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Can you recommend something that would get rid of internal scar tissue of blocked fallopian tubes?


For scar tissue of the fallopian tubes, we would recommend the Female Cleanse, followed by a maintenance program consisting of Yoni Cleanser and Blood and Lymphatic Formula.

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    Q: I am infertile because of two blocked fallopian tubes. Will your fertility kit (3 week package) help me?


    Yes, the Fertility Kit will help you, but blocked tubes denotes mucus clogging the tubes. So before performing the fertility kit, we highly recommend that you detoxify your body first with the Full Body Cleanse; and after detoxing we recommend doing the Fertility Kit and Regimen

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    Q: I had brain surgery 31 years ago. Now, I have so much scar tissue on the cerebellum [where the tumor was], that I am slowly becoming disabled. I can not drive, work, or walk with out looking or feeling drunk. I constantly have nystagmus, that is caused by the weight on the cerebellum. I want to know if there is anything, homeopathic/herb wise I can do to help decrease or get rid of the scar tissue?


    Take 6 capsules daily of Enzymes Formula, 3 capsules daily of Brain Tuner, and 3 capsules of CNS (Central Nervous System) Formula. These will help to repair your damaged scar tissue. Take them faithfully and be patient (as you have serious scar tissue damage). The herbs will begin to help repair the damaged tissue.

    Product Links:
    Enzymes Formula
    Brain Tuner
    Central Nervous System Formula

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    Q: I have had 4 c-sections. I've acquired numerous folds of scar tissue, on the inside of my body. Well now I'm pregnant again, and since my stomach is growing. The scar tissue is stretching, and creating a lot of pain. My doctor prescribes lortabs, which I'm scared to take. Instead I take tylenol, which I also don't like very much. Is there anything more natural and healthy to take to ease the pain than dangerous medications? I would like to protect me and my baby.


    Please consider our Headache and Pain Formula, Enzymes Formula (helps heal scar tissue), and MSM Sulfur, which are 100% safe to take while pregnant. Take 3 capsules of each formula spaced out at least 2-3 hours a part.

    Product Links:
    Headache and Pain Formula
    Enzymes Formula
    MSM Sulfur

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    Q: I was wondering what system should I try first. First of all I was diagnosed end of last year of having hard mucus in my fallopian tube. I been trying to concieve for 3 yrs and now I know the reason blocked fallopian tubes. I was introduced to your website, and noticed the FERTILITY CLEANSE and FULL BODY DETOX. 1. Will fertility regimen help for blocked fallopian tubes. 2. Do I need to take the full body detox first or fertility regimen? Or can I take both at same time?


    I would recommend you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE followed by the FERTILITY CLEANSE kit. These kits will help to unblock your fallopian tubes. Perform one kit at a time and consecutively.

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    Q: I have a problem with blocked fallopian tubes and ovarian insufficiency. I would like to get product suggestions that would help me get pregnant.


    RESPONSE: First step: FULL BODY DETOX Second step: TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE Third Step: FERTILITY CLEANSE Also, please read our article on â€IMPOTENCE INFERTILITY AND STERILITY†for purposes of enlightenment, it pertains to female reproductive health. Peace and Love be unto you!

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    Q: I would like to ask you some advice. At this moment I have herpes outbreaks and warts (they are inside my vagina). I want to do the full body cleanse, then anti-viral kit and finally the female cleanse. At this moment I begin to take products from neveran outbreaks (oxygen water). So if I begin to use your products will oxygen water reduce the effectiveness of your products? After all these kits what kind of products I should use after that to ensure no outbreaks? I am very curious about your products and I hope they will help me run away from all this.


    Oxygen water won't interfere with any of our herbal formulas. As a matter of fact, drinking oxygen water may help while doing all 3 Dherbs kits you mentioned (Full Body Cleanse, Anti-Viral, and Female Cleanse).

    After the kits, we recommend that you take Anti-Viral formula and Tea, Blood and Lymphatic formula, and Yoni Cleanser as maintenance and prevention.

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