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  • Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

    Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

  • Easy and Healthy Meals to Take With You

    Easy and Healthy Meals to Take With You

    With a bit of advance planning, you can make these delicious and healthy breakfasts that you can take with you and eat on–the-go.

  • Why You Should Start A Running Habit

    Why You Should Start A Running Habit

    Running is one of the most honest activities you can do. No one can run for you and you uniquely own every single run.

  • Vegan Recipes Breakfast Ideas

    Vegan Recipes Breakfast Ideas

  • Are Herbs Safe To Take?

    Are Herbs Safe To Take?

    Generally speaking, herbs are safe to consume. The real question should be, are man-made pharmaceutical drugs safe.

  •  5 Herbs You Can Grow Right In Your Kitchen

    5 Herbs You Can Grow Right In Your Kitchen

    Growing your own herbs is a great way to provide fresh ingredients and add flavor to almost everything you cook.

  • 20 Minute Deep Hip Opening Yoga

    20 Minute Deep Hip Opening Yoga

  • My Crazy Immune Boosting Turmeric Elixir

    My Crazy Immune Boosting Turmeric Elixir

Organic Farming Build and Protects Biodiversity

Fields around organic farms have more types of wild plants, providing benefits for wildlife, according to a new study

Organic farms act as a refuge for wild plants, offsetting the loss of biodiversity on conventional farms. Indeed even a few organic fields on a farm may improve biodiversity by as much as 25%, the researchers found.

The new study, by researchers at the University of Swansea and institutes in France, looked at fields sowed with winter wheat in the region of Poitou-Charente or France.

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In The Beginning
by Queen Garrett-Howard
I started my cleanse 4 days ago. I admit I was apprehensive on Day 1, fell off the wagon on Day 2 but got right back on. This is the story o...
4 Days in
by Sasha Lundy
Ok so i started the FBC on Saturday and i must say i feel incredible. I will admit that i cheated once but it wasnt anything major but i fe...
Still going
by Loretta Cox
So far everything is going just as planned. I have lost a total of 25 lbs, 10 on my own and another 15 with the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse. It...
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How To Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes
For some unknown reason that defies both logic and good taste, sweet...
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Moringa oleifera is known worldwide as a fast growing, multi-use tree species.
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I have a friend that's on life support she has mrsa staph infection, and they are considering pulling the plug on her. I was wondering if chelation therapy would be a life saver?

Everything worth's trying to save a life (if the person has the will to live, of course). Personally, if it were us, We'd go for it!


"God causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herbs for the service of humanity." Psalm 104:14
"...and the leaf shall be for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

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