in 4 weeks, and I am having a lot of problems. (I have had stomach problems for years.) They are worse now. I have severe ibs gastritis, Candida, constipation, bloating, indigestion. I have tried many products that don?t work most of the colon cleansers are way too strong and irriate my already irritates intestines/gastritis. Also phylum hurts me too. The colon formula cayenne pepper, which I think, would put me in the hospital any suggestions? I take a strong probiuotic already. My wedding is in 4 weeks, please help me thanks


    I highly recommend you perform our 3-week FULL BODY DETOX. You can do this regimen before your wedding and have those health problems a thing of the past. Trust me on this one - give the FBD a try a.s.a.p.!

    Also consider scheduling a Dherbs consultation so we can discuss the cause and solution to all of your problems. Every disease first occurs on the emotional, mental, and spiritual level. We need to address your true and root issues.

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    Q: My eight year old son, has large polyps on both of his vocal cords. This causes a poor quality of sound, and throat pain. The doctor suggest speech therapy first, and surgery to remove the growth as a last resort. Is there anything that I could do naturally for my boy to remove the growth?


    Follow the information in the article entitled "Throat Problems" located in our articles section.

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    Q: My three year old daughter has an ear infection. What should I do to stop the infection? If I put Tea Tree oil in her ear. How many times, and how much should I use?


    Did you read our ear article (entitled "Ear Problems")? If not, please do so as it is loaded with valuable information. Try our Ear Oil! Highly recommended!

    Ear Problems

    Product Links:
    Ear Oil Extract

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    Q: Do you have anything or any suggestion for someone with herpes eye infection? Maybe eye drops?


    Have them follow the advice in the "EYE PROBLEMS" article in our article section.

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    Q: My wife is having problems, breast feeding. Complaints of soreness, and pain. She alternates between soy, and the breast milk, to give breast time to heal. We are also considering the IUD, for birth control. I suggested to her the diaphragm, or herbs. She doesn't trust the two. Also, what books would you reccomend that deals with the metaphysics of the body?


    The soy milk is really not a good alternative milk. Please read the article on "Alternative Infant Formula Milk," as well as the article "Breast Problems." You'll find answers and remedies in these articles. Herbs are better than inserting some man-made device in the vagina, but it's her choice. Everything has a resonating energy, and the energy from the gadget will alter her vaginal energy.

    Alternative Infant Formula Milk
    Breast Problems

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    Q: Do you have anything that can reverse balding hair?


    Read our article on HAIR PROBLEMS. It explains the causes of balding and gives practical solutions!

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    Q: I have a question? I am hearing a loud cricket like song in my ears what can I use to stop it, my doctor told me there is no cure. Someone told me to use warm garlic oil, it drives me crazy at nights and all day I can hear it, hoping to hear from you soon.


    Sounds like an acute or heightened form of tinnitus.

    Try getting your ears coned a couple of times. Ear candling is very helpful in ear disorders.

    Also, give our eardrops a try. Pretty potent formula.

    And what you really need to do is detoxify your body.

    Metaphysically, ear disorders mean you are failing to "hear" something you need to hear or refusing to listen to so your ears are getting your attention so that you may tune in!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I feel much better, I took sen-fen which I purchased from your company, I feel 100 percent better, many thanks, now the other problem I am having is my ears seem to be clogged, as if I have swimmer's ear. I have purchased your "respiratory kit", would that take away the discomfort I have been experiencing?


    Thank you for your words and comments (and your honesty). Much obliged!Glad to hear you found results with our Sen-Fen. It's a great formula.

    In re swimmer's ear condition, the Respiratory Kit will greatly help you but what you really need is EAR CONING! Ear coning is the best and safest and most efficient way to cleanse and open the ears and to resolve all ear problems. Let me know if you're interested in this process and I can recommend a few people to you (in the Greater Los Angeles area). I used to offer this service but I'm hanging up this aspect so as to have more down time for myself. It takes a lot of energy to deal with people and when your energy level is so high you attract a lot of people and even though you get paid it's never enough to compensate your energy drain. You can't put a price on it (energy, personal health). I did the service because I love to service and help people and not because of the money ($45 per session). However, I'm transitioning (so I no longer offer ear coning services)! But yes, you should get great results with the Respiratory Kit.

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    Q: Question, I'm vegan/vegetarian 27 male (black)...I'm having symptoms of the Flu: cold chills, like sinus headache, lost of appetite, shoulder pain!...I've been dealing wit' this now for 3 days; the worst is over, no more cold chills & just got my appetite back today and no more body pain; but I still have a slight headache, I can move my eyes around a bit more. In the future what way can I safeguard my internal against such sicknesses?



    And I have a 4yr. daughter after being sick what type of accentual oils are good for cleaning & killing germs after this sickness is over?


    What are some other effective natural herbs that r affective in curing these symptoms? (beside the ones listed down below)


    I've been fighting these symptoms with Lemon Juice ginger Echinacea (combination) Lemon Water (spring), Green tea & today just got a bit of my appetite back: vegetarian chili w/garlic. I've been burning Tea oil & lemon grass; don't ask why those just gave me the most comfort.


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    Q: My feet and ankles swell only do it in the summer months. What is the major cause of it?



  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: Can I get info, on these numbers 22, and 33.


    The Number 22 is considered the "spiritual master" in form. You can readily understand how the Light of the spiritual 2, intensified by repetition, gives thought and feeling on the higher levels of consciousness. However, spiritual qualities of the 2 are held down to the physical, and material level of the 4. This often results in strange inner conflicts for the 22: the 2 finds it difficult to bring its thoughts, and desires down to the ordinary everyday activities. To put into form and order its concepts and finer attributes. The 22 often needs the help and support of others and must learn to cooperate with circumstances, not pull against them. Often there is a dominant person in the environment, to test the peacemaking qualities of the 2. Causing the 22 much unhappiness and sorrow. The 22 finds its victory in helping others and in working with large undertakings or groups.(Juno Jordan) The Number 33 is a very powerful number. Jesus dies and resurrects at age 33 for a reason. While the entire story of Jesus is symbolical (unless you simply choose to believe it as actually occurring as a precept of your faith), there is great significance on a metaphysical level pertaining to this Jesus character and all that he experienced on the Earth plane. Number 33 is the number of completion on one level and beginning on another level. It is also the number of initiation (which is why masons use it in their order, hence the 33rd degree mason). The Number 33 initiates us into higher realms of life, on the spiritual, celestial, or cosmic level. It takes us up from the mundane, hence the symbol of Jesus ascending into heaven. Clearly a physically dead or alive human being cannot ascend to the heavens in the flesh body. I don't mean to offend Christians, and I respect their free will to believe in something (physical ascension of a human flesh body) that defies natural law (Law of Gravity). A lot of what Christians (those who embrace the exoteric aspect of Christianity) believe in defies natural law as well as common sense but they have free will to believe in what they choose to, it's just unfortunate that such a belief is counterproductive to existence and cannot be applied for the actual Christian who believes in such and who will never ascend in his or her flesh body nor will resurrect from the dead in their present fles.

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I'm interested in a water purification system and there are two advertised in the American free press. One is the blue print water unit and the other crystal clear. Can you comment on either system and or what to look for in a water system?


    What you want to look for in a water purification system is the type of filter it contains. The best filter material is CARBON, COPPER, and QUARTZ (crystal). All three are good at the filtering process.

    The filter should either be an osmosis unit or an ionization unit (which uses UV rays or micro clustering which is an electrical process that breaks down water molecules making them small enough to penetrate and permeate the cells of the body so the water can be absorbed within the cells and electrify you).

    Check out a company called Bluestone Group in Pennsylvania (I believe in Philadelphia). Their Jupiter Ionizer water unit is great!!!!

    Whatever water machine you purchase, purchase an ozone machine (c. $400) too so you can ozonate the water. Purified, micro clustered, alkaline, and ozonated water is the BEST!!!!

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I seen your website and I was interested in purchasing the total male cleanse and as I was reading everything that it came with then I seen that it came with a moonstone crystal that is the only thing that I really don't believe in because on you all's website it states that it can do all of these weird mystical type things such as grant wishes and cleanse the human heart which in my non judgmental opinion sounds sorta like voodoo mantra type stuff and I am not interested in doing that so I would like to know would this cleanse work effective without the moonstone crystal or would it work less if I did not go through with the procedure of the moonstone crystal because to tell you the truth that is only 1 of the things that I would not want to do concerning the total male cleanse. Also I seen on you all's website that on the dietary regimen for the total male cleanse you all have a circle around the coke, burger and fries and I can understand that a person would have to eat healthy but would this mean that I would have to go on the strict all organic and all raw diet for the whole 3 weeks because I would not be able to be really adhere to and follow the real rigid and strict diet if that is what the total male cleanse required so according to what I have told you all would the total male cleanse be a waste of my time since I would not be willing to follow the strict diet and neglect doing the moonstone crystal procedure.


    The Total Male Cleanse would undoubtedly work without the moonstone crystal. The crystal simply helps to heal on a subtle body (energy) level and we are aware that the average American is ignorant to the subtle/energy body due to not being taught about it.

    We are also aware of the gross ignorance of Americans too in regards to crystals of which many think is voodoo but turn right around and believe in the Bible in which God himself ordains the use of crystals to make the Holy Breastplate of the Aaronic Priesthood in Exodus 28:15-20 and also the Walls of the New Jerusalem in Revelations21;18-21.

    These same ignorant people then go out and buy precious gemstones/crystals such as Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald and never even think of referring to these precious gemstones and crystals as voodoo, sorcery, or evil (dark) and they wouldn't dare even get married without a DIAMOND ring which cannot exist without the strongest crystal in existence - the diamond!

    Clearly the diamond is not voodoo to the average American or person, but when it comes to crystals that People are ignorant about, it's voodoo! How can one crystal be voodoo in nature but not other crystals and gemstones? What makes moonstone voodoo but not a diamond? Clearly you were judgmental and evidently judged what you apparently have no knowledge of and have not studied on your own.

    We wouldn't have computers, laser discs, DVD and CD players, satellite television and other luxuries without QUARTZ CRYSTALS as all of these devices are made with and dependent upon crystals. Clearly the computer, laser disc, DVD and CD player, and satellite are not voodoo or evil/wicked in nature.

    People will only study something for college and job purposes. But we understand why America and its people are in the horrible shape they are in on every level, especially health. That's what Dherbs is here for - to help and assist via enlightenment via information, education, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    But please know we respect your right to believe in what you believe in and your right to opinion, but intelligence would dictate to you that you speak in terms of objectivism and subjectivism about things you have familiarity with; because without proof of an assertion one is dealing with mysticism (in a spiritual sense) or conjecture (in a worldly sense). Take your pick.

    In re the raw foods diet, the kit and regimen is dependent upon this regimen. The so-called foods that have been marked out for avoidance (junk food/fast food) is what is killing the ignorant Americans. If people lack the discipline and willpower to control what they eat in only 3 weeks (out of a total of 52 weeks in a year), the Total Male Cleanse or any other Dherbs kit and regimen are not for these people. They should just continue in doing what they have been doing and subject themselves to violation of certain Universal and biological laws and just simply pay the price when the time comes in accordance pursuant to the Law of Repercussion or Consequences (e.g., sickness, disease, injury, premature aging and death).

    It sounds like this kit and regimen is not for you,

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs!

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    Q: I have been feeling really dizzy. Is there anything I can do to keep that from happening?


    Vertigo or dizziness can be caused by many things. Dizziness means the brain or head area needs attention. Try deep breathing (bringing the breath up to the brain area) throughout the day.

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I was most impressed by your website. The information to support your products and your obvious interest in informing the public caught and kept my attention. As I searched further into Black Seed Tea, the reason for my visit, I noticed your product ALCOHOL BUSTER. The comment of "on the metaphysical level, alcohol consumption also impairs the human aura" although very non clinical, is very much my way of thinking, it got my attention. I read as far as the disclaimer, "the formula does not have the power to prevent consumption of alcohol as only will power and a made up mind can do this." Here's where I step out of character and find myself writing this e-mail. It has been my experience while working with people from all walks of life, who are members of any 12 step program, that a reference to will power as a prevention of anything is a two edged sword. While I agree will power is important in abstention, I believe the person is benefited by using their personal will power to seek help, to commit to recovery, to take care of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I don't believe "human" will power is the power that prevents consumption. The suggestion that "will power and a made up mind can prevent consumption of alcohol" to a person with an addiction could become a deadly idea. This of course is my opinion, do with it what you feel is appropriate.


    I feel you in where you're coming from, but I truly believe and know human willpower plays a role in prevention and healing of all disease. The strongest thing humans have is a will. Will meshes with desire in many cases. Both are strong in humans. Now, you're dealing with a person with addiction in regards to your last statement and I can totally understand where you are coming from but the sick person is not exempt from any laws of healing. There is no real or true healing absent willpower to do a thing, a beneficial thing. The addicted person must be first dealt with on the physical and psychological levels and then the spiritual and energetic (getting to the root of the addiction: perhaps a 2nd chakra problem or something hanging over from a past life). All addiction points to spiritual void and therefore the only ultimate healing here is mental or spiritual via mental. As you know, it's mind-body-spirit and all must be dealt with for healing. Will is important in abstention but we don't won't people to focus on abstaining which is usually converted into "can't have" by the addicted person. We want people to only focus on the good, the healthy, what they need and require, not what they don't want or can't have because their subconscious mind will create the situations and circumstances by which these people end up consuming the thing that is insalubrious for them. It never fails. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and plenty of other alcoholics. We want people to have and use willpower to GO FOR the best things for them, will in DOING the right and healthy things for themselves. All healing is ultimately within self. As a man thicket so is he! Peace be unto you fellow metaphysician!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: My question is a 2 part question. My daughter has Trisomy 21 and has tubes in her ears. Her ear canals are very small and her ears are normally developed. She is 18 months old and I was wondering if it would be okay to do Ear Coning and would this affect the ear tubes? The second question is what causes the tonsils to enlarge (cold/infection)? Is there a product that can be used so that she can keep her tonsils?


    It's too early to perform ear coning on her (unless you can find very small cones). Wait till age 2. Give her ear drops! Enlarged tonsils are inflamed due to mucus buildup. Product or no product, you never allow anyone to remove what God gave the body. However, there are many products. Give our MUCUS BUSTER TEAa try. Put it in a bottle and give to the child. You can sweeten it a little with maple syrup.



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