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  • High Protein Vegetables You Should Start Eating Today

    A list of 10 high-protein vegetables that you can add into your life for more energy and to help create vibrant health naturally.

  • We Acquire Strength in What We Overcome

    Trials and tribulations do not necessarily shape character; these things simply demonstrate character.

  • What is Cultural Appropriation

  • Jamelia Speaks Out About Domestic Violence on Loos

  • No Such Thing As Failure

    To fail only means to achieve a result you did not desire; but nevertheless, so-called failure gives us beneficial information.

  • Tips to Avoid Vision Problems As You Age

    As you age, vision problems can increase, sight become foggy and you’re more susceptible to a host of diseases that can permanently damage your eyesight.

  • On the Road

  • Break the Box TAASA Campaign

USDA Invests $52 Million in Organic Farming and Local Food Systems

The USDA is taking a big interest in organic farming. The agency is expected to announce on Monday that it’s making a $52 million investment in research on organic farming and in support of local food systems including the nation’s booming number of farmers’ markets.

Some of the funding will go to help support marketing efforts for organic farming and local farmers markets, many of which struggle to reach audiences in nearby communities.

“Distribution systems are intended to accommodate the needs of large-scale commercial farms and growers,” reports the New York Times. “Grocery stores and restaurants largely rely on big distribution centers and are only beginning to figure out how to incorporate small batches of produce into their overall merchandise mixes.”

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by Mikaa Wilkins
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I was wondering if anyone has actually tested negative for viral infections (such as herpes or aids) and whether it is a normal result to be considered "virus free" after completion of your detox. Or is it is just like any other detox where it "may help u feel better" by releasing certain toxins but really leaving the virus in your system.

Just when I thought I wrote the Anti-Viral FAQ in a way that would prevent confusion. The Rulers of the Matrix (U.S.) really did a job with the information on herpes. However, I believe I made it plain with all the literature on our site.

Herpes is TOXICITY (and parasites) and a degenerative disease which means it can be healed by changing diet, lifestyle, mindset, and attitude. We never suggested staying on the 3-week diet after the cleanse. We suggested staying away from the Standard American Diet (meat, dairy, refined grains and starches) that you ate before the 3-week cleanse. There's a difference! I hope I cleared up any confusion. Diet plays a role in herpes. It is not strictly sexually transmitted (though this might go against the medical programming people with herpes may have heard from ignorant doctors which is what is creating all the confusion).

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