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Dèjà vu

Humans are experiencing deja vu at never before witnessed rates in modern times and that's because of the frequency now of the planet. It's speeding up and thus we are becoming more conscious.

Dèjà vu is a paranormal term that when translated from French, basically means "already seen". The phrase is defined in common dictionaries as: "A feeling of having already experienced the present situation." There are more than 40 theories as to how or why dèjà vu happens, but none are generally accepted as THE theory behind it.

Experiencing dèjà vu lets us know that we have been here (on Earth) before as well as being in similar circumstances or experiences before as well as having met certain people (souls) before. Dèjà vu relates to people, places, and events.

Sylvia Browne states the following pertaining to dèjà vu:" ... and what each of us is experiencing when we feel intense familiarity with an unfamiliar place, is our spirit's memories of a past life. We absolutely have been to that supposedly strange place before; it was just in another body, in another time. And when the spirit memories buried in the subconscious are stirred so deeply by sights from a whole other incarnation that those memories emerge into the conscious mind, that "unexplainable familiarity" kind of dèjà vu is created - more accurately, powerful, miraculous glimpse into the eternity of our souls." Phenomenon, pg. 91

Basically, when we have a dèjà vu experience, we are piercing a dimension that allows us to look back into our past lives. Our past life's memories are recorded though most of us cannot remember our past lives. But the memories are there, existing right before us on a plane that we can easily tap into with practice.

Dèjà vu applies to people as well. You will meet people whom you've never met before in this present lifetime but will experience a feeling of having met the person before and/or knowing the person for a very long time. You may feel that you met the person before in this present life but it's not from the present life your feeling of familiarity stems from, but from past or previous lives.

The more familiar you are with a person (soul) the more passion there is. This is why many strangers (friends who've forgotten their past life connections and relationships) can meet and experience a strong burning desire and connection and hook up in a relationship and immediately experience a strong and burning passion and chemistry together. They are merely picking up in this life where the left off in a past life and for purposes of completion of soul lessons of course. Everything means something or has a reason and purpose behind it. What we don't learn in a past life, we will be presented with opportunities in the present life and/or subsequent life or lives to learn those unlearned lessons. These lessons are considered 'karmic lessons.'

We've been here on earth many times before and in different garments (bodies) and many of us will be back many more times until we finally learn the lessons and are able to ascend or decide to come back to Earth as a spirit guide.

Dèjà vu can sometimes be confused with hallucinations brought on by illness or drugs. Others believe that false memories triggered by mental disorders are confused with dèjà vu. It is thought that the typical dèjà vu experience can last up to one minute, where hallucinations can continue for hours, days or even longer.

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    Q: Can I get info, on these numbers 22, and 33.


    The Number 22 is considered the "spiritual master" in form. You can readily understand how the Light of the spiritual 2, intensified by repetition, gives thought and feeling on the higher levels of consciousness. However, spiritual qualities of the 2 are held down to the physical, and material level of the 4. This often results in strange inner conflicts for the 22: the 2 finds it difficult to bring its thoughts, and desires down to the ordinary everyday activities. To put into form and order its concepts and finer attributes. The 22 often needs the help and support of others and must learn to cooperate with circumstances, not pull against them. Often there is a dominant person in the environment, to test the peacemaking qualities of the 2. Causing the 22 much unhappiness and sorrow. The 22 finds its victory in helping others and in working with large undertakings or groups.(Juno Jordan) The Number 33 is a very powerful number. Jesus dies and resurrects at age 33 for a reason. While the entire story of Jesus is symbolical (unless you simply choose to believe it as actually occurring as a precept of your faith), there is great significance on a metaphysical level pertaining to this Jesus character and all that he experienced on the Earth plane. Number 33 is the number of completion on one level and beginning on another level. It is also the number of initiation (which is why masons use it in their order, hence the 33rd degree mason). The Number 33 initiates us into higher realms of life, on the spiritual, celestial, or cosmic level. It takes us up from the mundane, hence the symbol of Jesus ascending into heaven. Clearly a physically dead or alive human being cannot ascend to the heavens in the flesh body. I don't mean to offend Christians, and I respect their free will to believe in something (physical ascension of a human flesh body) that defies natural law (Law of Gravity). A lot of what Christians (those who embrace the exoteric aspect of Christianity) believe in defies natural law as well as common sense but they have free will to believe in what they choose to, it's just unfortunate that such a belief is counterproductive to existence and cannot be applied for the actual Christian who believes in such and who will never ascend in his or her flesh body nor will resurrect from the dead in their present fles.

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    Q: I find myself at my wits end, and need some advice. I'm in a relationship with a man who says he loves me and is in love with me, yet doesn't respect my feelings. We argue about several issues we have fundamental differences of opinions on. I'm 53, he's 45. I was married before, and have grown children. He's never been married and has no children. He and I argue most about his need to maintain friendships with women (platonic friends as well as women he had relationships with). He doesn't feel there's anything wrong with me not knowing them, and them not knowing about me, but not meeting me. Even his mother told him he should have them meet me. They are in contact often (phone and texts) and they go out to lunch. He thinks that as long as there's no sexual content in the messages or conversations that it's o.k. I check his phone - when I can - to see who he's calling and texting and have caught him arranging a date (which he did go on) with someone he met online and I saw a message from a women telling him how she woke up thinking about how great it would be to wake up in his arms every morning. I called the woman he went on the date with and the one who sent the text. He told me that she was someone he rented lot space from for some of his equipment. He also told me that he told his friends that they should send messages to his phone to upset me. He gets upset that I check his phone, but I just don't trust him. This evening when I came home, he was on Face-book's "Are you Interested?" He is also on other dating sites - holding himself out as an available man. He says that he doesn't respond to advances from women and I tell him he shouldn't be holding himself out as a man that's not in a relationship. I have asked him to remove himself from these sites - to no avail. I have told him to leave many times. I have taken his key away and given it back a couple of times. When he's away he begs to come back and then when I let him back in, the same behavior continues. He says that I'm controlling and possessive. His friends tell him that I'm insecure - but they only know his side of our story. We were in a restaurant one day and a woman slid in our booth and gave him a warm greeting and practically sat on his lap. As it turned out, this was his cousin's fiancé, who the cousin had sent over to our table because my guy had told his cousin that I was possessive. They all had a good laugh at this at my expense. I thought it was cruel. I feel like there is no hope for this relationship. It doesn't even feel like a relationship. He can be very loving and kind then become verbally abusive. He works a lot of hours and comes home late more of the time. Friday nights are devoted to a social meeting with his softball team and Saturday is devoted to his softball games and the after game social. I sometimes feel like I've made a huge mistake letting this man into my life and yet there are times when I really thing what we have is wonderful. I loved him, but at this point, I don't know how I feel about him. I'm confused, heartbroken, sad, depressed, and angry at myself for allowing him into my life. I think I should seek counseling for myself.


    It sounds like you are getting what you are focused on. He is being a match to what you believe he is. Relationships are a mirror. You are seeing exactly where you are when it comes to relationships. You are untrusting and insecure, so you attracted a partner that is a match to where you are. You have to work on yourself first. You cannot control him or prevent him from doing what he wants to do. If he is going to cheat he is going to cheat.

    Now you can either keep looking for it and making your self feel bad or you can stop worrying about what he is doing and clean up your own energy. You will attract this again and again if you do not clean it up in your energy first. It sounds like he does not trust you either. He knows you are insecure and controlling so he does not see a long term relationship with you so he is keeping his options open. This makes sense because why would he plan a life with someone that he can not get along with.

    As for you start getting a life. That means doing g things that you love! Find your passion. Become busy doing things that make you feel good. This will change your energy and help you attract more things that make you feel good. This guy will either get in alignment with your new energy or move on because he is no longer a match to you. Either way you win! You will be feeling good and doing things you love. This will make you more attractive and bring you some peace from the negative thoughts you are currently looping around on, which are making you feel really bad. Yes you could use some coaching. Visit our website for more details at The Amazing Clarks .

    Sending you love and light!

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    Q: I know you are an herbalist and I have read your articles on relationships, but I really need to discuss an issue with a conscious person like yourself. I have a friend who is a conscious brother, he made it known that he doesn't want to be in a relationship, claims he's to busy, but he is into having a spiritual sexual relationship(releasing energy he says on a spiritual level). My thought is that in order to connect with someone totally on a sexual level they should be a unit to experience this sacred sexual experience he refers to, otherwise to me it seems a very clever why to have sex without the commitment of being in a relationship. I would really appreciate your thoughts.


    Dudes can be so clever! He sounds like a Taurus! LOL!

    He's using spirituality to justify having sex with you. There's no spirituality with a casual sex partner. This practice is deep and creates serious energetic connections via the chakras. There's no connection without being a unit and having a commitment. My motto is: no sex absent love and commitment (unless both parties agree)! Hope this helps you out!



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Many of the chemicals that have replaced BPA haven’t been studied nearly as much. However, a paper published in the National Institute of Health journal Environmental Health Perspectives reported that almost all commercially available BPA-free plastics still leached estrogen and some leached synthetic estrogen more potent than what’s found in BPA. Estrogen that’s not produced by the body can impact estrogen levels and getting too much or too little can be problematic, especially in utero and early childhood. Elevated levels can increase a women’s risk for some types of breast cancer, for example.

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