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How To Eliminate Meat From Your Diet

Many people claim to have an addiction to meat but these people are really addicted to the chemicals that are added to the meats.

Many people claim to have an addiction to meat but these people are not really addicted to the meats themselves, they are addicted to the chemicals that are added to the meats.

Meats produced in commercialized and industrial nations can be toxic because of how the animals are reared, killed, and processed in slaughterhouses and factory farms.

Contrary to popular belief, meat is not a necessary source of protein, especially if the meat is cooked. No true carnivore eats his or her meat cooked.

The human being is not a carnivore by nature. It is the mind of man and woman that deludes him or herself into thinking and believing they are carnivores or herbivores.

Dangers of Eating Meat

Cooking the meat alters it's molecular structure and it's impossible to acquire the complete protein with 22 amino acids without consuming the entire animal.

Animals in the wild acquire complete protein because they eat everything on an animal that they have captured for purposes of devouring. True carnivores have large amounts of hydrochloric acid in their bodies to digest animal meat and animal scales, fur, wool, feathers, and even the bones. Humans, of course, do not have large amounts of hydrochloric acid in their systems and are not meant to eat these sorts of things.

In industrialized nations such as the United States, animal meat contains a plethora of harmful chemical drugs due to the injections and food that is fed to the animals. These drugs and harmful substances include DDT, Arsenic (used in cattle feed as a growth stimulant), Sodium Sulfate (used to give meat that "fresh" red color), DES (a synthetic hormone and known carcinogen), Sodium Nitrate (another known carcinogen), and BGH (bovine growth hormone).

These factory farm bred and raised animals are fed Cement (to make them weigh more for purposes of the auction block), Sodium Bicarbonate (which makes them expel gas), Antibiotics, and even road-kill. Yes, dead animals are being added to animal feed and fed to animals that are vegetarian by nature which makes these animals go mad, hence "Mad Cow Disease."

Even slaughtered cows are being ground up and fed to cows.

Most people who eat meat are not willing to go out and kill any of the animals they eat themselves. Corporations conveniently provide the meat for their consumers. This is the same reason why some people consume unhealthy foods. People are more willing to purchase goods that are readily available and accessible. Convenience plays a role in our daily habits and we need to be more mindful of this.

As humans, everything we to survive, including nutrition, are freely provided for by the land on Earth.

Today, man eats a lot of meat because of taste preference. If you cook your meat, you are altering the molecular structure of the animal and not deriving complete protein.

Lastly, remember that if you eat meat, your chances of bringing parasites into your body are greater.

How To Cut Out and Eventually Eliminate Meat From Your Diet

The first thing you need to do is a full body detox about every 3-6 months. The more you detox the more pure your body becomes, helping to remove the chemical residues from the meat and unhealthy foods that you consume. It also helps you gain much-needed experience with eating raw foods.

After detoxing, you may resume eating animal meat if you choose to do so, but remember to take it one day at a time and think about undoing the harm you have done to yourself by eating meat.

If you can't avoid eating meat completely, simply eliminate eating the meat of one animal at a time.

Decide how long you will continue to eat the meats of certain animals until you have removed all meat from your diet.

To start off, try giving up meat one day a week. Instead of eating meat for seven days a week, eat meat only six days a week. On the day that you don't eat meat, try eating vegan and/or raw foods for that particular day. This will help you acclimate to a vegan and raw foods diet and lifestyle.

Once you feel comfortable, try going 2-3 weeks on this diet diet: 6 days meat consumption, 1-day vegan/raw foods consumption.


Despite advertising pork as "the other white meat," it's actually one of the more unhealthier meats. Pork can be detrimental to your health because it can contain parasites and worms, give you headaches, raise your blood pressure, and raise your cholesterol level. Eliminate all pig or pork products first.

Pork products include but are not limited to pork chops, pork ribs, pastrami, pork wieners (hot dogs, frankfurters), bacon, ham, chitterlings, pork skins, pig feet, pig snouts, salt pork, salami, hog head cheese, fat back, pepperoni, bologna, pork sausage, ham hock, Vienna sausage, potted meat, deli ham slices, liver, and Spam.

Next, since you gave up pork, now give up beef. At the same time, give up two days of eating meat. So, instead of eating meat for six days of the week, eat meat only five days of the week. Two days a week, eat vegan and/or raw foods and stay away from meat.


Beef includes but is not limited to hamburger, barbecued beef ribs, steak (tenderloin, Salisbury), beef wieners, ground beef, beef sausage, pastrami, neck bones, meat loaf, beef stew, liver, and beef jerky.

For each type of meat you give up, also give up a day of eating meat.

For example:

No pork consumption = 1 day of not eating any meat and only eating vegan/raw foods for that one day.

No beef consumption = 2 days of not eating meat and eating vegan/raw foods. This means, two days of eating meat and two days of eating vegan/raw foods.

After you have given up beef, also give up lamb (if you eat lamb). Lamb is a favorite meat for many Muslims those living in the Mediterranean world and culture.


Lamb (baby sheep) includes but is not limited to lamb chops, veal, shish kabob, lamb korma, lamb rogan, liver, and lamb keema.

So, instead of eating meat for five days a week, only eat meat four days a week. These three particular days can be back-to-back-to-back or just any three days out of the week that you choose to eat vegan and/or raw foods.

Cutting out pork = 1 meatless day

Cutting out beef = 2 meatless days

Cutting out lamb = 3 meatless days

After you give up lamb, also give up chicken and turkey.

Fowl and Poultry

The next step is eliminating fowl and poultry from your diet.

A fowl (cock or hen) and poultry (chicken, turkey, ducks, and geese) include but are not limited to chicken wings, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, drumsticks, chicken nuggets, ground chicken, turkey bacon, turkey, ground turkey, Rock cornish hen, squab, Peking duck, grilled chicken, deli turkey, chicken and turkey jerky, and chicken slices.

Instead of eating meat for four days a week, now only eat meat three days a week. Take the four meatless days out of the week and eat vegan and/or raw foods. These days can be back-to-back-to-back-to-back or just any four days out of the week that you choose to eat vegan and/or raw foods.

When you get to this point, now you're eating less meat and your week consists of eating mainly vegan and raw foods. You're now well on your way to becoming meatless or vegetarian.

After you give up fowl and poultry, give up seafood in the form of crustaceans.

Crustaceans (Shellfish)

Crustaceans includes but is not limited to crabs, lobsters, shrimps, barnacles, clams, and oysters.

Many crustaceans are scavengers in nature and eat dead remain in the ocean. Technically, fish is considered seafood because fish is food that comes out of the sea for humans. Octopus is also technically considered seafood.

So, instead of eating meat for three days a week, only eat meat for two days a week. Take the five meatless days out of your week and eat vegan and/or raw foods. These particular days can be back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back or just any five days out of the week that you choose to eat vegan and/or raw foods.

Fish (Fresh water and salt water)

Lastly, you give up fish, the best meat you could eat if you had to or chose to eat animal meat.

Fish includes, but is not limited to anchovy, sardine, tuna (albacore), salmon, whiting, buffalo, red snapper, catfish (a scavenger); cod, halibut, mackerel, mako (shark); rainbow trout, swordfish, and trout.

Because fish is the very last meat you should give up, it will constitute the last 2 days. Once you give up fish, there won't be any days scheduled to eat meat in this specific diet.

After giving up fish, you technically be a vegetarian.


On your path to becoming a vegetarian, it is important to take certain products to help digest the meat in your intestinal tract and get rid of any left over residue from the meat.

If you need to consume some enzymes while you're still eating meat, enzymes from a fruit-based source such as pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (Papain) would be best.

These enzymes will help the meat digest in the stomach. Remember that our bodies were not designed to consume raw or cooked animal meat. Humans don't have the necessary amounts of hydrochloric acid in their bodies to digest animal meat.

Bromelain and Papain help digest animal proteins. Most commercial brands of enzyme supplements are in hardened pill or tablet form, but vegan or gelatin-free capsules.

If you eat meat, you should also consider consuming Cayenne as well as periodically perform a parasite and worm cleanse.

Meat lacks enzymes, especially cooked meat. It is not going to move in the intestinal tract and thus your colon may become impaired. It is the enzymes in live foods such as sun-cooked organic raw foods that stimulate peristalsis in the bowels.

Peristalsis is the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles in the intestines, creating a wavelike movement that pushes the contents of the canal forwards.

Meat does not stimulate peristalsis because whereas fruits and vegetables are alive, meat, especially cooked meat, is dead.

Fruits and vegetables contain enzymes, meat does not.

The herb 'Senna' is so powerful an herb that experiments have been done on the bowels of dead people with this native African plant.

Colon hydrotherapy is another highly recommended regimen. You should perform a series of three colonic sessions in a one-week period, every 3 months if possible.

Enemas are also recommended because meat has a tendency to get stuck in the rectum.

Periodic fasting is also recommended.

In closing, a person who eats meat would really do themselves wonders and justice by eliminating animal products from their diet. There is no comparison in health benefits when comparing a plant-based diet to a meat-based one.


Consider the following:<br<
Respected nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study" reveals "People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease... People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease.

Further, scientific studies have correlated animal-based diets with disease. The authors of the China Study conclude that diets high in protein, particularly animal protein (including casein in cow's milk are strongly linked to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

There is a relationship between the consumption of animal products and illnesses such as cancers of the breast, prostate, kidneys, the colon; diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, degenerative brain disease fibroid tumors, kidney stones, high cholesterol, respiratory disorders, menstrual complaints, and macular degeneration.

The authors of The China Study recommend that people eat a whole food, plant-based diet and avoid consuming beef, poultry and milk as a means of minimizing and/or reversing the development of chronic disease.

For meatless recipes to assist in one's transition to a vegan diet, please visit Dherbs Recipes section for recipes and the Dherbs Directory for a list of vegan and raw food restaurants in major U.S. cities.
For a directory of vegan and raw food restaurants around the globe, visit Happy

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    Q: Hi, me again. (Just letting u know I really appreciate this site and the work and the others are doing. hotep) I've heard over and over that there are worms and parasites visible to the human eye in all forms of meat and I wanted to know the process with which I could see these parasites. Also I asked before about starch in carbs and was wondering is it best to eliminate carbs completely, or just reduce, and also if eating whole wheat/whole grain.


    You don't have to eliminate anything completely, except for meat, dairy, and artificial salt and sugar. Just cut back on your carbs. Refined grains, such as breads, cereals, pastas, should be eliminated.

    We are have numerous informational articles available under ARTICLES on our site. Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.

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    Q: Can you please write or address an article about, regular supermarket meat vs. halal meat? Point out that there is primarily no difference, based on the article you previously wrote on the dangers of meat. Meat is meat! I am muslim myself, and I don't eat even halal meat.


    Please read our article entitled Halal Meat vs, Supermarket Meat.

    Halal Meat vs. Supermarket Meat

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    Q: I want to stop eating meat but I don?t know what type of tofu I should start eating I'm so use to eating meat...should I substitute meat and start eating Tofu bad or good.


    Check out our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle manual ($11) and look under MEAT ALTERNATIVES! There are many tofu brands that are safe and beneficial.

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    Q: Many vitamins and minerals websites indicate that their products have been tested and actually contain what they claim to contain; what are your protocols on manufacturing? Are your herbs organically grown? Thank you.


    Organic/Wild-crafted Herbs? Dherbs.Com only utilizes organic and wild-crafted herbs in its formulas and compounds. Although organic herbs are always not available, we order our herbs in advance to make sure we keep our products full of 100% organic herbs as well as 100% wild-crafted herbs. At Dherbs.Com, we go the extra mile for our customers and we stay on top of our game to bring the customer the best product available! No other herbal company uses as many herbs as we use in our formulas nor does any other herbal company or business use the degree of rare and exotic herbs as we use in our formulas. At Dherbs.Com, without a doubt, you get the BEST and for LESS! Gelatin Capsules? Dherbs.Com only uses vegetarian (vegan) capsules made from 100% plant fiber as Dherbs.Com has a policy to not use animal or animal byproduct ingredients in the manufacturing of its products. Gelatin capsules are derived from animals (mostly pig) and are thus not vegan or even halal or kosher. Also, gelatin capsules do not fully dissolve in the stomach like vegetarian capsules. Most herbal companies use gelatin capsules because they are cheap, costing 2-3 times less than vegetarian capsules. Dherbs.Com does not let high prices or expenses stand in our way of bringing people the Best, the Safest, and the Soundest! Dherbs.Com is people first! Tablets? Dherbs.Com does not use tablets because tablets require the mixing of too many additives in order to make the tablet stick together or bind and come out a certain way, i.e. dense, smooth surface, etc. Capsules allow us at Dherbs.Com to give our customers 100% pure herbal ingredients held together in a 100% digestible vegetarian capsule for maximum absorbency in the body. Preservatives? Dherbs.Com uses absolutely no preservatives in any of its products as the only thing that needs to be preserved are “dead†things and herbs are not dead, but living (living foods), therefore that which is alive does not need to be preserved so Dherbs.Com does not and will not use preservatives in any of its formulas. Fillers? Many herbal companies use fillers in their formulas as a way to cut down on giving the customer 100% herbal content. Dherbs.Com is against this custom. Fillers may help the encapsulation process by making a formula more dense for encapsulation, but fillers have no nutritional content so when you add them to herbal compounds, they take away from the compound. Fillers help the encapsulation company and herbal company, but not the customer. Fillers water down the product! Dherbs.Com is against this process and custom. Binders? does not use binders as we have no need for binders. Many herbal companies use binders to help certain ingredients bind together, but at Dherbs.Com, we use 100% herbal content and so our ingredients naturally bind together. Additives Dherbs.Com does not use any additives in any of its formulas. Additives water down the product and take away from the efficacy of a product that utilizes natural compounds. Additives help herbal companies save money by giving the customer less herb per capsule or tablet. Solvents? Dherbs.Com uses absolutely no chemical solvents in the use of its liquid herbal extracts or crystal elixirs. Our extracts are uniquely made via natural agitation (by human hand) and natural sunlight (solar energy) and our elixirs are also made by human hand and exposed to moon and sunlight. It takes us approximately two (2) weeks to produce a liquid extract compound because Nature requires time to produce what she produces. However, other herbal companies are like major fast food restaurants and need a quick supply of products for their standard of convenience and thus use harmful chemical solvents to quickly produce their herbal liquid extracts. At Dherbs.Com, though convenience is important to us, however, we won’t compromise the integrity of our products to help people get a quick fix and to make a quick buck. Patience is a requisite of Nature and Dherbs.Com is in tune with Nature. Dherbs.Com will NEVER use chemical solvents in the production of its herbal liquid extracts or crystal elixirs. Standardization? Dherbs.Com does not utilize standardization in any of its formulas. Standardization is an unnatural process whereby a standardized herb provides uniformity of a single plant chemical. A standardized extract delivers a quantified and measurable level of the targeted active ingredient (major alkaloid) in every serving and in which this active ingredient is considered by science to be the key ingredient responsible for the herbs health benefits. Other herbal companies trust man-made science, but Dherbs.Com trusts in and relies upon Nature. Other Ingredients? The phrase “other ingredients†is simply an umbrella term for “additives†and other herbal companies use other ingredients (i.e., magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, rice powder, stearic acid, etc.) in their formulas to simply cut the volume of herbs in their formulas. Other ingredients take up space or room in the capsule or tablet and this allows the company to save money while giving their customers a watered down product. Are Dherbs.Com Herbs Safe To Take? Absolutely! It’s like asking, “is real food (i.e. fruits and vegetables) safe to eat? Herbs are noble foods in powdered or liquid form. They are 100% organic, digestible, and assimilable by the human body (unlike harmful, man-made pharmaceutical drugs which toxify the human body). People should actually ask their doctors “are these drugs safe to take?†instead of asking about herbs being safe to take. It is drugs (legal drugs, O-T-C) that kill hundreds of thousands of people per year whereas 0% herbs are killing people per year. Can You Take Other Dherbs.Com Products Together? Of course (unless you are performing one of our kits and regimens)! That’s like asking can you eat lettuce with tomatoes and carrots in a salad! If you are not performing one of our kits and regimens, i.e. Full Body Detox, Anti-Viral, or Weight Release, you can take our formulas together. You can drink our teas before or after taking our capsule formulas. It’s actually best to space out the formulas, but if you need to take everything together, you can. You have free will here and it will not hurt you or mess up the efficacy of the herbs. Not at all!

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    Q: On your web site I think you should tell people they have to be vegetarians to be on your program instead of thinking people are going to turn into vegetarians over night, and not only that, u should tell them they r not allowed to eat FOOD. Anyway, since I cant send the stuff back, what?s the best way to use it, should I smoke it, pure it in my drink, what, please tell me something.


    Beloved, why would I tell people they have to be vegetarian while performing my Full Body Detox? This would be the equivalent of doctors telling their patients they'd have to be "suicidal" to take their drugs, for after all, ALL drugs are poisonous and poison kills; and the funny thing is, people never say anything about it. Like obedient little sheep, they just follow along and take what ever their doctor (Master) says to take, even if it is poison and cannot be naturally found growing in and from Nature.

    And why would I tell people they cannot eat FOOD during my detox when the literature clearly instructs people to eat RAW fruits and vegetables? The question to you would be: what is food? Most Americans don't know what food is. But I clearly elucidate what FOOD is in my latest article "WHAT IS: RAW FOOD" (located under "Articles") which is very informative and which I suggest you read.

    Most people think dead, slaughtered animal flesh (cadaver) and dairy products (cow snot and pus) is FOOD, but food can be assimilated in the body and meat and dairy products cannot, so is meat and dairy really food? Real food does not cause cancer or any other diseases, but helps to prevent cancer and other diseases, unlike meat and dairy products, which causes cancer and many other diseases.

    Food also nourishes and meat and dairy products DON'T nourish and most people think they do because they have been successfully programmed and indoctrinated by their masters (meat and dairy industry; government, etc.). After all, most people don't study pertinent things on their own. They are used to being told, and told lies, at that; and the more people believe the lie(s), the lie becomes accepted as truth.

    Herbs are food, beloved! Fruits and vegetables are food, Beloved! To say one cannot eat food while detoxing would be false and I am not in the business of lying to people for any reason.

    Truly, it is sheer ignorance in our collective false pride that is causing all the problems we experience today, especially in the area of health.

    What can you do with the herbs????? Smoke them????

    Why would you want to smoke herbs, much less anything else? That's not wise, intelligent, or smart! No animal in the wild smokes anything. And I know humans are not like animals, which is why humans should be better off than lower animals, but the latter is not true and there are a plethora of reasons to substantiate why.

    God did not intend for smoke to go into the body. Therefore, smoking goes against God and if a person doesn't believe in God, then smoking goes against human biology and the laws of the body as carbon is automatically expelled from the human body; so why put it back in via smoking or drinking soda pop? Clearly, man (humanity) is at a lost today and needs divine guidance.

    Please forgive my arrogance, ego, or anything else you may feel in response to these words supra. It can be quite difficult and challenging at times helping a people who feel they know it all and who are very ignorant at the same time. Please forgive me. I'm a spiritual man helping people of a lower mundane nature (who are spiritually challenged and which is evidenced in the society at large).

    Americans have a spiritual problem and that spiritual problem is laced in mass and gross IGNORANCE!

    Peace be unto you, Beloved!

  • Click here to view in a new window

    Q: I heard you today on The Warren Ballentine Show. I have been trying to convince people to eat right for months. My question to you is, for the last 6 months I have not eaten beef, or pork, I have eaten chicken about 5 times, but only white meat(breast, baked). I mostly just eat fish and turkey,(turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and ground turkey). I feel a whole lot better I was wondering if eating the turkey was still causing harm? And by the way I don?t eat any dairy or bread!


    Oh, please read our article " WHAT IS MEAT?" under "Articles" on our site. Your answer lies there in that article. All meat is harmful! But you're off to a great start! Peace!



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“Certified Humane” is a program administered by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a nonprofit organization that claims that “When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled label on a product you can be assured that the food products have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment.” Under this program, farmers apply for certificationand then HFAC employees inspect their farms. If a farm meets the “Humane Certified” standards, farmers pay a yearly fee in order to be certified and are then allowed to use the coveted “Humane Certified” label on their products.

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