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Is There More Cruelty in A Glass of Milk or Pound Of Beef?

While some meat-eaters may not want to admit it (or hear about it), it is largely understood that the process that brings beef to our supermarkets involves harming cows. There are plenty of people who are not vegetarian who understand why someone might not want to eat cows: after all, they aresentient beings who deserve a happy life as much as we do. 

Many of us, however, continue to consume dairy believing that the cows aren’t killed for milk or cheese, so it must be okay. I myself once believed this myth, thinking that if the animal doesn’t have to die to “give” milk, what could possibly be the issue.

The truth is dairy cows lead horrible lives, filled with grief, pain and suffering. Not only does the dairy industry fuel the veal industry, but the dairy cow herself is ultimately slaughtered as well. With all this in mind, we have to ask ourselves, “Is there more cruelty in a glass of milk or a pound of beef?”

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I just finished the Full Body Detox. I loved it and felt great the whole time. Ever since I stopped the herbs a few days ago I have been very gassy in my stomach. I eat very healthy and have continued to eat very basic and natural foods the past few days. Is there any reason why I would be feeling this way?

The body is attempting to naturally regulate itself absent the herbs. Take CARBON and take 3 capsules of ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD daily. The situation will soon pass. Your body is regulating itself. That's all! Drink plenty of water daily too!

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