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The 7 Deadly Truths Of Sugar

If you're contemplating a sugar cleanse, you'll find that psychological preparedness is vital to your success. Part of that preparedness involves coming up with a plan that you can stick to. After doing as much research as I could for my own sugar detox, I ultimately came up with a list of 10 simple steps to help kick my sugar habit. It has worked extremely well and I was eager to kick off another sugar cleanse this winter.

I realized however, that something changed in me. In the wake of breakthrough documentaries like Fed Up, articles in The New York Times propounding the toxicity of sugar, Dr. Robert Lustig's impassioned viral video on the chronic toxicity of fructose, and the growing body of peer-reviewed articles pointing towards sugar's effects on our expanding waistlines and chronic diseases, I have begun to feel even more empowered to kick sugar to the curb.

As I dig deeper into the research, however, I find myself more and more confused with the amount of conflicting information out there. One false marketing claim — like "agave nectar is healthy", for instance — can inadvertently spur a deluge of agave-based recipes and unwarranted health claims, even from people who should know better like Dr. Weill and Dr. Oz, (both of whom have in the past few years, recanted their love for the sugary nectar). As such, I wanted to share my findings with MBG's esteemed readers, because I know you will want to know this information as much as I do.

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In order for you to decrease your likelihood of acquiring cancer, eliminating obesity should be a priority. In doing so, choosing natural healing is highly recommended.
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