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High Heel Shoes and the Blues

Every step a female takes on cement or carpet while wearing high heel shoes, sends an electrical shock from the metatarsal bones in her feet up the bone in her legs to her uterus, frying the uterus over long term. Direct contact with Nature grounds your feet and base chakra. Go to the beach, bury your feet in the sand.
With every step a female takes on cement or carpet while wearing high heel shoes, she sends an electrical shock from the metatarsal bones in her feet up the bone in her legs.

A woman should wear high heel shoes as rarely as possible. Long term use of these shoes poses a great health risk to women. When a woman wears high heels, the bulk of her body weight is on her heels, which can cause hardened heels. Many women right now have heels and soles that feel like sandpaper due to wearing high heel shoes long term.

A lot of women also have "hammer toe" (corns) from wearing high heel shoes, the ones that actually cover the whole feet and toes.

High heels place tremendous strain on the ankles, knees, hips and back. As a result, the spine is thrown out of alignment, which can cause other functional issues.

Many women actually experience sprained ankles, numbness, tendonitis and other health problems from wearing high heels or improperly fitting shoes.

Wearing high heel shoes is a bad decision that will lead you to be singing the blues for years to come.

Natural Healing

Going barefoot is totally natural. Let your feet feel the grass, the dirt, the sand, the water, the rocks and more. Go to the beach and bury your feet in the sand. Walk in a river or stream. Sit on a large rock with your feet firmly planted. Grass, dirt, water, sand, etc. are healing.

If you wear high heels, massage your feet until the muscles and tendons start to relax. You can also roll your foot back and forth over the top of a tennis ball for a more in-depth massage.

If you simply can't stop wearing high heels, consider the fact that many women wear shoes that are too small. To keep your feet healthy, try this:
  • Get your foot properly sized at a department store
  • The higher the heel, the more swelling will take place over the day, so consider wearing a half-size larger, especially if the toe is very pointed.
  • If the shoe isn't a perfect fit in the store, it's only going to get worse after you leave.
  • Try shoes on at the end of the day, since that's when they will be the most tender.
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    Q: My heels have a lot of pain when I walk on them it feels like pins sticking


    I suggest you read the article â€HIGH HEEL SHOES AND THE BLUESâ€.

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    Q: I have developed a callouss on the heel of my foot. Do you have suggestion to help solve this problem?


    Follow the advice in the "Toenail Fungal" article! Start soaking the feet! Callouses can be reversed!

    Toe Nail Fungal Infection

    Product Links:
    Anti-Fungal Nail Oil

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    Q: I just left the doctor, I have heel spurs which are very painful. What should I take to remove the inflammation naturally?


    We recommend that you first detoxify your body to remove all that built up that is causing the inflammation. Second, we recommend a daily regimen for maintenance purposes consisting of MSM Sulfur and Headache and Pain Formula (3 capsules of each formula).

    Also, soak in hot water and 2 boxes of sea salt nightly before bed.

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    Q: You list going to the gym and jogging as dangerous activities. I thought exercise was important and vital? Could you please explain your position a little further for me. I really enjoy your articles. They are very informative and thorough. I look forward to your response. Thanks!


    Exercise is great, but the healthy exercises include Pilates, yoga, tai-chi, qi chong, stretching, swimming, etc. Jogging is okay if on sand, dirt, or grass. If on cement/asphalt - DANGEROUS (destroys the bones and uterus in women). The gym is okay but weight lifting and other exercises are dangerous and destroy connective tissue.

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    Q: Do you have anything that will function like the human growth formula and turn back the hands of time? Also, I have two friends that have been complaining about the same problem lately. They each have a prolapsed uterus due to childbearing and are unfortunately causing them a host of other problems including UTIs and blood in their urine. Do you have any recommendations for a prolapsed uterus?


    We highly recommend that these women try the 20-day Female Cleanse. This 20 day cleanse and regimen intends to help provide essential nutrients for female health and complaints.

    An exercise for prolapsed uterus involves anti-gravity exercise (placing legs higher than head for about 30-minutes). Lay on the floor with legs up on the sofa or perhaps against the wall. Gravity will pull on the uterus and in time pull it back in place.

    This exercise works well while performing the Female Cleanse.

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    Q: Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention that he stepped on a carpet nail, which created a small puncture wound on his right foot several weeks ago. His doctor has him on antibiotics. The wound continues to drain and is foul smelling. I want to mention this so you can get a clear picture of what is happening. However he had problems with water retention in this leg due to renal problems way before the injury. He feels the injury made it worse. Are there any specific juices or poultices which would speed healing? Thanks for all your help. I have been reading all your articles and information with interest.


    Country Comfort makes a great healing salve. Or, make some Comfrey Root tea and let him soak his feet in the tea (while tea is warm).



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