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  • The Dangers of Vaccinations

    School vaccination programs to inoculate child are voluntary and all school children may be exempt due to certain reasons.

  • What's Your Role in the Relationship?

    What worked for grandma may not work for you!

  • Food Rules for Healthy People and Planet

  • Why Do Rivers Curve?

  • Climate Heroes: Stories of Change

  • Christmas Peppermint Patties

    These green, red and white peppermint patties are perfect to make as Christmas treats.

  • Sensenig Dairy: Outstanding dairy farm sustainabil

5 Incredible Goldenseal Benefits You Don’t Want to Live Without

Goldenseal is a Native American medicinal plant that was introduced to early settlers by Cherokee Indians. It is grown in Canada and Eastern US. To this day, goldenseal is utilized for its ability to protect the body in more ways than one. Here are 5 critical goldenseal benefits that can make the difference in your life, especially during the winter.

Goldenseal grows in moist forest soils or damp meadows. It is also commonly referred to as the ox-eye daisy, golden daisy, maudlinwort, moon daisy, eye balm, yellow root, orange root, yellow puccoon, eye root and ground raspberry.

The major active components of goldenseal are berberine and beta-hydrastine, which bear antimicrobial and astringent properties, respectively. Other active alkaloids include tetrahydroberberastine, canadaline, berberine, hydrastine, and canadine, all of which contribute to its medicinal effects.

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I purchased the FULL BODY DETOX recently, will it interfere with me taking Dilantin? I was prescribed one year ago after have one seizure. I was told I would have to take it for two years, with the second year as a weaning off period as long as I didn't have another seizure.

Yes, it will interfere!

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"God causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herbs for the service of humanity." Psalm 104:14
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