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Scabies and Lice

Scabies are tiny, burrow into the skin to produce intense itching, which tends to be worse at night. Lice live among human hairs and feeds on extremely small amounts of blood. In the case of scabies or lice, you want to add hydrogen peroxide and/or individual essential oils.
Scabies is a contagious skin infection that occurs in both humans and animals. Scabies is a parasite that is not visible to the naked eye. The parasite burrows under the skin and causes extreme itching.

Lice are also a parasite that generally is found in the hair. There are three types of lice:
  • Head lice
  • Body lice
  • Pubic lice
Outbreaks of lice are frequently seen in schools with young children because of the close contact and sharing of objects like combs and hair brushes.

Cause of Lice and Scabies

Lice can be caused by a number of things. Some of the most common causes are:
  • Head to head contact
  • Sharing personal items such as combs, hats, scarves, headphones
  • Home furnishings
Lice cannot fly so close contact with an object or person is required to contract lice. That is why schools are a very common place for infestation to occur.

Scabies is also generally transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. However, you can contract scabies from objects the parasite has come in contact with. Scabies can live without a host for up to 36 hours so the contact doesn't have to be as immediate as with lice. The mites that cause scabies can also carry disease, so be sure to identify the issue as soon as it arises.

Both lice and scabies produce a great deal of itching. Scabies also produces a rash. If you suspect that you have either condition, it is best to control the problem quickly before it is spread to others.

Natural Solutions

Since the parasite that causes scabies burrows into outer layers of the skin, an external approach to healing is primary and necessary whereas internal cleansing is secondary. Scabies and Lice both affect the external skin and are considered skin conditions.

It may be beneficial to perform a Sea Salt Soak daily. Full instructions for this can be found in an article titled Sea Salt Soak in our articles section on our website.

Other solutions that can assist the skin in healing are:
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Niaouli
  • Lavender
  • Citronella
  • Peppermint
  • Ravensare
  • Thyme
  • Vetivert
  • Oregano
These essential oils and solutions are antiseptic, germicidal, and antimicrobial which will help clearing your skin conditions. Add a small amount to bath water for a soothing soak.

DHerbs Solutions

DHerbs recommends several products in addition to the essential oils listed that will assist in clearing parasite conditions: In closing, you can naturally heal from scabies and head and body lice conditions and without the use of harmful man-made chemicals.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Dherbs.Com.

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    Q: I have a filter for every water dispensing device accept the washing machine. I use natural/organic cleaners to wash my clothes but was wondering if there is anything I can use to eliminate or neutralize the containments in the water?


    Our LICE AND MITE BUSTER drops are very effective for washing (neutralizing) due to the essential oil ingredients. Give it a try!

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    Q: I am contacting you about a health issue that my girlfriends mom is having... she has had "Body Lice" (pediculus humanus corporis) for a while now, and she has went to the doctor a couple times but they don’t seem to know exactly what to do other than give her special soaps to use... She used to work in the home health care field but can't as long as she has this issue. My question to you is do you have any suggestions for what to do about this ailment? Soaps, teas, balms etc. anything that would work would be appreciated



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    Q: What Can I Do For Lyme's Disease?


    Lyme disease is an acute, recurrent inflammatory infection, transmitted by a tick-borne spirochete, Barriela burgdorferi. Knees, other large joints, and temporomandibular joints are most commonly involved, with local inflammation and swelling. Chills, fever, headache, malaise, and erythema chronicum migrans (ECM), an expanding annular, erythematous skin eruption, often precede the joint manifestations. Occasionally cardiac condition abnormalities, aseptic meningitis, and Bell's Palsy are associated conditions. Recommendation: Perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME BLOOD CLEANSE respectively. While performing these cleanses, perform the "SEA SALT SOAK" (see our article by the same title located in our articles section on our website). You may want to add a few drops of LICE AND MITE BUSTER into the bath water (which is perfectly safe). After bathing, apply HEALING SKIN OIL to the skin of the body. Repeat the above process as much as needed to heal from the condition. Please read our MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL to keep a positive and healthy mindset and attitude while in the process of healing. You can heal!

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    Q: I purchesed both the FULL BODY DETOX and the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. During week 3 of the Detox, I had a significant herpes breakout on by buttocks. Therefore, I opened the anti-viral kit and started doing the bath with the sea salt and the oil etc, and used it all up with in a week. Maybe I used too much but everything healed up well. Now I am into the first week of the Anti-Viral kit and on day 3 a small breakout started, but I am out of the Oil and roll on. Do you have a suggestion of something else I can put into the bath water besides the sea salt? I have some tea tree oil. I tried to purchase some Melissa oil, but could not find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Use tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc. in your bath water. Add hydrogen peroxide (1 cup) as well. You can oil down with OZ OIL after the bath!

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    Q: I have been taking 35% hydrogen peroxide baths also with Sea Salt and the antiviral drops but I am not sure if I am still oxygenating my body enough? What percentage of the peroxide is being absorbed into my system when I soak for 50 - 60 minutes daily? The hair on my body has all turned golden due to the peroxide I believe? I have also been drinking green tea thru the detox. I also wanted to seek you advice on drinking White tea or licorice tea. I have read that the acid found in licorice tea kills off the herpes virus? If your advice is to take the tea, can I do it along with the FULL BODY DETOX or ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and what dosage should I use?



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    Q: Please tell me what I can use to remove the red blotches. These blotches burn and itch at the same time. What do you suggest that I have use. I am using Cortisone and Eucerin which is a calming itch relief cream. Please respond quickly as possible. Thank you,


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX Cleanse and externally apply our HEALING SKIN OILafter perform the Sea salt Soak (see article "SEA SALT SOAK"in our articles section). Within 7-10 days please look for our new article "SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDER" in the articles section and it will really give you insight, so much so that I am unable to divulge everything here in Ask the Herbalist. But please stay tuned to Dherbs.Com! You can heal, Beloved, and we are here to assist you.

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    Q: My daughter has eczema that NEVER goes away. I need to do a blood cleanse and cannot find any suitable for her age group. I saw your children?s full body cleanse. Does this include the blood cleanse? Would this be sufficed? I also was wondering if you could recommend anything I can use topically to stop her itching? I am currently using oil of oregano mixed with EVOO at night for the bacteria and a mixture of oils to try to hydrate her skin during the day. I have tried everything and NOTHING works except steroid creams which I do not want to use. Please let me know your recommendations.


    My son had a very bad case of eczema (scratched so much he bled). He was cured/healed in 6 months. Purchase the Children's Detox and give him the liquids in water or apple juice. For external application, purchase Oz Oil (this is what helped to heal my son's skin inflammation) and rub this on her body a few times during the day. Bathe the child in warm water and sea salt (start of with one box). You can also bathe the child in herbs. Boil some Dherbs Detox Tea (2-4 bags) in a big pot. Let it cool down and pour the contents of the pot into the bath water. Let the child soak in this for about 30 minutes. Your child can heal! I saw a miracle performed with my son so I know eczema like all other diseases can be healed!

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    Q: Hi, I have two large bumps in my pubic area that my doctor said it's from an infection of my hair follicles caused by my squeezing and picking of ingrown hairs. The bumps sometimes get swollen and irritated and sometimes allow puss to be extracted. I had the problem 3 months prior to seeing a doctor. He wants me to take antibiotics and I don't want too but the problem is not healing by itself. What do you suggest? (I've recently used your FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMENand currently uses your IRON PHOSPHATE FORMULAand THYROID FORMULA). Thank you for your help!


    You could simply stop picking at the hairs and also stop worrying about it. It's a prime case of cause and effect! It's ready to heal. Just stop doing the action that leads to the result! You might want to read my article on "DANGERS OF ANTI-BIOTICS". Those things are useless.

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    Q: When I use the OZ OIL my outer skin is very soft and subtle. However deep down in the skin I feel very itchy. I have been assuming this is the effect of the oil doing its job. After a few weeks I got the feeling that I should try to loofa off the top layers of skin so the under skin could rejuvenate its self. I suppose I am writing because I want to check to make sure that the deep itching truly is a positive healing process before I purchase another bottle. Also to prompt you for any other ideas you might have to help my condition. It is purely beauty based btw I don't have any skin illness.


    You're 100% correct! You're feeling the law of cure at work in your body. It’s healing crisis! You're fine! I also highly advise using the loofa brush too! Also, soak in hot water and 1 box of sea salt (daily). Add seaweed to your bath too (optional).

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I went to the O.B.G.Y.N for a check up, and I was prescribed Metrogel for a bacteria infection. After I finished, my vagina felt as if it was on fire. I brought a 3 day Monistat, now the section where the pubic hairs are, is dry and itchy. I've tried Hydrocortisone, vaginal vaseline, and gold bond medicated powder Please help me I have an appointment with the doctors tomorrow but I wanted to know what you suggest.


    Greetings! You're using toxins and poisons and are expecting positive results. Not gonna happen, Beloved! You must cleanse from the inside out. Perform the Full Body Detox, Sea salt Soak (visit ARTICLES section on our site and you'll find this article), and rub Healing Skin Oil on the damaged skin area instead of all that pharmaceutical crap. Also, from time to time dab some cold aloe vera gel on your vaginal area to help cool it down. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water (half and half). Drink Female Health Tea while detoxing. Drink vegetable juice daily. This is how you heal from your condition, Beloved.

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Healing Skin Oil
    Female Health Tea

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    Q: Good Morning, hope all is well. My 11 yr. old son has a serious problem! The skin between his toes on both feet are peeling, and he has sores. The rest of his feet look fine. Also, on his arms & legs he has black spots. As if he had a mosquito bite, and scratched it. But that's not the case. What is this? I've tried tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and a cream from our local herb store for his feet. To this day nothing has helped. I don't give him meds from our so-called doctors. However, I am considering taking him to get a diagnosis. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance and have a wonderful day!


    Please read the article on our site entitled "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" as your son is dealing with a blood disorder. Let his feet breathe which can be done by allowing him to wear sandals, or open air shoes. Allow him to soak his feet in warm water with about half a cup of sea salt, and 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide (for about 30 minutes). After the soak, rub his feet down and in-between his toes with our Healing Skin Oil. Perform daily! Consider having the child completing the Children's Liquid Cleanse.

    Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder

    Product Links:
    Children Cleanse

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I went on a business trip to a not so clean hotel and came back with these mites. I tried to treat them with a common cream (I cannot think of the name right now). It worked but I did not realize then that you were supposed to use a follow up application a week later. They are back, and now seem to be immune to it. I?ve read about neem and karanja oils, and I have tried them, but I am not sure I am doing it right. Any suggestions?


    Bathe in hot water, 2-3 boxes of sea salt, 7 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil, and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide daily.

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: My two year-old son is not circumcised and his foreskin is not pulling back is there anything I can do to get his skin to stretch without getting him circumcised because I really don't want to do that. And are there any bath remedies to keeping it clean, right now I give him sea salt baths and thinking about using hydrogen peroxide. Also, It keeps getting red and swollen I gave him antibiotics because it hurts when he urinates. If you could, could you possibly recommend something I could get from a health food store I can't afford to cleanse his body right now.


    Don't act too fast; sometimes it takes a while before the skin begins to become elastic. The child is only 2. You can clean his foreskin with warm water, sea salt, and tea tree oil (5-8 drops in the bowl of water or bath water) and you can add 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide if you like. If the skin is red and swollen it's inflamed. Start applying Dherbs.Com HEALING SKIN OIL and this should facilitate healing. Antibiotics are harming the child. He doesn't need antibiotics! Please read our article on "DANGERS OF ANTI-BIOTICS". He'll be alright!



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