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That BPA-Free Label Isn't As Safe As You Think

Back in 2008, bisphenol-A (BPA) got some really negative attention when the mainstream media started reporting on the various health problems associated with the industrial chemical. And with good reason: BPA has been linked with a slew of negative health outcomes including reproductive problems, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Removing BPA from products like sippy cups, toys, and water bottles is undoubtedly a good thing, but then the question becomes, what did companies replace it with in order to call their products BPA-free?

Many of the chemicals that have replaced BPA haven’t been studied nearly as much. However, a paper published in the National Institute of Health journal Environmental Health Perspectives reported that almost all commercially available BPA-free plastics still leached estrogen and some leached synthetic estrogen more potent than what’s found in BPA. Estrogen that’s not produced by the body can impact estrogen levels and getting too much or too little can be problematic, especially in utero and early childhood. Elevated levels can increase a women’s risk for some types of breast cancer, for example.

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