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The word "hernia" comes from a Latin word meaning 'rupture.' Basically, a hernia is some kind of rupture.

Causes and Risk Factors

Hernia can happen in many different parts of the body.

Abdominal Hernia

An abdominal hernia is a hernia in which a loop of bowel protrudes through the abdominal structure, often through the site of an old surgical scar. It is also known as 'ventral hernia.'

Diaphragmatic Hernia

A diaphragmatic hernia is the protrusion of part of the stomach through an opening in the diaphragm, most commonly an abnormally enlarged esophageal hiatus.

In some cases the intestines may also herniate into the chest. The enlargement of the normal opening for the esophagus may be caused by trauma, congenital weakness, increased abdominal pressure, or relaxation of ligaments of skeletal muscles, and permits part of the stomach to slide into the thorax. A sliding hiatus hernia, one of the most common pathologic conditions of the upper GI tract, may occur at any age but is most frequent in elderly and middle-aged people. A kind of diaphragmatic hernia is hiatus hernia.

Femoral Hernia

A femoral hernia is a hernia in which a loop of the intestine descends through the femoral canal into the groin.

Hiatus Hernia

A hiatus hernia is a protrusion of a portion of the stomach upward through the diaphragm. The condition occurs in about 40% of the population, and most people display few, if any, symptoms. The major difficulty in symptomatic patients is gastroesophageal reflux, the backflow of the acid contents of the stomach into the esophagus.

Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal hernia is a hernia in which a loop of the intestine enters the inguinal canal, sometimes filling, in a male, the entire scrotal sac. Of all hernias, 75% to 80% are inguinal hernias.

An inquinal hernia so large that it passes into the scrotum is called a scrotal hernia.

Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical hernia is a soft, skin-covered protrusion of intestine and omentum through weakness in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus. It usually closes spontaneously within 1 to 2 years. This hernia commonly occurs in newborns (new babies).

Herniated Disk

Herniated disk is a rupture of the fibrocartilage surrounding an invertebral disk, releasing the nucleus pulposus that cushions the vertebrae above and below. The resultant pressure on spinal nerve roots may cause considerable pain and damage the nerves. The condition most frequently occurs in the lumbar region.

Natural Healing For Hernia

Under allopathic medicine or allopathic medical approaches, hernias are repaired via the process of surgery. Hernias (all kinds) take time to heal.

Perform the Sea Salt soak daily (for all hernias, umbilicus hernia is optional).

Colonic hydrotherapy is highly recommended (for all hernias except umbilicus hernia).

Consider seeing a chiropractic specialist.

Reiki, pranic healing, acupuncture/acupressure, and magnet therapy are all highly recommended for healing purposes of all hernias (umbilicus hernias are optional should a parent choose to use one of these healing modalities). Choose the modality that you feel is best for you or that gives your relief and aids in your healing process.

When using magnets, never apply the South side to the body as South stimulates and North is healing. Always use the North side of a magnet.

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernias usually reduce to normal or near normal within a year or two so parents, especially mothers, shouldn't worry. These usually reduce in its own time.

An old wives tale suggests taping a quarter over the protruding navel. If anything, you can tape a flat-shaped clear quartz crystal over the herniated area from time to time to facilitate healing.

From time to time, gently massage the baby's abdomen and stomach with natural oil (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil) or shea butter, massaging the area in a circular motion.

NOTE: Do not feed a baby grains or honey for the first 2 years of life! Grains are too hard on the baby's digestive tract and digestion process.

Hiatus or hiatal hernia
When there is hiatus or hiatal hernia, the condition is due to too much acid in the body (gastrointestinal tract) due to acidic diet, which results from meat, dairy, and refined grain consumption. Too much acid (from poor diet) in the body throws of the natural acidity level of the stomach and GI tract.

Herniated disk
Sleeping on a magnetic pad is also helpful for healing in a herniated disk condition. Visit one of the following sites to order a magnetic mattress pad:
Get plenty of rest and stay off your feet as much as possible when there is herniated disk.

Periodically, place a hot pack on the herniated disk area. Alternate between cold pack and heat pack is you wish to do so.

Also, you can place green-colored crystals on the herniated disk area as well. The color green stimulates healing.

Dietary Intervention

For a brief period of time, consider a RAW FOODS diet (for all kinds of hernias)! Abstain from eating acidic foods, which are processed, refined, and cooked foods. For raw food recipes and living, see our Dietary Choices section (under More Services on the home page) at

Eat plenty of raw, organic fruits (especially mango and papaya) and vegetables. Consume plenty of raw fruit and vegetable juice as well!

Drinking 1-2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice daily will also help.

Refrain from consuming acidic beverages, beverages such as coffee, soda pop, wine/alcohol/beer, lattes, milk, Gatorade, commercial brand fruit beverages, etc. (for all kinds of hernias). Instead, drink plenty of alkaline water (see article on Alkaline Water) and herbal teas (see Herbal Teas section in the on-line store).

Drink plenty of vegetable juice daily too.

One can counteract any over-acidic situation and issue by consuming more alkalizing foods and beverages.

DHerbs Solutions
DHerbs offers relief from all hernia except for umbilical hernia: When there is inguinal hernia, a male should perform:

After performing the cleanses above, a good daily regimen includes taking the following herbal compounds: Perform the Sea Salt Soak as often as you can.

When there is herniated disk, perform the: Thank you for reading!

Solutions from

20 Day Cleanse and Regimen that works to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body to aid in necessary weight release, enhancing the immune system and increasing energy levels.
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    Q: What can cause an oval shape lump about an inch long on my ribcage? I work out, and do farming. I only eat fish sometimes as meat. Can you explain what this could be?


    It could be a hernia! It very well may be. Please read our article "Hernia" on our Home Page and/or in our articles section.


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    Q: My Uncle has Epigastric hernia, his belly is big and his navel is sticking out. He went to the hospital; they kept him for 3 days and let him go. He has a lot of discomfort, he lives in the Caribbean (Grenada). I would like to know what type of herbal medicine he could take to make the hernia go away.



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    Q: What would you recommend in order to treat Abdominal hernia?


    I suggest you work on your colon since the hernia is abdominal (10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE; and the FULL BODY DETOX, etc.).

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    Q: I think I may have developed a hernia. When I move in certain positions (to sit down or stand up, attempting to bend, and sneezing or coughing) I experience pain in my left testicle. The pain also occurs sometimes in my left inner thigh and the lower left back around the kidney. At times the pain in the testicle will go away only to come back later. I haven't been to the doctor yet to have it diagnosed but I'm pretty sure it's a hernia. I wanted to know if you have any advice on healing hernias other than having surgery?


    For hernias, I recommend soaking in very hot water, with 2-3 boxes of sea salt TWICE a day. Wear only boxers, not briefs, as underwear.

    Give our Bio-Salicin (Headache and Pain) and Nerves formula a try too (in addition to the soaks).

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    Q: I have been healthy until the last year, when a abdominal hernia developed. I have done water fast for 2 weeks to heal this without affect. Do you recommend an herbal treatment for this condition?



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    Q: I had a caesarian and suffered with a hernia for 3 years. Next I had pelvic inflammatory disease and IBS, I have suffered from weight loss throughout these illnesses. I am in pain most days and I suffer with nausea too. I can not eat many foods because they cause constipation. I am only 33 but feel 80 years old. I try to help myself as much as possible but I keep hitting a brick wall. Any suggestions you have would be gratefully received. I now weigh 7 1/2 stone and I am 5’10â€. Thanks.


    Beloved, give the FULL BODY DETOX a try! Change your diet to a predominantly vegan-vegetarian diet. Drink 8 glasses of water daily, start eating a lot of fruit (your favorite ones) and drink vegetable juice daily and you will see improvements in your life and health.

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    Q: About 8 years ago my boyfriend and I had intercourse, and this one time he said that when we had intercourse that his penis felt like it was burning. We both went to the health clinic, had cultures done and could not find anything wrong with him. they told me that I had a yeast infection. since then he has had a hernia repaired. Now he has another hernia and is going to get that fixed. he says that the tip of his penis gets red, and it burns really bad when he urinates. about 2 years ago he went to a urologist. He told my boyfriend that his prostate was swollen and that it sat to the left a little bit and that the urethra tube was swollen. He gave my boyfriend a prescription for urinating and that was it. He spent $800 dollars and the problem is still there. We have tried everything including herbs. Any suggestions as what it could be and what he could take?


    Sounds like your boyfriend has serious inflammation of the penis. Only mucus/acidity causes inflammation like this. The prostate would not cause the tip of the penis to swell up.

    Inflammation while urinating usually denotes STD (sexually-transmitted disease) infection. However, it could be that your vagina is too acidic. It's most definitely of a sexual nature. You and your boyfriend should both perform the 21-day Full Body Cleanse and abstain from sex during this time to purify and strengthen your bodies.

    For temporary relief of the penile inflammation, have him dip the head of his penis in a bowl or cup of cold aloe vera gel. Make sure he drinks a half cup of BITTER cranberry juice (diluted with water) daily as well.

    He should also bathe in hot water DAILY with 2 boxes of sea salt added and a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

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    Q: Peace, and light good brother I just read your scorpio article I"m glad you wrote it. I was born with a hernia, I had surgery when I was young. I sweat a lot sometimes, and also my best friends is a Scorpio, both Nov 17, 1978. But, also have ever heard of prune belly syndrome, I suffer from that, it makes my stomach kinda like a rubber band with the elastic wore out.


    Thank you, beloved! Glad you enjoyed the article. No, I've never heard of prune belly syndrome but I will research and perhaps write an article on it. Stay tuned to!

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    Q: I am beginning to start my FULL BODY DETOX. I drink coffee every morning, am I suppose to stop right away? I only drink 1 cup, please advise. I also have to take Tums during the day due to a hiatal hernia a long with my prescription Nexium. Will the Tums ruin my detoxing?



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    Q: My soon to be three year old son will be having surgery next week on Tuesday to correct an umbilical hernia he's had since birth. I know he will need something for pain relief. Most doctor's recommend children's Tylenol...What do you suggest?? I will be giving him the "Children's Detox Kit" soon after to speed up healing and detoxification.


    Poor little boy! That pain will be recorded in his cellular memory. For pain, make him a tea consisting of white willow bark, black willow bark, meadowsweet, and feverfew. Herbs probably won't do much justice to quell his pain though. After the surgery, he will need the Children's Detox so you have the right idea for your son after the surgery.

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    Q: What is the cause of Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease? How is the best way to treat it naturally?


    Consuming too many acidic, and mucus-inducing foods (meat, dairy products, refined grains/starches, etc.). Basically, the diet is very poor and needs to change. Visit our Dietary Choices section under 'More Services" on our Home Page of the site. The best way to heal it is by performing the Full Body Detox, followed by the 10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. Again, improve your diet, eat more alkaline foods!

    Dietary Choices

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse

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    Q: What can I take if my doctor says I have cancer in the stomach?


    In re stomach cancer: Consider jumping on the Full Body Detox kit and regimen a.s.a.p. and begin the healing process.

    Consider cutting out all acidic and mucus-forming foods, e.g. meat, dairy products, cooked foods, and all acidic beverages (soda, coffee, liquor, milk, orange juice, etc. and just drink vegetable juice, drink plenty of good water, eat plenty of salad, drink aloe vera juice daily; bathe in hot water with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1-2 boxes of sea salt; take 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in my water (once a day); purchase the Oxy-Drops and put 20 drops in each glass of water. I'd also keep a very optimistic mindset.

    Thank you for your interest!

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    Q: Why does excess acid in the stomach comes back up? What can I do to stop it from coming back up?


    You are too acidic and the Body Intelligence is rejecting the acid for your own good. You cannot stop it from coming back up nor should you want to. The proper thing to do is to stop eating acid-forming foods which is the real problem.

    Acid-forming foods include all meats, all dairy products, all processed food-stuffs, soda pop, coffee, wine, pastries, refined grains, anything processed and refined.

    Eat more raw, organic fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables) for they are alkaline which counteracts acidity. Our Electric Greens formula does the same thing.

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    Q: Before I discovered your site, I began using the brand 'ali' pills to lose weight because of the issues with anal leakage I stopped taking the pill and performed a Full Body Cleanse. soon after completing the regimen, I began getting abdominal pains on my left side and soon after I eat, my stomach begins to make strange noises and I have had diahrrea for several weeks now. Is there anything you can recommend to help remedy this? Have you heard of any side-effects associated with the 'ali' pills? I went to a medical doctor and he suggested that it could be ulcers, and placed me on medication. I only get pains when I eat any solid foods. It feels like my stomach is bloated and I get lots of gas. Soon after I eat, I get strong cramps that drain my energy. Thank you for your wonderful service.


    Please explain what solid foods are you eating! I recommend a daily regimen consisting of: Alkaline FormulaDigestion Aid, Electric Greens ComboAlchemist Golds (1 tablespoon in every glass of water) p.s. - drink vegetable juice daily. Try and drink cabbage, carrot, and brussel sprout juice as much as possible. Drink aloe vera juice daily too! Read our "ULCERS" article on our site as well. Everything you need is at DHerbs.Com!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I am a massage therapist. During a year long detox with the help of a Naturopath I lost about 40 pounds. However, I could only lose weight while fasting. Though I recognized that I was extremely toxic (very thick, dark menses every 15 days to flu-like symptoms) it seemed that fecal matter was getting "stuck" in the bend of the trans. Colon and disc. Colon. Maintaining the weight losses and good health was difficult in spite of being on a wholesome diet. Digestive enzymes seemed to adversely affect digestion since elimination was slow (once a day). Though enzymes worked well in the stomach, I would only gain weight with the use of enzymes: drinking a gallon of water a day only touched my extreme thirst. I would become lethargic and experience painful menses. Cramps, along with swelling in the ankles. Recently a massage therapist who worked with colon massage laid hands on me and told me that my trans. colon was sitting below my belly button. His massaging in the bend of the trans. colon and the disc. Colon was very uncomfortable. We agreed that massage could help with my situation since I felt great after the massage. I take flaxseed oil, prune juice, probiotics, and cranberry juice everyday and I have been seeing a colon hydro therapist for the past five weeks (once a week) with very good results. Is there a special diet that can help pull the trans colon back into position? I really want to be able to eat wholesome foods and look and feel wholesome at the same time. Thank you for your support.



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    Q: I ordered the full body cleanse but the post office sent it to my mother’s house. I should have been using it by now which I really need. I went to the doctor today complaining of upper back and stomach pains with extremely low energy, dizziness and headaches and he says that I have gastritis and acid reflux, do you have any suggestions on what I can do or order until my fbd gets here?


    Drink vegetable juice with plenty of green-colored vegetables. 4 ounces daily, perhaps 2-3 times per day. Eat papaya, mango, and cantaloup fruit!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: Can help with a spinal cord injury?  


    Spinal cord injuries are very serious and are the major cause of paralysis which most people have been conditioned to believe are unrecoverable which is not true. However, the mind must be totally in sync with the maxim "with God all things are possible." Healing from a spinal cord injury is more mental than anything else, However, natural remedies can help in the process of recovery. Recommended: Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Days Electric Greens Combo Regimen, followed by Nerves Cleanse & Regimen. A raw foods diet is very ideal in healing a spinal cord injury. Sleep on a magnetic mattress pad (perform a Google search under "magnetic mattress pads" to find a supplier or seller). Also, have chakra balancing performed routinely.

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    Q: My son was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Jan. 2007, 10-day hospital stay,. Jan 2008, 8-day stay. This is terrible, more like biological experiment results put in place a long time ago. I’ve been thinking, and feeling, he needed to be detoxified. I am not knowledgeable on these toxic, viral, bacteria, fungus, whatever this thing is. I just don't understand it. The doctors don’t either. Where does it come from? When did it come? My Son is 16 years, trying to finish school. I will continue praying and seeking answers. I know I want to help him to be, and stay safe from the diseases, syndromes, pharmaceutical medications, misinformation, streets, and bad association. Thank You


    "Stevens-Johnson Syndrome" Stevens-Johnson Disease takes its name from two doctors, Albert M. Stevens, American pediatrician, b. 1884; and F.C. Johnson, an American physician, b. 1894. What is Stevens-Johnson syndrome? Stevens-Johnson syndrome is medically defined as: “A serious, sometimes fatal inflammatory disease affecting children and young adults. It is characterized by the acute onset of fever, bullae on the skin, and ulcers on the mucous membranes of the lips, eyes, mouth, nasal passage, and genitalia. Pneumonia, pain in the joints, and prostration are common. A complication may be perforation of the cornea. The syndrome may be an allergic reaction to certain drugs, or it may follow pregnancy, herpes virus I, or other infection. See also erythema multiforme.†– Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed., p. 1117 Okay, now to break things down in layman’s term for purposes of clear and simple understanding. So-called Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a medical term applied to a case of toxicity whereby the blood and lymph fluids are greatly polluted and toxic and whereby there is a large presence of MUCUS in the body (specifically the mucous membranes, the internal skin), which causes INFLAMMATION! When the skin is inflamed, mucus (thick, yellowish colored mucus) is usually the culprit. There are two kinds of mucus: bad mucus which is yellow-greenish in color, thick, stubborn and very sticky; and, good mucus, “a viscous, slippery secretion of the mucous membranes and glands, containing mucin, white blood cells, water, inorganic salts, and exfoliated cells.†– Mosby’s supra, p. 774 All skin conditions are blood disorders. The skin always manifests the condition of the blood. External skin problems also denote internal skin problems and what is the external skin? Answer: The mucous membranes! Mucous membrane is medically defined as: “any of four major kinds of thin sheets of tissue that cover or line various parts of the body. Mucous membranes line cavities or canals of the body that open to the outside, such as the lining of the mouth, the digestive tube, the respiratory passages, and the genitourinary tract. It consists of a surface of epithelial tissue covering a deeper later of connective tissue and protects the underlying structure, secretes mucus, and absorbs water, salts and other solutes. Compare serous membrane, skin, synovial membrane.†– Mosby’s supra, p. 774 Now, WHOOMP, There it is! Clearly, Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an adverse condition of the mucous membranes whereby the mucous membranes are inflamed (mucositis) due to an over-acidic condition (or acidosis). Now, in the definition of mucous membranes supra, it states the mucous membranes covers certain parts of the body and line cavities or canals of the body that open to the outside, i.e. mouth, digestive tube, respiratory passage, and genitourinary tract. Now in the definition of the syndrome itself supra, where does the syndrome manifest? Did not the definition (of Stevens-Johnson syndrome) say: “…. skin, … mucous membranes of the lips, eyes, mouth, nasal passage, and genitalia?†Yes it did! Are not these body parts, cavities or canals of the body that open to the outside of the body? Yes they are! Well, there you have it! Clearly Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a big medical word (though not that big and/or complex) describing something so basic as a mucus congestion leading to skin inflammation of certain cavities and canals of the body that lead to the outside, i.e. MOUTH (which includes the lips), EYES (which includes the cornea), NASAL PASSAGE (which links to the nose), and GENITALIA. Causes of Stevens-Johnson syndrome Because this syndrome (disease) involves mucus that tie into (or stems from) acidity, we know that the physical manifestation of this disease stems from poor and/or insalubrious diet, one high in acid-forming and mucopurulent so-called foods and beverages, i.e. meat (slaughtered animal flesh), dairy products (cow snot and pus); refined grains (i.e. white bread, white rice, white flour, pastries like cakes, cookies, donuts, etc.) and starches and a host of other so-called foods, as well as soda pop, milk, beer, wine, coffee, cocoa, etc. The greatest culprit of the physical manifestation of this disease is MUCUS from acid-forming foods (DEAD FOODS)! But because diet is involved here, this means the disease degenerative in nature and is 100% REVERSIBLE via change of diet and lifestyle as well as mindset/thought process and attitude. Healing from Stevens-Johnson syndrome naturally Like with every other major disease, DETOXIFYING the body is the first external step in healing from this disease. We actually begin the detox process when we begin to eat live, organic, sun-cooked or sun-baked foods, i.e. fruits and vegetables. Therefore, a change to a RAW FOODS and VEGAN-vegetarian diet would be ideal for healing. It would be wise to abstain from consuming all meat, dairy, refined grains, and refined starch products, and all acidic and effervescent beverages (i.e. soda pop, beer, etc.). Drink plenty of water (half gallon to gallon, depending on your body weight). Water helps to dissolve hardened mucus in the body. If you can find alkaline water, drink this water. The best waters are alkaline pH, negative charged, microclustered or structured, and ionic. The best way to get this kind of water is via ionic water machines from Asia. See for more information. Soak daily in hot water (or warm water if you prefer), sea salt (1-2 boxes), and 1 cup 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Soak for at least 30 minutes before you start bathing. Rub your body down (from had to toe) after all baths/soaks and/or showers with Dherbs.Com OZ OIL. This is a miraculous healing oil and one of our best sellers! Our customers rave about this oil. There are plenty of herbs that can assist in the healing of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Alterative herbs or blood cleansing and purifying herbs, expectorant herbs, and mucilaginous herbs are the ideal herbs here. Good blood-cleansing herbs include Oregon Grape, Pau D’ Arco, Echinacea Root, Manjistha, Goldenseal Root, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Ilex, and Yellow Dock Root to name a few. Good mucus-ridding or expectorants herbs include Mullein Leaf, Eucalyptus, Fenugreek Seed, Boneset, Elecampane, Coltsfoot, and Lobelia to name a few. Good mucilaginous herbs include Slippery Elm Bark, Irish Moss, Marshmallow, and Guar Gum to name a few. These herbs should be taken together in a compound or mixture (not every single one of them, in case you can’t obtain all of them, but most of them). Dherbs.Com products that can assist in healing from Stevens-Johnson syndrome include FULL BODY DETOX (and CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) for small children), 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE, and 10-DAY SUPREME BLOOD CLEANSE kit. Individual formulas include BLOOD AND LYMPHATIC FORMULA , LUNGS AND RESPIRATORY FORMULA, MUCUS BUSTER FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, ACID BUSTER, KIDNEYS AND BLADDER, EYES FORMULA, ORAL ANTISEPTIC SPRAY, and OZ OIL (used externally but can also be taken internally). Remember people, God is an equal opportunity healer and as such, you can heal from ANY disease under the sun if you have the will, faith, desire, intention, a positive attitude and mindset, and proper knowledge on how, what, and when to eat, and how to live righteous. Dherbs.Com is here to assist you in all of the above. We do not have the Answer(s) for you, because the Answer(s) that you require are within YOU and always have been. Release your healing powers within and heal yourself! Thank you for reading!

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    Q: Is there anything for people with herniated discs? If you have, would you share what knowledge you have about the two with me? I would appreciate that so much. Thank you.


    Because herniated disks usually results in pressure on spinal roots they cause considerable pain and damage nerves. I recommend a person take the FULL BODY DETOX for the whole body and after detoxing, take lots of MSM SULFUR and 6-9 capsules of NERVES FORMULA. A chiropractic should also be seen and acupuncture or acupressure should be considered.

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    Q: The physician I see tells me I have Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) I want to know what can I do to get rid of this so called condition I have the natural way. I can change the acidity of my stomach, reduce the amount of acid produced in my stomach and increase my appetite


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX! To reduce acidity, eat alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables are alkaline).



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