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    A ginger extract may be able to stop psoriasis flares before they even start.

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    If there is only ONE thing that you do each and every day, it should definitely be meditation.

Healthy Ways To End Your Sugar Addiction

We are well into 2015 and hopefully those New Years Resolutions are still going strong! If one of your resolutions was to give up sugar, you’re not alone! Giving up sugar one was even on of the predicted top Fitness and Wellness Trends for 2015. Despite the ‘trend’ label, which lends a temporary and short-lived vibe, nixing sugar from your diet altogether is good for your health, your wallet and the planet. There is no doubt about it, sugar is a tough one to quit, so if you are struggling, here are some healthy ways to sever your sugar addiction for good!

Get Clear

The first thing to do is to open the pantry and the fridge and get rid of any sugar in the house. Make sure to read labels (there is a lot of sneaky sugar  hiding itself in seemingly harmless foodstuffs, such a breads and cereals, flavoring extracts like vanilla, even plant-based milks, and nearly everything processed). Being surrounded by temptation only makes avoiding it that much harder, so ditch the sugary stuff and make a list of great, natural, healthy sweet alternatives to stock up on at your next grocery trip! Planning ahead can also help strengthen your resolve when you find yourself nearing the cookie aisle. Make sure to grab lots of whole, plant-based, fresh foods — fueling up on these can help minimize the craving for sweets. Get inspired by our great selection of sugar-free recipes and use naturally sweet foods to curb that sugar addiction!

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