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Shooting the Breeze on the Science of Sex

WARNING: This article contains mature subject material!

The Science of Sex deals with lower vibrational sex and higher vibrational sex acts. So when dealing with sex, you gotta take people from lower to higher; explain to them why they do and like doing what they do. Most people operate sexually on the lower levels and are also stuck there.

A lot of stuff like ejaculating on a woman's face are subconscious/unconscious acts of a man leaving his energetic mark on a woman. For many, it's also a sign of disrespect, as well as the female being his property so he's marking her with his sperm. This is a major subconscious and deeply embedded psychological infatuation with a lot of males and I do suspect watching pornography has a lot to do with it.

A lot of sex that inflicts pain on a woman have to do with the need to give punishment, to dominate another human being --- power plays; what can't be conquered in the society is conquered in the bedroom (sex, bangin' on the vagina so as to take off societal pressures, stresses, and tensions), especially by Black males. And yes, many women do feel a need to be punished and sex may be the perfect outlet for them to be disciplined.

Females, generally speaking, use sex for political purposes. Ninety-nine percent of women will not have sex with their man or mate if they are truly upset, even if the argument is over religion or politics.

Women will only have sex when they make up their minds to have sex and this is when they feel they have won the argument or the man has given in to them.

Women, generally, don't argue to be right! They argue to WIN! (as Osho says). Some men will tell you they (women) argue just to be arguing.

Women express via communication and men don't understand that, seeing it as "women talk too damn much!"

Women are expressive. Women express via words and emotions and men express via the physical and logic or reason. This is why men are the purveyors of physical abuse, because they are physical absent use of logic and reason. When logic prevails, they will physically express via playing sports, lifting weights, or some other physical activity.

Other areas of life that may lead to a disagreement (or argument) between women and men overlaps into the bedroom. Very few women can draw the line and say "okay, that was over politics," but he/I/we want to have sex now or make love now." Very few can do this, well, at least from an open-heart perspective!

Also, a lot of women will start asking a man to do things after he 'hits' (has sex) that they didn't ask for while dating. Did you know that nowadays the word "dating" is used by prostitutes? Today, dating means "fucking." The old 1950's and 1960's connotation of this word has changed. People used to date before having sex and now they have sex while dating. This is true!

A subconscious or unconscious "sex for material things/profit" motive or modus operandi i.e. "you're fuckin' me so you should be helping me and doing stuff for me!" or "I'm giving you some coochie, so you should give me some [financial assistance, money, help paying my bills]" denotes poverty consciousness and politics - "quid pro quo-ism" (something for something). This is lower chakra sex! It is material level exclusively and lacks the spiritual.

But under laws of equality, in sex, the man is giving the woman some penis and the woman is giving the man some vagina, looking at things on a very low nature (but many people in our society operate on this lower nature and level). Neither party owes each other nada from the sex act. Sex is a mutual act (and/or contract) that should not be attached to duties or anything else. Duties come from the relationship/marriage, not from the sex act.

If a man owes you some money or material things because you're givin' him some coochie, many would dub this female a 'prostitute.'

I always tell women: Before sex, it's about YOU! But after sex, it's about HIM! This is how a lot of men in American society think today. After the sexual conquest, the woman is just another conquered prey. Women are not looked upon as just another piece of ass for nothing. Ass is another word for "booty" but "booty" also means spoils of war (or conquest).

Women who may like sex rough may have a psychological and/or subconscious desire to be dominated, to be submissive, to be conquered. Some women only have a fantasy to be dominated whereas others have a subconscious need to be dominated (or punished).

Many males have a psychological need to dominate. Many also have their fantasies of dominating a woman and sex is the perfect outlet.

Whereas all signs may be capable of the above, but this is more so true for Virgo and Pisces because these 2 signs are the most submissive in the Zodiac. They are inclined to please their lover (which makes Pisces and Virgo some serious lovers).

Pisces truly loves to please their mate. The Pisces female is a very submissive and passive lover, soft and gentle, very humble in the sex act. The same is true of Virgo.

Pisces and Virgo are astrological opposites and share many qualities but they will also pick up shadow (negative) traits of each other just like the other astrological pairs such as Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, cancer-Capricorn, and Leo-Aquarius.

Though a Virgo, Michael Jackson in his last days (years) of life displayed Piscean traits of disillusionment, drug addiction, depression, and escapism due to not being able to handle or face harsh reality. No sign is more inclined to drug and alcohol addiction than Pisces. Pisces likes to go up into the cosmos to escape Earth reality, especially if they deem it too harsh. This is why Pisces do well in relationships with Earth signs, especially Taurus, because Earth signs are very grounding and thus grounded and stable people.

Fire sign females are energetic by nature (if they remain healthy), fiery lovers.

Earth signs are very grounded and stable, practical lovers.

Air signs are turned on by intellect. They crave mind sex more than any other element. Get her mind and you got her ... well, you know! It rhymes with "mind."

Water signs are emotional but very intuitive. Don't cheat on them. They can feel everything though they may not say anything. These people can read your mind and know how you really feel at a gut level.

Taurus females are given to technique and may be mechanical; they like routine which may get boring for some people. But they have great stamina and endurance. They are slow and passionate lovers. Taurus females can be very materialistic too, their nature, so you better have some snaps (money) if you gon' sway this woman. Taurus makes a very loyal companion. Just never piss her off. She holds on to things almost to eternity, she's hard to forgive, so don't screw over her. Though an Earth sign, she's very emotional and sensitive.

Geminis can be some freaks (as all other Mutable signs: Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius). A mutable sign is given more to being a freak when you understand mutable signs: flexible, malleable, and adaptable.

Most women whom I have talked to via consultation that have had a bi-sexual affair, did oral sex a lot, experimented with anal sex, were promiscuous (casual sex), had a STD challenge, been with a lot of lovers, had sexual reproductive issues, a few abortions, etc. were VIRGO! Virgo and Libra are the whores of the Western Zodiac. They are capable of loving many people at the same time.

Aries are very sexually energetic. They are ruled by Mars which governs sexual impulse and energy. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars energy and thus sexual energy. Scorpio governs the genitalia. Scorpio has 2 rulers whereas Aries has only one.

Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are some very emotional lovers. Females of this element can become very attached to their lovers, especially if they are sexually served right. They will get attached (sprung) easily via emotions, more so than other females of different signs. Members of this element are the most inclined and #1 prospects to give a man a "fatal attraction" experience, especially the Scorpio woman and that's only if you dog her out.

Cancer females make some awesome wives. They are home centered and if a man is old fashioned and really like the home life and a woman who enhances the home, Cancer is the woman for this man. However, this woman's emotions fluctuate like the waves in the ocean. Well, after all, she is governed by the Moon's energy. However, she can be highly sexed if served right in the bed.

Leo woman are very attractive women, very sensual, lustful, passionate. Drop dead gorgeous! They turn heads! They make great lovers but you have to be careful as a man because Leos can be very materialistic. They love to shine too! They are very regal and know it. They can be some very jealous lovers too, up there with Taurus and Scorpio. Leo women are radiant in many things, especially beauty and ambition.

Libra women make for some cool lovers. They are ruled by Venus just like Taurus. Libras love to give in the sex act. Sex is an art to the Libra female. The Libra woman must have romance and intimacy. It's mandatory! These 2 things are guaranteed to lead to sex more so with the Libra woman as compared to other signs. She must have romance! Her sign coincides with the Seventh House of Romance and Marriage. More than any other sign, this woman wants romance followed by marriage! She likes all things beautiful too, like her Taurus cousin. Because she's an Air sign, mental stimulation is her turn on. She likes intellectual stimulation.

The Aquarius woman must really like a man to have sex with him. This is a very fickle sign, sexually. She's wary of permanent relationships. This woman must have her space. Her relationship will seem more like boyfriend and girlfriend (even if she's married) and even brother and sister. This is a very independent sign and she is not owned by sex. She can be very creative in sex though, as she is in life. She also likes to learn in sex too as she likes to learn by her nature. This is a woman who must really dig you if you are to dig her out, if you know what I mean! (I have a fun side too, people; I'm not this strict spiritualist many have me out to be). This woman may also be too busy involved with social change or some social or political movement because that's part of her makeup. She's a creature for change, including social and world change.

The Capricorn female can be a lieutenant or sergeant in life and in bed, giving a man orders on how to "hit it!" She can be very bossy too; she's very mouthy too! But she's very grounded and stable and sex can be enjoyable with her. She's very affectionate but may lack passion. She too can be materialistic and high maintenance. Caps deal with high social status. This woman can be very authoritative and demanding in sex like she is in life. She'll either go for a weaker man to dominate him and punk him in the sex act or she'll be attracted to very authoritative type men to compliment and balance her but who also respects her. Capricorn women (when operating on lower vibration or negativity) more than any other will use a man, as their statement is "I Use!" This woman will use what she's got to get what she wants. However, this is generally a cool, stable, and grounded woman. Very loyal too! You can get to the T-O-P with her, especially in society!

The Sagittarius female is a female a man can and will have a lot of fun with. She likes trivia though so be ready to play a lot. Fun and games is her nature. It turns her on. She likes educated type of men. She's very athletic in the sex act too. Great stamina and passion! This woman can hang for a while in long distance relationships more than any other sign because she likes to travel. Whereas Geminis will travel locally for some sex with no problem, Sagittarius will travel long distance for it, more so than any other sign. Sag females are a lot of fun and sex is riveting. She's a freak too! She usually has pronounced hips and thighs.

The Scorpio female loves passionately and intensely. When she loves, she loves and deeply too. She's partly ruled by Mars and this energy governs her genitalia and gives her a high and strong sex drive. She's prone to being a freak if she taps into this side and expresses it. However, she can also be highly spiritual in sex as well. This woman is very physical in the act. But if you cross her, you're dealing with a master of vengeance; so don't dog her out!

While all women are capable of affairs, none more so than the sneaky Pisces female, followed by Virgo followed by Sagittarius and Gemini - MUTABLE signs. If these women are happy and content, they are very loyal, but if not, you can forget about it. They have no problem screwing married people too. Both Pisces and Virgo have serious kinky sides, with Virgo being the queen of kink! Virgos are more apt to be lesbian too!

Okay, I'll cover men next. I always cover women first because, well, you know -- ladies first!

The Science of Sex Vol. 1 e-book (coming soon) deals with all LOWER VIBRATIONAL sex acts and Vol. 2 when it comes out will deal with HIGHER VIBRATIONAL sex acts.

Thank you for reading!

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