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Seafood: Bugs of the Ocean

Know facts and truth about crustaceans, gigantic bugs of the ocean. Might as well get a handful of cockroaches and boil them. Lobsters cooked live due to bacteria, occurs immediately upon death. Shrimp thrives, eating flesh of dead creatures.
The word "shellfish" may seem innocent enough, but in reality, shell fish are actually one of the dirtiest types of sea food you can eat. There are two types of shellfish:
  • Mollusks-oysters, clams, mussels, abalone, scallops, etc.
  • Crustaceans-lobster, crab. Shrimp, langostino, crawfish, etc.
Crustacean means "insect of the ocean." They are the bottom feeder of the ocean. Mulloscs fllter ocean water for food, and eat anything with nutritious value, even the waste or feces of other fish.

Some religious law prohibits the consumption of shellfish due to its "unclean" status. While it's commonly believed the foods are banned to test faith, the reality is these foods were likely banned because they were commonly associated with food poisoning or public health issues.


The reason lobsters are cooked "live" is due to the bacterial problem, which occurs immediately upon their death.

Lobsters turn red when boiled due to the chitin they possess. Chitin contains a bright red pigment called "astaxanthin." Astaxanthin is bonded to several proteins, and when the chitin bonds, it remains brownish-red in color. However, when the protein is heated with boiling water, the bonds break and the astaxanthin is released.


Shrimp is a scavenger that thrives off of eating the flesh of dead creatures.

If you eat shrimp, you should be aware that you might be eating feces as well. The dark-colored tube on the shrimps back is the intestinal tract of the shrimp and it harbors bacteria. If you enjoy eating shrimp, you should remove the intestinal tube by running a small pick down the back of the shrimp until the tube falls out.

Natural Alternatives to Shellfish

Today, you can find mock crabmeat, mock shrimp, and mock tuna. For many people this may be an acquired taste, but there are less health risks when eating mock meat compared to the real thing.

There are a few ingenious mock seafood products available today in some health food stores. There are restaurants that prepare delectable mock seafood as well. These products are usually soy based, so be careful of how much you eat due to potential issues that can arise from overconsumption of soy.

Tuna lovers should experiment with mock tuna meats because many dolphins are being caught in the nets used for catching tuna fish.

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    Q: I am a 33-year-old mother of a 2-year-old little boy. I live in Northern, New Jersey. Please recommend a holistic doctor for adults and a holistic pediatrician in the Northern New Jersey area. I also am having issues with fibroids. I had multiple fibroids removed last summer. Yesterday I went to my OB/GYN and had a histosonogram, which the doctor tells me it shows I have one polyp. In my mind I feel that this is something that should have been taken care of when I had the myomectomy. Is it possible they missed this polyp?????or could it have grown since last summer???I am beginning to feel like I am being butchered by the doctor. Please recommend a good holistic OB/GYN in the NJ area. Also, I do not want to have this polyp surgically removed. I read about your formula called FIBROID dissolves uterine and ovarian fibroid tumors..also FEMALE HORMONAL FORMULA, MOON CYCLE FORMULA, and others. At the moment I am just all over the place... Please help me to save my body!! Also, since the birth of my son I only buy organic whole foods and seafood. HELP!!!!!!


    Sorry for the delayed response! I am unfamiliar with New Jersey and holistic healers in this State. Check Black Web Portal (

    Yes, sounds like they missed one polyp! That's doctors for you though!

    In re Fibroids, we have 3-week Fibroid Buster kit and regimen coming out early next month. I recommend this regimen for your fibroids.

    Read our articles i.e. Fibroid Tumors, Sea Food:Bugs of the Ocean, etc. Great reading and very insightful information!

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    Q: My daughter has been diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis. She has an acute case in her eye causing loss of vision. Will your Parasite and Worm Kit do the job of ridding her of this?


    DHERBS: It will greatly help! We don't know the condition of your daughter, but if she follows all of our directions, our kit should wipe the toxoplasmosis out. This kind of parasite comes chiefly from cats. Does your daughter have a pet cat (or dog)?

    We have been taking paradophilus thus far and her symptoms are greatly diminished. But it will not kill the bugs.

    DHERBS: No, it won't kill the bugs; only anti-parasite and worms herbs will.

    Or are we better off with the very toxic drugs the doctor is recommending?

    DHERBS: Are you serious? You'd harm the girl in an attempt to help her? Not wise!

    I did not see that the list of parasites included toxoplasmosis. Does the Parasite and Worm Kit cause a toxic atmosphere for parasites in all areas of the mbody?

    DHERBS: Yes!

    Or does it focus on the intestines?

    DHERBS: The whole body including the intestines!

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    Q: What is the alternative to not becoming a vegetarian? I still like chicken, fish, and some seafood’s. Can I still heal eating those and significantly cutting back on dairy (maybe once a week)?



  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: How often should one eat cook food? I'm a vegan, I do not consume any meat, seafood, milk what so ever. I eat water cresses like everyday so as cook food. Like white rice with black bean sauce, spinach, and pasta at time's I'll eat some Chinese fried rice, veggie roll, steamed vegetables, any advice?


    You can eat cooked food as much as you like being a vegan and all. Myself, about 2 days out of the week I will eat totally raw. However, I just go with the flow.

    As long as one is not eating animal flesh, dairy products, refined grains and starches, etc., the person is good to go. Just make sure you detoxify the body at least 1-2 times per year.

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: I have had bacterial vaginosis for about 2 years now. My symptoms are not bad, as I only feel a little bit of itching and burning every now and then. But I do have a lot of discharge, which generally actually does not smell foul. The reason is gardnerella. I have tried all kinds of treatments from antibiotics, boric acid, homeopathy and magnetism, but nothing has helped so far. I've been a vegetarian for almost ten years now, although I do eat fish from time to time. I avoid breads, dairy products, eggs and seafood. However, I've been really busy lately and in a lot of stress, so I have been paying less attention to what I eat. I do prefer pretty comfortable clothing though. As far as treatment goes, I am not interested in daily baths or douches (have tried this as well based on a homeopath's recommendation) or anything like that, as I simply don't have the time or the conditions for it. I currently live in a Third World Country. What can and should I do? I am thinking more of supplements etc. I hope you can give me some advice


    Please read our BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS article. It is very detailed and tells you everything you need to know and what to do.

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    Q: Thanks for the great web site! MY question is what's the best way to get sodium. I thought un-refined sea salt was the best, but the salt article says "eat this salt only if you must." The great thing about pure sea salt is that it all or almost all the minerals the body needs! So what's the best way to get all the mineral and to stay in balance? Also is there a way to get Epsom salt that is sodium sulfate not magnesium sulfate? Is it a good idea to bath in the "good" Epsom salt.


    You're welcome, Beloved!

    The best way to get sodium is via vegetables (i.e. celery).

    Sea salt is great source of sodium, but its a secondary source as it has to be processed from ocean water. Absent the process, it would not be available.

    But it does provide minute amounts of trace elements.

    In re Epsom salt, I haven't been able to find the sodium one.

    I stopped using Epsom salt many years ago.

    You could bath in the good Epsom salt, but sea salt is far better and more natural.

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    Q: First let me say Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really helped me to see how/why arthritis manifested in my life. From your answer, I developed my personal matra "Move like the waves in the ocean" and it has really helped to improve my pain drug free. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was given nuclear radiation which "nuked" my thyroid. So, I was told to take thyroid replacement therapy in the form of synthroid. Of course, I'm not taking it. As a result, my voice is becoming really raspy. What herbs or dherb products would you recommend to help with that? Much love and Respect.


    Wow! Glad to hear your story! And thank you for your words! For your thyroid condition, I recommend IODINE PHOSPHATE, THYROID FORMULA, and SIXTH CHAKRA. Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: I just ordered the Full Body Detox Kit and was wondering if this will actually help with the above ailments as well weight loss. I am 6 ft, 240lbs guy who only eats seafood for meat. After the detox regimen, what do you suggest for maintaining the results to be obtained?


    The Full Body Detox helps with everything! Also, check out our post-FBD recommendation whereby we recommend certain formulas after completion of the FBD. It's on our site! You can't miss it!

    You may want to consider: CARDIO-VASCULAR formula, CHOLESTEROL BUSTER, PANCREAS formula, and BOWEL MOVER formulas for post-FBD maintenance!

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    Q: Unfortunately, we never got a chance to begin the FULL BODY DETOX because the wound became badly infected and he was hospitalized and given large doses of i.v. Antibiotics to control the infection. After a week of this, he was discharged with an oral antibiotic, levaquin, to continue taking with also a wound-vac attached to the huge gapping hole in his leg. This machine sucks out the extra fluid and infectious material which, according to them, will assist in tissue regeneration thus closing and healing on its own without performing a 3rd surgery to try and close it. HERE LIES THE PROBLEM, as a result of the poisons, he's developed an oral thrush and a rash in his groin area. Keep in mind that before now, he's a man who would never take any drugs not even an aspirin and even refused the pain killers post surgery. One of your customer service reps advised to move forward with the FULL BODY DETOX 1st before I proceed to order the : CANDIDA BUSTER. He also advised to check with you on this approach. Additionally, what do you think of using a colloidal silver to assist with killing off any infectious bugs that may be lingering? He has discontinued the levaquin and all of their completely.



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    Q: What type of toothbrush and tooth paste do you recommend for daily use?


    Great question!
    I always recommend a soft toothbrush. I prefer the bristles to be all the same length. The head of the brush will look flat rather than ramped up. When brushing I recommend that you angle the bristles so they are pointing toward the gums (so that is up for the uppers and down for the lowers) and place the bristles half on the tooth and half on the gum. The target area is the space underneath the gum. All living things want to survive. The microorganisms in your mouth want to survive just as much as you do and they can outsmart you. They hide where you do not go. They want a warm moist environment. If they can snuggle deep under your gums by eating their way there they will even morph into anaerobic bacteria verses aerobic bacteria. Anaerobes are very difficult to control so you want to clean this area underneath your gum from the get go. Do not let it get out of hand. You want to avoid sweeping your brush back and forth. You want to place it in this one position and vibrate it against your teeth and gums. Then actually lift it off and replace it one or two teeth ahead. You must be methodical about this and you must stay in the moment. Most people are "out the door" in their heads after 20 seconds of brushing! The other important piece of information is flossing. If you don't floss the microorganisms will hide between you teeth. It is simple. You have to clean each tooth 360 degrees around the neck of each tooth to stay healthy. Every 24 hours this should be done to out smart the bugs. So I encourage you to make this a game you know you can win!!!!! As far as toothpaste, I like Tom's without Fluoride. It is easy to purchase. There are other products that you can get at dentist's offices or online that are very good. Tooth & Gum Tonic is great. They were recently sold and you can go on line to see who is manufacturing it now. Kiss My Face also has a holistic approach to mouth wash and toothpaste. Even finding out about oral health products can be a journey.

    Thanks for your inquiry.

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: Hi it's me again. I just read what you said about meat and what I don't understand is if meat was not good for us why in the Bible people eat Lamb. How would you explain back in the Bible times during Abraham and Moses when they use to offer sacrifice and kill a lamb were they cruel and going against God. And those who couldn't afford animals like Lamb would use bird eggs. In the book of Exodus chp. 12: 11,21,27,43,48 and Lev. 23:5 and 12:3, Deut. 16:7and Exodus 34:25 when the death Angel was passing and God told them to kill a Lamb and put the blood on the door post and gave the command for them to roast it. How would you explain that because up until this day the Jews still eat Lamb. Even fish, it was fish that God used to feed the 5000 people. Are you saying I can't eat fish at all. I would like to know some of the things you eat in the place of meat , fish and chicken. I really want to change my eating habit.


    All meat consumption came AFTER the Fall of Man (Genesis Chapter 6). Man can eat meat while in a degenerate state but to return back to Eden he/she must go back to plant foods. Also, meat today is greatly TAINTED unlike meat 4,000 - 6,000 years ago! It's not the same. Jews are not the healthiest people, by the way! Health conscious people are!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I would like to know your views on consumption freshly slaughtered meat or fish cooked but eaten only with red chillies stews and host of spinaches and vegetables, thanks a lot, also I will like to say that your website has been a blessing to me thanks.


    I am diametrically opposed to eating anything once alive as a sentient being. I am against eating any kind of flesh. However, it is your choice under free will to eat what you desire to eat. Even eating and what you eat in particular creates karma.

    I'm glad has been a blessing to you. Thank you for discovering us!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I love to drink water, but I like to drink hot water you know boiling water slightly cooled. Is there a benefit, or disadvantage to this compared to drinking room temperature water? Secondly, the water I drink is boiled water. Alkaline water is not a privilege most Kenyans have. If 56% of the population is living below poverty line you do the math. So the water I drink is tap water, that I boil to make it safe for drinking. When I get to work I have Alkaline water as my work place provides me with that provision. I think this is detailed enough for you to get the picture and help. Once again (I love you) in Swahili for spreading the gospel!


    No difference at all, Beloved! Even the boiled water becomes room temperature water. You're doing fine! Thank you for your words as well! Much appreciated! Peace and Love!

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    Q: I wanted to know how would eating baked chicken or baked fish interfere with the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN Also, how can I find out more about oxygen therapy? I heard it is practiced in Mexico. Is that true? If not where could I go to receive it? I have a viral Infection and I really don’t think I can hang for 3 weeks with out cheating.



  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I've been doing some studying about meats in the Old Testament, God has listed certain meats to eat and not eat. But, you say all meats are bad. Doesn't some meats give protein?


    You can't compare the meats of 4,000 years ago with the meats of today. God, allowed man to eat meat only after the fall, so the meat diet is one that, is based upon being degenerate. For meat to provide protein it must be eaten raw like, animals in the wild eat it.

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I am thinking about purchasing your Full Body Detox program, but I am concerned about one thing... too much weight lost. I am already thin, and do not want to fade away as I think three weeks on nothing but raw fruits and veggies may leave me looking sick. What is your suggestion? Are there any foods high in protein I can eat while cleansing? Also, thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. I listen to you on Blake Radio, and one of the reasons why I am buying your product is because you speak with so much passion. There are a lot of cleaning products out there, and to be perfectly honest, I have been so overwhelmed by the products out there that I ended up not buying anything. At any rate, thank you for your time and let please let me know if you have any suggestions on keeping up my weight while I cleanse.


    In regards to your inquiry: Don't worry about excess weight loss, Beloved. The body has an intelligence called Body Intelligence that regulates everything including how much weight is released based upon how much weight really needs to be released. No human being could or would ever wither away based upon doing the natural thing. You could starve yourself to death, but detoxing and starving to death are two different things.

    The key phrase is "I THINK three weeks on nothing but raw fruits and veggies may leave me looking sick." It is your THOUGHTS (thinking) that are causing you concern, unnecessary concern. You have no proof that you'll actually wither away. Remember, what you fear will appear as our thoughts create our reality.

    ALL foods contain protein! Everything! Just think of the animals who don't eat meat, how do they stay so big and healthy? Where are they getting their protein from? Read our article PROTEIN PROPAGANDA. Nothing can live on Earth absent protein. Protein is in everything, including fruits and vegetables.

    Yes, there are many products and information out there that it can be very confusing causing many people to not purchase what they really may need; this is partly why Dherbs was created, to serve as a channel of trust predicated upon information given in abundance that a person can weigh against their common sense and intuition. You can trust Dherbs! We are more than a business. We are a university, think tank, and ministry, as it is more than just sales and profit; but consciousness (helping people to become more conscious) so as to live more abundantly!

    I'm not familiar with Blake Radio, but I am glad you can notice my passion and enthusiasm when talking about performing my loves (health, healing, law, Life 101, etc.).

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I just purchased the FULL BODY DETOX and I have a question. I work a full time job (office work) and a part time job (cleaning). I'm worried if I will be able to work while doing the detox, I also workout (weight lifting) and with eating raw foods and no cooked food, I'm wondering if I will make it the 3 weeks doing this. I want to detox my body but I'm wondering if I can eat anything else (fish, chicken, baked of course). Can you give me some suggestions on what I can do or do you think I can do my normal things and still be on the detox?


    The human mind can make or break you based upon its conditioning! Just take the cleanse one day at a time and FIND OUT for yourself what the reactions will be. You're all in the future worrying! One day at a time! One day at a time! Take things one day at a time. Read the article â€WHAT IS RAW FOODS†because you're asking about cooked foods and prohibited foods (animal flesh) which the kit clearly states should be avoided for 3-weeks. Always THINK positive in life about everything. Your thoughts create your reality!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I have the alternative diet and lifestyle manual and want to make sure that this applies to the respiratory condition as well. Can I have the rice bread with no gluten or wheat? or rice pasta being that I have sarcoid? Can I eat cold water fish or venison in small portions along with veggies? What about rice or soy milk or protein whey shake for breakfast once or twice a week? Thank you once again my breathing has improved greatly and I have ordered many more supplies to maintain what I have accomplished thus far due to your regimen. I am not a vegetarian so I want to make sure it is okay to have white meats. I will do whatever I have to do to live. I love and appreciate everything you have done to change and help me to heal myself.


    The manual applies when you are FINISHED with a cleanse or kit. Follow the regimen's diet. It clearly states NO COOKED FOOD. You are asking us about cooked food here. Stick to the diet plan and you will be alright! You are asking about foods no good for your condition. Whey is crap. Meat is no good. Grains are no good for you as well. They all produce too much mucus!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: On your web site I think you should tell people they have to be vegetarians to be on your program instead of thinking people are going to turn into vegetarians over night, and not only that, u should tell them they r not allowed to eat FOOD. Anyway, since I cant send the stuff back, what?s the best way to use it, should I smoke it, pure it in my drink, what, please tell me something.


    Beloved, why would I tell people they have to be vegetarian while performing my Full Body Detox? This would be the equivalent of doctors telling their patients they'd have to be "suicidal" to take their drugs, for after all, ALL drugs are poisonous and poison kills; and the funny thing is, people never say anything about it. Like obedient little sheep, they just follow along and take what ever their doctor (Master) says to take, even if it is poison and cannot be naturally found growing in and from Nature.

    And why would I tell people they cannot eat FOOD during my detox when the literature clearly instructs people to eat RAW fruits and vegetables? The question to you would be: what is food? Most Americans don't know what food is. But I clearly elucidate what FOOD is in my latest article "WHAT IS: RAW FOOD" (located under "Articles") which is very informative and which I suggest you read.

    Most people think dead, slaughtered animal flesh (cadaver) and dairy products (cow snot and pus) is FOOD, but food can be assimilated in the body and meat and dairy products cannot, so is meat and dairy really food? Real food does not cause cancer or any other diseases, but helps to prevent cancer and other diseases, unlike meat and dairy products, which causes cancer and many other diseases.

    Food also nourishes and meat and dairy products DON'T nourish and most people think they do because they have been successfully programmed and indoctrinated by their masters (meat and dairy industry; government, etc.). After all, most people don't study pertinent things on their own. They are used to being told, and told lies, at that; and the more people believe the lie(s), the lie becomes accepted as truth.

    Herbs are food, beloved! Fruits and vegetables are food, Beloved! To say one cannot eat food while detoxing would be false and I am not in the business of lying to people for any reason.

    Truly, it is sheer ignorance in our collective false pride that is causing all the problems we experience today, especially in the area of health.

    What can you do with the herbs????? Smoke them????

    Why would you want to smoke herbs, much less anything else? That's not wise, intelligent, or smart! No animal in the wild smokes anything. And I know humans are not like animals, which is why humans should be better off than lower animals, but the latter is not true and there are a plethora of reasons to substantiate why.

    God did not intend for smoke to go into the body. Therefore, smoking goes against God and if a person doesn't believe in God, then smoking goes against human biology and the laws of the body as carbon is automatically expelled from the human body; so why put it back in via smoking or drinking soda pop? Clearly, man (humanity) is at a lost today and needs divine guidance.

    Please forgive my arrogance, ego, or anything else you may feel in response to these words supra. It can be quite difficult and challenging at times helping a people who feel they know it all and who are very ignorant at the same time. Please forgive me. I'm a spiritual man helping people of a lower mundane nature (who are spiritually challenged and which is evidenced in the society at large).

    Americans have a spiritual problem and that spiritual problem is laced in mass and gross IGNORANCE!

    Peace be unto you, Beloved!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: Greetings & Namaste, First, thank you for being U-activated! So many potential energies unable to convert into kinetic activities because of our Earthly baggage(s). Personally, I haven't found the right formula to keep my beautiful curves, which is the major reason I am not vegan/raw now. In my perfect world, I'd have a great-tasting, non-dairy,wheat & gluten source of protein, juiced exotic veggie/fruit smoothies, yummy raw nuts/raisins, and absolutely no meat- the fountain of youth, literally, running thru my body! As i'm sure the cognitive wheels of your expertise are spiraling ready solutions, I ask that you also factor in social-economic status, and workout regiment. From my perspective, the price of health food is aggressively over-inflated compared to the affordability of processed and junk foods; add to that a general inaccessibility to the impoverished & disenfranchised, and dysfunctional eating psychologies impregnating entire families (for generations). I prefer high energy, high impact, anaerobic & weight-lifting training activities. So, you can see a petite person's dilemma. Thanks so much for your time and thoughts. Ms. Tiffany


    Greetings & Namaste,

    First, thank you for being U-activated!  So many potential energies unable to convert into kinetic activities because of our Earthly baggage(s).  Personally, I haven't found the right formula to keep my beautiful curves, which is the major reason I am not vegan/raw now.  In my perfect world, I'd have a great-tasting, non-dairy,wheat & gluten source of protein, juiced exotic veggie/fruit smoothies, yummy raw nuts/raisins, and absolutely no meat- the fountain of youth, literally, running thru my body!  As i'm sure the cognitive wheels of your expertise are spiraling ready solutions, I ask that you also factor in social-economic status, and workout regiment. From my perspective, the price of health food is aggresively over-inflated compared to the affordability of processed and junk foods; add to that a general inaccessibility to the impoverished & disenfranchised, and dysfunctional eating psychologies impregnating entire families (for generations). I prefer high energy, high impact, anaeorobic & weight-lifting training activities.  So, you can see a petite person's dilemma.  Thanks so much for your time and thoughts.  Ms. Tiffany Janine"

    Being raw or vegan does not have to be hard or expensive. The most inexpensive food are rice and beans. If you are budget consciense you should gravitate towards those foods. Stach based foods are super cheap. You should check out the book "eating vegan on 4 dollars a day" or any of Dr. Mcdougal's programs. 

    I run an online health/fitness/nutrition coaching program that can be found at There you might find your answers. 

    Exercise programs do not have to be expensive either. I am a master at building fitness plans with the minimal of equipment. If all you have is your body weight than I can build you a 90 day plan. The same goes if all you have is a resistance band, exercise ball, dumbells, kettlebell, etc.

    If you need any advice or have specific questions you should check out my website and message me there.

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT VLC BMI



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