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Red Raspberry Leaf and Pregnancy

Throughout history, this herb has been used safely and has shown to be beneficial to women, both pregnant and not.
Red Raspberry Leaf comes from raspberry plant. The plant has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many conditions. The leaf is rich in vitamins and minerals.

One of the many uses of Red Raspberry Leaf has been for pregnancy. It is thought to be helpful in easing delivery and in enriching a mother's milk.

Today, there are many reports being published stating that Red Raspberry Leaf is in fact unsafe during pregnancy. In our opinion, this claim is false. Throughout history, this herb has been used safely and has shown to be beneficial to women, both pregnant and not.

Red Raspberry Leaf and Women's Health

This leaf has been called "woman's best friend" by some. Woman can consume the herb pregnant or not pregnant for reproductive health benefits. Red Raspberry Leaf is highly beneficial to a woman's reproductive system for many reasons. The plant contains healthy estrogen-like compounds. These compounds boost the health of a woman's reproductive system.

Since this estrogen is natural and not synthetic, it will not harm the body at all. In fact, the added natural estrogen will help strengthen a woman's reproductive system. Red Raspberry Leaf is a great form of this natural estrogen.

Avoid taking synthetic estrogen supplements. They can be full of harmful chemicals and additives that are not beneficial to a woman's body.

Red Raspberry Leaf and Pregnancy

Red Raspberry Leaf's major function in a woman's first trimester of pregnancy is to provide necessary nutrition to the baby. Another way the herb helps during pregnancy is by lowering the chance of spontaneous abortion during the first trimester. Other herbs can have similar affects on the body. Adding the following herbs to Red Raspberry Leaf can have great benefits:
  • Beth Root
  • Shepherd's Purse
  • Lady's Mantle
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Cayenne
  • Capsicum Fruit
  • Cranesbills
  • Goldenseal
In addition to helping a woman prevent from miscarrying, Red Raspberry Leaf provides organic, digestible, absorbable and assailable iron that can be taken every day. Many women suffer from an iron deficiency and that rate increases during pregnancy. Red Raspberry Leaf can help to alleviate low iron levels.

Red Raspberry Leaf will fully carry and support a woman nutritionally and therapeutically during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum.

Also, Red Raspberry Leaf has been shown to increase the production of breast milk.

Red Raspberry Leaf will tone, cleanse, strengthen, rejuvenate and build the entire female reproductive tract. It's one of the most reliable, effective and beneficial herbs for inflammation of the reproductive system.

Other Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf

While this herb is great to take while pregnant, there are also other benefits to woman. Some other ways Red raspberry Leaf helps the female body include:
  • Providing Iodine to help regulate the thyroid gland
  • Regulating periods and alleviating the unpleasant side effects
  • Reducing anemia
  • Menopause
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Provide sulfur and silicon for strong hair and nails
DHerbs Solutions

DHerbs offers many formulas that use Red Raspberry Leaf to alleviate various conditions. Look for the following products at Be careful when listening to negativity around Red Raspberry Leaf. The benefits for women have been shown throughout history and most definitely continue today.

Thank you for reading!

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    Q: What is Sjogrens's sysndrome? What herbs do I have to take to treat this?


    It means deficient moisture production in the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. First perform the Full Body Detox, and then focus on healing your mucous membranes (drink mullein leaf, red raspberry leaf, and marshmallow tea). Drink extra, extra amounts of water. Drink, and swoosh vegetable juice in your mouth before swallowing. A more detailed article is coming soon to our site so please stay tuned!

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    Q: You are now my go to man. You have given so much wisdom. Do you ever give talks in Houston? I'd like to ask what is the best thing to wash the vagina area?


    Thank you for your appreciation of Dherbs.Com! Haven't been to Houston yet we are always open to an invitation. The best thing to wash the vaginal area with is water followed by herbal tea (i.e. Goldenseal Root, Red Raspberry leaf, White Oak Bark, etc.).

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    Q: Good day. I am having uterine retention, and I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy (9 wks). I am told that the retention is caused by an enlarged uterus that is pushing up on my cervix, causing blockage to the urethra. They have done a sonogram and bloodwork. Fibroids found, but not to explain the enlarged size of my uterus. What do you recommend to naturally assist my body? Thank you for your time.


    I really don't recommend healing while pregnant, however, the best cleanse that you could perform while pregnant (that would also help the baby nutrition-wise) would be to perform the 10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. Drink plenty of Red Raspberry Tea too during your entire pregnancy. Like, 2-3 cups daily!

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    Q: I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and have been taking your PRE-NATAL FORMULA. I came online to look for other formulas for pregnancy and noticed the HEALTHY PREGNANCY. Cramp Bark is in healthy pregnancy, which you mention in your article it’s not safe for a pregnant woman to use. So I wanted to know the reason for the use of it in the Healthy Pregnancy? What are some other formulas besides the green formula and prenatal are beneficial during pregnancy?



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    Q: I am nine weeks pregnant and having a difficult time. Before I was pregnant I was on an incredible herbal regimen that had me feeling like superwoman. But my herbalist is not very knowledgeable of what herbs are safe for pregnant women. I eat healthy, taken all-natural prenatal vitamins, but would like to do more to get that "Superwoman" feeling back. Is there a book u could recommend that might help educate me as to which herbs are safe and which to avoid during pregnancy?


    I know the feeling you're talking about. There are many books on herbs and pregnancy.

    Check out these 2 books:

    "Herbal Healing For Women" by Rosemary Gladstar

    "The Complete Woman's Herbal" by Anne McIntyre

    Herbs to avoid while pregnant include all OXYTOCIC herbs or herbs that make the uterus contract, i.e. Black Haw, Beth Root, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, etc.; all ABORTAFACIENT (abortion-inducing herbs) such as Pennyroyal, Rue, etc.

    Study up on abortaficient herbs and oxytocic herbs and you'll be fine.

    Read our article on Pre Natal Health on our site under "Articles."

    You can have a healthy all-natural pregnancy and delivery.

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    Q: Just a question on your thyroid formula, which I have been taking for a few weeks. Do you have any idea of the amount of iodine per capsule? What do you base your 3 capsule per day recommendation on? My situation is that I have a goiter or enlarged thyroid. Cause unknown but I think it may be due to iodine deficiency. However, since I or my doctor's don't really know the cause, I have some concern about over dosing on an iodine supplement, because in certain cases it can make the condition worse or cause hypertyhroidism (or so I have read). Also I am currently still taking daily synthroid. Now, since I have started your product a month or two ago I do believe my thyroid has started to go back to its normal size. Which I am very pleased with. So much for endocrynologists! I started just by taking 1 capsule every other day, then 1 every day, now 2 every day. Slowly building it up. So far no problems. I am just really curious how much iodine is in each capsule, as I am also considering lugol iodine supplementation.


    Goiter is the result of iodine deficiency.

    The drugs you are taking contain SYNTHETIC (unnatural) iodine which are TOXIC and detrimental to your thyroid gland!

    Our Iodine is 100% NATURAL and very effective! Our Iodine is unharmful too so you can take as much as you like with no adverse side effects. Actually, in your case, the more (capsules) the BETTER - guaranteed!!!

    We don't use measurements of our formulas just as Nature does not. Man use numbers on his supplements because supplements are drugs. Just as we don't measure how much Iron is in kale or spinach, we don't measure how much iodine is in seaweeds and herbs. This is the Dherbs way. When you are giving people poison like the pharamceutical industry does, you have to measure the dosage to prevent overdose. That's the great thing about herbs, you don't have to worry about overdose. Glad you like our product!



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