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Medicinal Properties of Rosemary

Common Name: Rosemary – Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis. Energetics: Warm, dry. Taste/Impression: Aromatic, spicy, diffusive, slightly astringent and slightly bitter. Action: Aromatic, circulatory stimulant, stimulant/relaxant nervine, stimulating diaphoretic.

Hello again, I hope you have been enjoying our herbal health posts here!  I've been busy preparing for our HerbFolk Gathering, while doing my best to keep up with the gathering and preparation of our native medicinal plants for our family's yearly use.  Now I'd like to share with you an excerpt from one of my articles in our book The Plant Healer's Path, and introduction to the ever lovely Rosemary!

This is one of my partner Elka's very favorite plants, and I think she could live, breathe and swim in it and be very happy. We have rosemary butter, rosemary-infused olive oil, rosemary salve, rosemary tea, rosemary tincture, rosemary lotion, rosemary smudge, rosemary rubbed meat and all manner of other rosemary-flavored dishes and body products. Thankfully, Rosemary is a common ornamental and culinary garden plant in NM and can be gathered in most villages and cities. This is good, because it's cold enough in the canyon that our rosemary tends to struggles and grow very slowly. We do have one little plant gifted to us by a woman from Taos that is thriving in the shelter of our kitchen door. It’s growing round and tall, and each Summer presents us with gorgeous purple flowers for months at a time. Every time I walk from the den to the kitchen I stop to rub my fingers against a resinous, leathery leaf and breathe in the magic of this warm, spicy herb. Even on the coldest days of winter, it’s gentle presence fills me with an inner glow of contentment and joy.

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Thank you for the great advice! :) Our baby has had baby eczema since infancy; however it looks as though it is now getting worse. She has always been and continues to be breastfed; we have supplemented with formula and Gerber baby products once she was ready for solids. She is now eating foods such as oatmeal, whole milk (sometimes we tradeoff between that and baby formula), various fruits and vegetables, meats such as chicken, turkey and beef, pasta, bread, beans, rice, etc. She seems to be more interested in eating carbohydrates than anything else. Also, another question we have is pertaining to my wife's acne and melasma problem which she has had for several years since adolescence (acne) and since she started using contraceptives (melasma). She also has a few crow's feet around her eyes which she would like to get rid of. Do you have any advice and or recommendations for treating these problems? Once again, thank you for the advice and we greatly appreciate your help/suggestions.

The baby's diet is unfortunately conducive to eczema. It is greatly acid-forming and needs to be changed immediately. For your wife, have her begin her healing journey by performing the FULL BODY DETOX.

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