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Body Odor

Believe it or not, body odor is a degenerative disease. It is totally predicated on diet and lifestyle and therefore is healable. Dead animals rot, decay, and putrefy in the body and the foul odor exudes via the pores of the skin. Body odor, is a sign that you are rotten inside.
Bromhydrosis-also known as body odor-is mainly caused by excretions of the sweat glands accompanied by bacteria.

The apocrine gland is the gland in our body primarily responsible for body odor. Body odor is generally strongest in the under arm area. Both humans and animals are affected by this condition.

There are many factors that can contribute to body odor, including:
  • Genetics
  • Disease
  • Psychological conditions
  • Poor hygiene
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle factors
Various diseases and conditions that contribute to excess body odor are:
  • Conditions or diseases of the liver
  • Diabetic complications
  • Various cancers
  • Overactive thyroid
An excessive body odor issue does not mean you have a serious condition, but if the problem persists you can take steps to reduce or alleviate your symptoms.

Natural Healing Solutions

Lifestyle can be a cause of body odor. Poor hygiene, a sedentary lifestyle, or drug and alcohol use can escalate the issue. Maintaining your body's health is important. By doing so, many physical conditions, including excess body odor, could be reduced.

Body odor can be decreased in a natural way. Some options to try include:
  • Probiotics (good bacteria)
  • Cranberry concentrate
  • Zinc supplement
  • Higher consumption of water, especially alkaline
  • Kemetian Gold
  • Liquid chlorophyll
Colonics can assist herbs and other natural remedies for body odor. Begin with 3 sets within a week, followed by every three months after that. This is another great way to promote healthy function of the body. Please refer to the Alternative Health Directory for colonic centers in your area.

Dietary Intervention

If you are experiencing excessive body odor, diet can be the first place to look. Try decreasing or eliminating trigger foods and beverages. This may alleviate this issue all together. A generally healthy, unprocessed diet will not only help bromhydrosis, but will help improve your overall wellbeing.

Many people experience additional perspiration when they eat certain foods or drink certain beverages. Spicy foods, hot beverages, and alcohol all can cause increased perspiration, which can develop into increased body odor. Other foods thought to cause problems with body odor are:
  • Certain spices
  • Red meat
  • Processed foods
  • Dairy products
  • Foods containing high levels of Choline
  • Fried foods
DHerbs Solutions

DHerbs offers these solutions to help with bromhydrosis: Remember, health starts from inside the body!

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of www.Dherbs.Com

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    Q: I have a bad odor coming from my body


    Read the article "BODY ODOR" for remedies and recourse.

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    Q: What can I do about body odor?



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    Q: What foods in the "SAD" causes body odor ( smelly underarms)? What causes sweat to smell?


    What causes body odor as far as SAD (Standard American Diet) is concerned is MEAT (dead, slaughtered animal flesh), DAIRY PRODUCTS (liquefied cow snot/pus), REFINED GRAINS (Elmer's glue/paste), REFINED STARCHES (stiffening agent), and ACIDIC beverages.

    Underarm sweat stinks because our internal odors ooze out through our pores. The outer (condition) always reflects the inner (condition).

    Dead animals will naturally rot and decay and you know how a dead dog, cat, fish or rat smells ...right? Well, there you go!

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    Q: I write on behalf of a 30 year old female, recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer (two nodules on each side of thyroid affecting voice-box), graves disease and PCOS. Current treatment for the thyroid/graves was tapazole with little or no improvement. Now the only option now is a thyroidectomy. She is a vegetarian, but consumes dairy, and is allergic to Iodine. Reading the side effects related to the thyroidectomy is disheartening, so needless to say an alternative method of treatment is being sought. Can you provide some insight or a course of action that can be taken?


    The diseases (and insight/solutions) are covered in detail in the following articles:

    Cancer: Causes and Remedies
    Thyroid Gland
    Dangerous Dairy

    I would recommend the person performs the Full Body Cleanse, followed by the 10-Day Electric Greens Combo Cleanse for starters. Her diet needs to become 100% raw foods/vegan! Very important! There is help for her in the alternative world of healing!

    Product Links:
    Full Body Cleanse
    10-Day Electric Greens Combo Cleanse

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    Q: Is it better to consume a chlorophyll concentrate, instead of a regular liquid chlorophyll?


    We don't recommend using any products that are not 100% natural. Chlorophyll is a natural substance found in plants. The most beneficial thing that comes from chlorophyll is it's high source of magnesium. You can consume foods that are high chlorophyll to reap the same benefits or try natural formulas such as the two below.

    Electric Greens Combo

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    Q: I am a supporter of yours and trust your advice totally. I have your article on Body Odor, and I am in the process of following it tooth and nail. When in public I hear comments, and this is very painful. However, I fear that I may have a condition called Trimethylaminuria.


    Yes, the information in the Body Odor article applies to your situation. The key thing is to first detox with the, Full Body Detox, followed by 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse. Drink vegetable juice daily, and perform the sea salt soak as much as possible. Read the article "Sea Salt Soak." A raw foods diet is going to be best for you, at least until you get your desired results. Take matters one day at time and think positive. Utilize "mental healing" (order and read my "Mental Science Manual") as all healing and solutions begin in the mind.

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser
    The Mental Science Manual



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