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    Exercise is fundamental to putting on weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if weight gain is what you're after, then start moving.

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    Fasting is great for a myriad of reasons especially health and spiritual reasons. Fasting gives the stomach a much needed time to rest.

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    Hearty and savory enough to satisfy meat eaters and healthy enough to get us through the holidays without putting on a few extra

Everyday Herbs and Spices Help Protect The Heart

Spices and herbs are rich in antioxidants, which may help improve levels of triglycerides other blood fats, thus improving heart health.

Triglyceride levels rise after eating a high-fat meal – which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

New data from researchers at Penn State University, found that if a high-antioxidant spice blend is incorporated into the meal, triglyceride levels can be reduced by as much as 30% when compared to eating an identical meal without the spice blend.

Sheila G. West, professor of biobehavioral health and nutritional sciences, and Ann C. Skulas-Ray, research associate in nutritional sciences, reviewed a variety of research papers that focused on the effects that spices and herbs have on cardiovascular disease risk. The scientists published their findings of their small experimental study in a supplement to the current issue of the journal Nutrition Today.

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Yes coconut oil maybe natural but I go thru 3-4 jars per week, 1-1/2 a jar a day, not only is it making me broke out I do not think all that saturated fat is good for me. I know I lack a lot of protein and other vitamins in my diet. Could this lack of essential nutrition cause this weird craving? I don't know if it is the massive loss of blood due to the fibroids.

I think you know the answer for yourself. Therefore, stop eating the coconut oil. Take some vitamins and minerals and see if this helps. Sounds like PICA, a nutritional deficiency which causes cravings. Blood loss most certainly will cause loss of nutrients.

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