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Does the Devil Really Exist?
The Devil really only exists in the mind, the mind of man. The Devil is the concept and construct of man. That's who made the Devil. The mind of man made the Devil (idea and image) just as the mind of man made God (idea and image of).

The Devil serves a purpose though! And that purpose is CONTROL! Control of the flock (people) via the use of fear! This is far more evident in religious institutions than any place else in existence.

Belief in the Devil is one-half of many Western religions, with God being the other half. The Devil figures prominently in Christianity and Islam. In Judaism, there is reference to The Satan, but this figure is not the Devil as he is understood by Christians and Muslims, as it conflicts with the fundamental belief that God is one and indivisible.

The Devil making someone do something has become a major excuse, especially in religion. Nobody can make you do anything you don't want to do. There is free will, and therefore, CHOICE! You always have a choice!

There is no sin or sinning, no good or bad, right or wrong, just actions! It was man who determined what was right and what was wrong. Right and wrong belong to the world of the conscience. It was man who gave you your conscience. You were given a conscience to replace what you were born with-consciousness (awareness).

Your awareness tells you what to do and what not to do-to self and to others, because you'd be aware, conscious! You'd know not to harm another person because to harm another is to harm yourself for we are all one. You would already know this via your consciousness.

When you create a taboo, you have just created an interest, especially in those who are bold. The more people are told to not do a thing, the more they want to do the forbidden thing. The more they can't do the forbidden thing, the more focus they will give to the forbidden thing and like saying goes: where thought goes, energy flows.

The Devil is nothing but the negative polarity or energy personified, just as the concept of God, is the positive polarity of energy. So therefore, negative and positive and good and bad are simply the same thing (energy), only differing at degrees.

Ask yourself:
  • What benefits am I receiving in life for embracing the concept of the Devil?
  • Is my belief in the Devil healthy, positive, productive, and progressive?
  • Does my belief in the Devil make me feel good, safe, and secure?
  • Am I responsible for creating the concept of the Devil that I hold in my mind, or is it borrowed, and if so, from whom?
  • Is it really necessary for me to continue believing in the Devil in order to believe in God?
  • Does my belief in the Devil put love in me or put fear in me?
Instead focusing so much on the Devil, people can focus on the evil within self that we are afraid to deal with.

Thank you for reading!

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    Q: Is it safe to take "alfalfa and devil claw," without the gel-capsules? For instance, pour it's contents into water, or a soft drink.


    Both alfalfa and devil claw are plants that are commonly used for health treatments. As long as the supplements are natural you should be able to empty the contents into freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and herbal teas. Most gel capsules are simply just to mask the taste of the contents.

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    Q: If HIV is a so-called disease that doesn't exist does that mean if someone who is diagnosed with it and refrains from taking pharmaceutical drugs will continue to live a fulfilling life? If not, what actually makes you sick if it isn't the drugs?


    Yes, as long as they stay away from drugs (i.e. AZT), think positive, have a healthy attitude, change their diet, live healthy, etc. they will be just fine! They should also not identify with HIV either!

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    Q: Do you have an herb (or does an herb exist) that promotes a longer/thicker penile shaft? I am currently 5 1/2 inches in length and 2 in width.



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    Q: The comment I have is about your topic on Islam and where it comes from. I would to like to know how did you come up with the information regarding Prophet Muhammad? I have been Muslim for a year and some change and Islam teaches us to study astrology and the zodiac signs Allah says in surah 85 in the English translation. I was shocked to read how the article dogs the prophet. I was shocked to read the statement about how the Catholics brought about Islam. I really like your concept about food and health I have brought some products from your company but the article really shook me up so if you could email back I would like to hear your humble opinion about this topic.


    To know what I know about Islam and Western religions one has to study all material and not be biased in reading and studying. Study Arab paganism, mythology, female studies, etc. and you'll discover that Islam, like Christianity, had pagan origins and it is not an accident that pre-Islamic history was covered up by the Muslims. before you had Koran you had Book of Kore. Her sacred day was Friday, the same day Jumah is on. her scared color was green, same color as the Qur'an. My article doesn't dog the prophet. You only feel this way because you are a follower of the prophet and your feelings and thoughts are biased as a Muslim. Do your homework, Good Brother! Ain't nothing sacred about Muhammad, Islam, etc. YOU are sacred! The human body is sacred! The Kabah represents you YOU! God did not speak to another man in order to convey a message to you. If God spoke to Muhammad God can speak to and through you. Religion is not from God but from man! This is a fact! Thanks for patronizing me! I am not a hater of Islam. I just speak facts and objective truth. I too was once a Muslim until I discovered the secrets about Islam and what the Arabs did to Africans long before Europeans did.

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    Q: I have been married for almost 14 years but our marriage has been turbulent. Some spiritualist even told me that, I might not become prosperous until I divorce my wife. I love her, but she's troublesome and has a very negative approach on every issue. What do I do?


    The best thing to do is to keep yourself in alignment. Focus on your own spiritual growth. One person in alignment is more powerful than a million who are not. If you hold yourself in a positive place one of two things will happen. She will either adapt to your energy and perspective, or she will no longer be a match to you and gently go away. You have to allow her to have her own growth, on her own terms. You can only be an example to her of what you want. If you believe other people and external forces can affect your finances you are mistaken. You are the only one that can attract, or repel wealth. You are the only one in control of your experience. If you believe she is affecting you negatively you will attract that, but it is you who is bringing that out in her by your belief. Decide what you want from the relationship. Be clear on how you want to interact with her. Once you know what you want focus on it and attract it. As long as you believe she is a problem she will be.

    Kind Regards,

    Melanie Clark r

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    Glad you enjoy our articles! Do I believe in a Higher Power (most folks call God), OF COURSE! I just stay away from all the specific names (and religions) crazy ass man (Western humanity) has given to God which has caused hundreds of bloody wars that have killed hundreds of millions of people like what you now see in Iraq with Muslims and Christians killing each other over politics which is so stupid. Religious people are in bad shape because they don't understand Universal law that is impartial, so religious people are dropping like flies to diseases God DIDN'T create, they are being taxed by an unconstitutional income tax, they work jobs that rob their soul just to make ends meet and God does not have anybody here to make ends meet (pay bills), but to become one with God, etc. I just stay away from all the craziness in the world caused by man. I'd rather live with the animals in the wild. For the T Syndrome, start with the FULL BODY DETOX. Perform it 3-4 times a year. Change your diet too. Go more raw foods (fruits and vegetables). Cut back on meat and dairy products. Drink vegetable juice daily!



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