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Benefits of Carbon aka Activated Charcoal

Carbon is also a remedy for accidental ingestion of poison, drugs, and household chemicals.
Carbon (also known as activated carbon) derives its name from the process of taking controlled charring of Willow Bark and subjecting it to an oxidizing gas at elevated temperatures. The heating process enhances the absorption power of the charcoal by developing an extensive internal network of fine pores in the material.

Carbon carries 2,000 times its own weight in heavy metal toxins, poisonous gases and other chemicals. Carbon's negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges of toxins and poisons, causing them to bind. Carbon escorts them out of the body by the eliminative channel of the intestines. Carbon in used in DHerbs' Full Body Detox kit and regimen, making it the best complete herbal-based detoxification kit, regimen, and system available.


Carbon greatly benefits the intestines. It greatly counteracts stomach gas and helps to eradicate foul odor in the colon or intestinal tract. Dherbs also uses Carbon in its 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse and the Colon & Digestive Tract formula. This great substance helps to heal all colon diseases.

Carbon is 100% alkaline. It spins with electrons, making the substance highly electrical.



Nothing brightens or whitens teeth like Carbon.

In order to use Carbon on your teeth, place a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and dip it in some Carbon. Then just add just a little bit of water and begin to brush. Don't be frightened by the black messy substance in your mouth, this process will result in clean and bright teeth.

Carbon is an effective way to remove acidic plaque from the teeth. It will also remove stains, especially ones from drinking coffee.


Carbon can also be used during the accidental ingestion of poison, drugs and household chemicals. Carbon counteracts chemicals, poisons and drugs.

Add a teaspoon of Carbon to a glass of water, stir thoroughly and drink the glass full of Carbon water.


Carbon is great for people that are addicted to chemical substances. To overcome chemical drug addiction, do the following for 3-weeks:
  • Drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of Carbon added to it twice a day (morning and night).
  • Drink eight ounces of vegetable juice, 3-4 times throughout the day.
  • Eat only raw, organic, whole fruits and vegetables. Jackfruit is particularly effective.
  • Take 3 capsules of Kudzu Root three times per day.
  • Soak in hot water with 10-12 boxes of sea salt for about 2-3 hours per day.
  • Optional: Using organic coffee beans, perform a coffee enema every 3 days.

Dherbs offers several solutions to help you: Thank you for reading!

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    Q: I want to use activated charcoal while I am nursing. Can I use it everyday? How often can I use it? Will it affect my wild yam birth control pills?


    You don't need to use activated charcoal everyday. Just 2-3 days per week, and "no" it will not affect your Wild Yam (birth control).

    Benefits of Carbon a/k/a Activated Charcoal

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    Q: Thank you very much for the response but I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with carbon nor am I aware of where to purchase it. Would you provide me with the information?


    It's on the site under ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. We have a whole article on it as well under â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†article.

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    Please read our article â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†located under "Articles" section on our site!

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    Q: I have a question re: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Can it really be used to brush teeth? If So: Can you please explain how one would proceed?


    Please read the article on "BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL" in our articles section!

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    Q: Carbon for teeth whitening. Does this method clean only food stains or does it provide deep cleaning, seemingly below the surface of the teeth?


    Carbon is a surface cleaner only. However, the whole mouth benefits from its use! It's awesome for teeth care and nothing whitens the teeth better than carbon (activated charcoal).

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    Q: I was reading your detox list of the 7 formulas. I am a little concerned about the use of carbon. How could the ingestion of any form of carbon be good for the body and help you detox ?


    Carbon monoxide, coal, etc. is some of the unhealthiest things that I can think of. Please explain. Carbon is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL derived from burned plant matter. It's not the carbon you're thinking of.

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    Q: I have some concerns about my tooth. The dentist says that my teeth have bone loss and that this is permanent. Is this true?


    It's up to you as to what you believe or choose to believe! For any kind of bone loss, start consuming CALCIUM FORMULA (6-12 capsules daily). Brush your teeth with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL! Read our â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†article!

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    Q: I have been sufferring with gum disease and it has advanced to severe periodontitis and at the age of 32 I have now been told that I will face the loss of 17 teeth in the next 4-6 months. I have been told that it is a genetics disorder, my mother and grandmothers both being sufferers but I would like know if there is anything I can do, or take to prolong the life of my teeth so that loss isn't an imminent consideration?


    Start brushing your teeth with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL [read our article â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†under the ARTICLE section on our site]. Gargle everyday with hydrogen peroxide (cap full). Change your diet! eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of vegetable juice. eat plenty of strawberries - great for the teeth!

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    Q: I'm taking the FULL BODY DETOX what does the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL do for the body? it does not say in the book. I want to get more alkaline water. I usually had distilled in the house. Where do you recommend buying in bulk or what ionizations system do you recommend? Also is it good to bath in alkaline water?


    Please read the articles "ALKALINE WATER"" and "BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL" . They are in our articles section.

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    Q: My 84 year old mom, has hallucinations from pain medication. She still has them, even though she has stopped taking the pain medications. Have you any herbs to help?


    Give her activated charcoal (carbon) 2-3 times per week to rinse her body of the drugs that are causing the hallucinations.

    Product Links:
    Activated Charcoal

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    Q: I heard that regular detoxing removes toxins from the body, but in order to get heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, etc. You have to do a special/certain type of detox design to remove heavy metals. Do your detox program remove heavy metals from the body? BTW I have large amounts of arsenic and mercury in my body. I notice your detox program is 3 weeks and most holistic practitioners say it takes 3-6 months to rid the body of heavy metals through chelation. If your detox program removes heavy metals do I have to do several iterations to totally remove heavy metals to an acceptable level?


    The Full Body Detox removes heavy metals from the body via the use of activated charcoal. No other product removes heavy metal toxins like activated charcoal (carbon). Now if your focus is mainly on removing heavy metals, I suggest you use liquid bentonite clay (every other day while on the detox) and also drink plenty of vegetable juice that has plenty of cilantro in it. Cilantro is an excellent heavy metal remover, especially for mercury (due to mercury amalgam in the mouth).

    You don't have to cleanse for 3-6 months straight to remove heavy metals. You simply detox (Full Body Detox), add liquid bentonite clay, cilantro juice, perform castor oil packs for liver cleanses, get colonics performed and do enemas (coffee enemas), drink oxygenated water (1 ounce every 30 minutes), fast (once you're off the detox); perform hot water soaks in 2-3 boxes of sea salt, etc. And most importantly, you change your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, attitude, and environment.

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    Q: Is there a natural way of teeth whitening? Is it safe to get it done in the dentist's office or will there be effects down the road from me trying a unnatural process?


    There is no better natural teeth whitener than CARBON (Activated Charcoal). All you need to do each morning and night is dip your toothbrush (with a little toothpaste) into the Carbon and add a little water and start brushing. It's messy but very effective!

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    Q: Would like to know a healing remedy for periodontal disease (Gum Disease), something to heal the gums


    Start brushing your teeth with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. Dip your toothbrush (with a little natural toothpaste on it) into some Carbon and brush. Add a little water to your mouth.

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    Q: Is your liver formula a viable substitute for a 'liver cleanse'? Also what do you recommend for obesity.


    Our liver cleanse is a liver cleanse and can be performed as such.

    10-day Liver Clease:

    1. Take 3 capsules of LIVER Formula 3 times per day in a glass of warm water and a little lemon juice.

    2. Perform a Coffee enema (use organic coffee beans) every 3rd day.

    3. Perform a castor oil cleanse on day 5 and day 10. INSTRUCTIONS: rub castor oil over your liver area (on left side of your body). Place plastic covering over left side of body where oil is rubbed on. Place a heating pack over the plastic (plastic prevents oil from getting on heating pad). Perform for 2 hours (you may have to re-warm heating pad a few times though).

    4. For OBESITY, I recommend the Full Body Detox followed by the Weight Release kit and regimen. The best kits on the market! Give them a try!

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    Q: Any natural way too battle periodontal disease, this disease or just dental surgery?


    Begin by using a good toothpaste (Neem, Peelu, Ayurveda, Tom's of Maine).

    Start brushing with our Activated Charcoal (dip toothbrush w/ toothpaste on it into charcoal).

    At night, brush with aluminum free "baking soda" which is very alkaline.

    Start gargling with "Comfrey root" tea.

    Consume vegetable juice daily.

    Drink Comfrey root tea daily!

    Do this for a least 6 months before you consider surgery!

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    Q: What can I take if my doctor says I have cancer in the stomach?


    In re stomach cancer: Consider jumping on the Full Body Detox kit and regimen a.s.a.p. and begin the healing process.

    Consider cutting out all acidic and mucus-forming foods, e.g. meat, dairy products, cooked foods, and all acidic beverages (soda, coffee, liquor, milk, orange juice, etc. and just drink vegetable juice, drink plenty of good water, eat plenty of salad, drink aloe vera juice daily; bathe in hot water with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1-2 boxes of sea salt; take 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in my water (once a day); purchase the Oxy-Drops and put 20 drops in each glass of water. I'd also keep a very optimistic mindset.

    Thank you for your interest!

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    Q: What is a natural way to whiten teeth, and get rid of plaque?


    You do need very clean teeth to get them whitened. So lets start with that question. Plaque forms on teeth from food you eat, and the chemical make up of your saliva. Plaque remains when it is not physically removed either by your tongue, or some form of a tooth cleaning device. You do not actually need toothpaste or mouth wash to clean your teeth. However, the bristles of your toothbrush must come in contact with your tooth, and plaque. The plague must be loosened up, and carried away from the tooth with the bristles of the toothbrush with. Also, each tooth needs to be cleaned 360 degrees around the tooth and gum line. This requires flossing. Quite a task for any one. Especially if you have never been taught the correct way to brush and floss.

    You can brush with Hydrogen peroxide which is in the same family whitening product we use a dental office. It does have a whiting effect. Do not over use the hydrogen peroxide.

    I hope you find this helpful. DMO

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    Q: I purchased the Activated Charcoal to use for teeth whitening, but on the package the instructions were to take a 1/2 teaspoon with water. Can you tell me what taking it is good for besides the teeth whitening? Again, thanks for all of the information you provide.


    Activated charcoal pulls all toxins out of the body, especially heavy metal toxins. The stuff greatly helps to detoxify the body.

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    Q: I am a supporter of yours and trust your advice totally. I have your article on Body Odor, and I am in the process of following it tooth and nail. When in public I hear comments, and this is very painful. However, I fear that I may have a condition called Trimethylaminuria.


    Yes, the information in the Body Odor article applies to your situation. The key thing is to first detox with the, Full Body Detox, followed by 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse. Drink vegetable juice daily, and perform the sea salt soak as much as possible. Read the article "Sea Salt Soak." A raw foods diet is going to be best for you, at least until you get your desired results. Take matters one day at time and think positive. Utilize "mental healing" (order and read my "Mental Science Manual") as all healing and solutions begin in the mind.

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser
    The Mental Science Manual

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    Q: I will be starting a fast for Ramadan in August. What suggestions do you have for cleansing during fasting? I do not eat meat except, fish 1-2 times a week. I've been having problems with gas after eating, even fruits or veggies. I usually have 2-3 bowel movements per day. I am a 56 year old male with good health, except for my problems with gas, varicose veins and leg cramps especially during fasting.


    Cleanses for Ramadan should be LIQUID-based i.e. Liquid Full Body Detox, or perhaps drinking herbal teas i.e. Detox Tea. To combat or counter your gas (flatulence), start consuming Activated Charcoal (Carbon) 1 teaspoon in a glass of water daily (anytime of the day you feel like it). Work on your colon too. We suggest you try our 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse to help this problem of gas.

    Product Links:
    Liquid Full Body Detox
    Activated Charcoal
    10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser
    Detox Tea



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