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If You Feel Younger, You'll Live Longer

When I graduated from college in May, I was in shock. I told my parents I wasn't ready to face the supposed "real world" — that I didn't yet feel like an adult. To this, my father laughed and said, "I've woken up many a morning and thought to myself, 'How am I almost 60? I've been practicing medicine for almost 30 years, and I still feel like a little kid."

This idea certainly comforted me at the time, and now it looks like I can return the favor. According to a new study published in JAMA, those who believe they're younger than they are may live longer.

The University College London researchers examined data from 6,489 people with an average age of 65.8 years but reported feeling almost 10 years younger. Most people in the study didn't feel like their actual age; most felt about three years younger, and only 4.8% actually felt older than their real age.

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by Geisha Samples
Well its day 13 and I am yet holding on.  My eyes are looking yellowish with brown spots in them. I really thought I was through the main...
by Geisha Samples
Hey hunties…well it’s day 12!! I’m over the half way mark and I’m coming up on the finish. I spent yesterday making up for Sunday....
by Geisha Samples
Day 11.  No church today. I was in bed the majority of the day. Not that I felt bad, I just had a lazy spirit upon me. I think maybe from...
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Is there a natural cure for discoed lupus?

First, perform the Full Body Deox followed by the 10-Day Electric Greens. Modify your diet (mostly raw foods and vegan foods, drink plenty of good alkaline and/or spring water; drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juice, etc.). Take daily Immune Booster formula, Vitamin C, Rainforest Tonic, and Blood & Lymphatic formula (3 capsules each) and drink Detox Tea daily. Do this for STARTERS!

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