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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing

It is not recommended for a woman to detoxify her body while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

The first trimester is Nature's appointed time frame of detoxifying the female body in preparation of holding a fetus. Many women experience morning sickness during this time period. It is most common for so-called 'morning sickness' to occur in the morning time because this is the time that the body expels from all the detoxification that takes place at night during sleep hours.

Based upon the foregoing, pregnant women do not need to detox or perform a detox regimen or program (i.e. Full Body Detox). However, they may simply drink herbal tea that facilitates gentle cleansing of the body, i.e. Dherbs.Com "Detox Tea."

Pregnant women should instead concentrate on developing a strong uterus and cervix and providing the body and the developing baby nourishment during the First Trimester and this can be done with the use of herbs and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables (including fruit and vegetable juice).

So during the first three months (and actually, all 9 months) of pregnancy don't concentrate on detoxing; concentrate on nourishment (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, amino acids, etc.).

The uterus is a female's sixth eliminative channel and certain detoxing herbs could stimulate the uterus to expel toxins while the fetus is developing; this could cause the uterus to expel, resulting in spontaneous abortion. The same thing could also happen if a pregnant woman were to ingest herbs with an oxytocic or parturient (uterine-contracting) effect. These herbs would cause uterine contractions that could also induce spontaneous abortion.

So just eat plenty of organic raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts and drink plenty of good fruit and vegetable juice and water while pregnant (all 9 months) and you will be providing your body with cleansing material as well as nourishment. Do not worry about or focus on detoxing while pregnant, but instead, only focus on nutrition.

Breastfeeding and Detoxing

While breastfeeding, do not concentrate on detoxifying the body. Continue to focus on nutrition because that's what the growing baby needs.

Even though the woman may be thinking about detoxing (because of some apparent disease, i.e. genital herpes, HPV, etc.) the body is concerned with nourishing the baby and the mother first and foremost.

And again, many foods (including herbs) have a cleansing effect due to their alkaline nature or makeup. So if a breastfeeding woman eats right while breastfeeding, she and the baby will receive healing, cleansing, and nourishment simultaneously.

The breasts are not eliminative channels so the body would never allow the source for baby food to become a cleansing channel, especially if a baby was nurturing on the breasts. Even if a woman did consume detoxifying herbs (i.e. herbal bitters) she would not expel toxins via her breasts because her body would block such activity for the breastfeeding baby's sake and send the toxins to one of the six eliminative channels in a woman's body, i.e. liver, colon, lungs, kidneys, skin, and uterus.

Remember, breast milk is totally dependent upon what you consume and are made up of as a woman. If you drink beer, it will find its way to the breasts. The body is not detoxing; it is merely sending to the breasts what's in the bloodstream.

So a pregnant woman can most definitely take herbs while breastfeeding, but they should be the right kinds of herbs, i.e. mild/gentle cleansing herbs such as chickweed and sarsaparilla as well as galactagogue herbs that help increase and enhance the flow of breast milk.

So in closing, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not cleanse or detox (especially with one of the 3-week or 10-day cleanses). Wait until the baby no longer feeds on the breasts and then begin your cleansing.

And if you really feel the need to perform a cleanse while pregnant or during breastfeeding months, make sure the cleanse or detox program is in liquid form (i.e., tea, tincture/extract).

Oxytocic (uterine-contracting) herbs

Oxytocic and parturient herbs can be taken during the last month (and especially the last week) of pregnancy for pregnancy facilitation purposes.

  • Beth or Birth Root
  • Black Cohosh
  • Black Haw
  • Blue Cohosh
  • Canada Snakeroot
  • Crampbark
  • Pennyroyal
  • Rue
  • Squawvine Solutions

First Trimester Second Trimester Third Trimester Abstain From the Following Cleanses while Pregnant:

Solutions from

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    Q: Is true that blue, and black cohosh can cause a miscarriage?


    Because they are oxytocic in nature, which means they make the uterus contract. Taking too much of them during pregnancy, may result in a miscarriage. Please read the following article entitled Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing.

    Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing

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    Q: Are there any herbs that pregnant women should avoid during their pregnancy? My wife is pregnant and I'm thinking of ordering some herbs for her. Thank you.


    A pregnant woman should avoid goldenseal, pennyroyal, rue, blue cohosh, black cohosh, beth or birth root, and cramp bark to name a few. Take the time to read our "Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing."

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    Q: I am getting close to my due date, and I've been buying as many natural and organic products I can. Do you suggest any I can use? How do you feel about hydrogenated castor oil?


    We are not fans of hydrogenated castor oil.

    Please take time to read the following article:
    Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing

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    Q: Please reply to this (I will not buy from you unless you reply to my email; I want to check some things with you before I buy): 1- Please tell me if the following products in your website can be taken by pregnant women: folic acid, iron phosphate, bioflavonoid formula, iodine phosphate, multi vitamins and minerals, vitamin c formula, b-vitamin complex, iron phosphate tea? 2- I want to buy all the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that I need for my baby (I'm 3 months pregnant). If I buy the multi vitamins and minerals, do I need to supplement any additional products that I mentioned above (esp. folic acid, vitamin c, iron, b-vitamin complex)? 3- I also want to buy Eklampein formula, prenatal laxative, prenatal formula, healthy pregnancy, and prenatal tea. Since I can't buy all the products that I mentioned in this email; I need your help to buy less. Because the ones that I will buy; I will buy enough to last me about 5/6 months (so I will still be buying so many from you even if I buy 3 or 4 different products). I don't have enough money; please work with me and tell me which ones I need for complete prenatal care and since I will be buying too many; please give me discount (so I can afford it and take good care of myself and my baby in the same time).


    Folic acid, iron phosphate, bioflavonoid formula, iodine phosphate, multi vitamins and minerals, vitamin c formula, b-vitamin complex, iron phosphate tea can all be taken by a pregnant woman. You could delete bioflavonoid and B-vitamin complex though and still get necessary nutrition for your pregnancy. And yes, Dherbs.Com will give you a nice discount on a large order. Now here's what I would personally suggest for a great pre-natal regimen: PRE-NATAL FORMULA ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD VITAMIN C FORMULA IODINE PHOSPHATE FOLIC ACID IRON PHOSPHATE FORMULA PRE-NATAL TEA PRENATAL LAXATIVE (optional)

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    Q: I am nine weeks pregnant and having a difficult time. Before I was pregnant I was on an incredible herbal regimen that had me feeling like superwoman. But my herbalist is not very knowledgeable of what herbs are safe for pregnant women. I eat healthy, taken all-natural prenatal vitamins, but would like to do more to get that "Superwoman" feeling back. Is there a book u could recommend that might help educate me as to which herbs are safe and which to avoid during pregnancy?


    I know the feeling you're talking about. There are many books on herbs and pregnancy.

    Check out these 2 books:

    "Herbal Healing For Women" by Rosemary Gladstar

    "The Complete Woman's Herbal" by Anne McIntyre

    Herbs to avoid while pregnant include all OXYTOCIC herbs or herbs that make the uterus contract, i.e. Black Haw, Beth Root, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, etc.; all ABORTAFACIENT (abortion-inducing herbs) such as Pennyroyal, Rue, etc.

    Study up on abortaficient herbs and oxytocic herbs and you'll be fine.

    Read our article on Pre Natal Health on our site under "Articles."

    You can have a healthy all-natural pregnancy and delivery.

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    Q: Good day. I am having uterine retention, and I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy (9 wks). I am told that the retention is caused by an enlarged uterus that is pushing up on my cervix, causing blockage to the urethra. They have done a sonogram and bloodwork. Fibroids found, but not to explain the enlarged size of my uterus. What do you recommend to naturally assist my body? Thank you for your time.


    I really don't recommend healing while pregnant, however, the best cleanse that you could perform while pregnant (that would also help the baby nutrition-wise) would be to perform the 10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. Drink plenty of Red Raspberry Tea too during your entire pregnancy. Like, 2-3 cups daily!

    Product Links:
    10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse



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