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  • DHERBS.COM CEO Interview

    DHERBS.COM CEO gets interviewed by Shirley Strawberry of Steve Harvey Morning Show.

  • How to Make Beet and Kale Chips

  • Eating healthy can change health.

  • Vegan Donuts

  • Must-Eats For Your Healthiest, Shiniest Hair Ever

    Chemical products, pollution and poor nutrition can cause hair to be limp and damaged, but a good diet can really work wonders on your strands.

  • Cinnamon Spiced Apple and Grape Salad

    This is a perfect salad to savor the winter time, while simultaneously wishing summer would hurry up and get here.

  • Short Film Friday: The Compass Green

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Living

    The language we use reflects this: we speak of feeling crushed by a careless remark, squeezed by a tight schedule, or weighed down by troubles.

Why Consumers Deserve to Know What Harmful Chemicals are Hiding in Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products exist to solve a variety of common problems and concerns. Worried about germs on your kitchen counter? Use this disinfectant spray and chop your veggies without fear! Got kids and pets who track dirt and bacteria across your floors? Don’t panic, just mop them up with this special liquid and all your cares will disappear! In the never-ending laundry list of places that can collect dust, dander or mold (gasp!), in your home, there is a spiffy cleaner designed specifically to take on the chore.

Knowing this can bring great comfort to the modern homeowner. But, how many of us actually know what those super-secret cleaning ingredients are? Let alone their potential negative side effects… It’s a rabbit hole that many of us are wary to go down because goodness knows if we found out something was wrong with the products we rely on to stave off the cold virus and mold, how could we maintain a sterile home environment? (We know, we know, it’s a terrifying thought.)

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Question of the day
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I have also ordered what was recommended. I also need to know what is a good butter substitute. What seasons should I use for my greens? Before you start and say I'm no martha stewart you are to me. Just the gender and the eating for lifestyle. I am a little lost n this life style. I love the feeling but around 5pm the body needs something not sure what. I drink water, hot tea but when I pop popcorn and eat a bowl full It goes away. How is yellow corn grits for a vegan life style? On my order is the free shipping valid and get one free with every three you buy?

1. There are plenty of butter substitutes at health food stores, i.e. soy butter, rice butter, almond butter. You have to put forth an effort to look for a health food store and once you find one you'll discover a world of healthy alternatives.

2. You are right, I am no Martha Stewart. I am one who leads people to themselves where all the answers lie. You possess the answers to all you desire to know. Ask the Universe and then be quiet (meditate) to get the answers you require.

3. Popcorn is okay if you pop it in olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is best! I love popcorn. Remember to eat, drink and be merry! Don't worry, be happy and everything will always work out right - GUARANTEED!

4. In re shipping and handling (Magical Alchemical Elixirs, Crystal Tonics, etc.) there is no shipping fee, beloved.

Start meditating with QUARTZ CRYSTAL beloved and things will start to open up for you - guaranteed. Stay on the elixirs too!!!!

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"God causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herbs for the service of humanity." Psalm 104:14
"...and the leaf shall be for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

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