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New Evidence Links Artificial Sweeteners to Obesity, Diabetes

In a breakthrough study published in Nature this week, scientists from Israel’s Weizmann Institute have demonstrated how artificial sweeteners can lead to obesity and diabetes. The bottom line is that even if artificial sweeteners do not directly harm us, they do have a critical effect on our microbiome, the population of trillions of bacteria residing in our gut. The changes in our microbiome then lead to various changes in the host’s body.

As it pertains to artificial sweeteners, is a series of tests on mice, those that were given aspartame, saccharin, or sucralose for a week, and then tested with a regular sugar load, had a much higher level of blood sugar compared to control groups. In other words, exposure to artificial sweeteners led to a highly increased risk of glucose intolerance, which leads to weight gain and diabetes.

To further cement the role of the microbiome in this response, the gut bacteria of mice that had consumed artificial sweeteners was transplanted to mice that had grown in sterile conditions (yes, feces were transferred, a very dirty job). The recipient mice quickly developed the same glucose intolerance.

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