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Detox Troubleshooting


Please attempt to locate your particular healing crisis for understanding on what's going on with and inside your body before contacting us for health inquiries. There is no need to fear or be afraid in response to abnormal reactions with your body when detoxifying and cleansing it.

Acid Reflux:

A sign that the digestive tract is too acidic; denotes a battle between acid and alkaline in the digestive tract; a natural reaction to the alkaline nature of the herbs; a sign that cleansing and healing is taking place; also denotes a problematic stomach which needs attention.

Anal Itch

A sign that could denote the elimination of parasites or that parasites have migrated to the anus in an attempt to escape the cleansing effect.

Bleeding Gums

A sign that cleansing is taking place in the mouth but that gum health (and/or teeth health) must be addressed. Possible gum disease or periodontal disease


Gas pockets in the colon are dissolving; a sign of extreme gaseous activity taking place in the colon; a sign of serious blockage due to constipation.

Blood Clots:

Denotes elimination of old endometrium lining shredding clogged in the vaginal tract. See Post-Menses Discharge!

Bloody Stools:

Not a good or healthy sign! Usually denotes internal bleeding or hemorrhaging in the colon (or ulcers). Juice and drink plenty of cabbage juice (4 oz) daily.

Bloody Urine:

Not a good or healthy sign! Usually denotes prostate problems or cancer! Could also denote a tumor being dissolved and released via the urinary tract! If the bleeding is excessive (with every urination) the problem is serious; if sporadic or rare, just a sign of cleansing.

Body Odor:

A sign that the colon is being cleansed and toxic fumes are being released via the pores of the skin; drink plenty of chlorophyll or parsley and cilantro juice and/or deep breathing (yoga).

Bubble in the Stools:

A good and healthy sign! Denotes oxygenation from eating raw and living foods while detoxifying.

Bubbles in the Urine:

A sign of extreme acidosis and protein if the urine is yellow-orange in color; if the urine is clear, a good sign of elimination.

Bumps (or Pimples, Blisters):

A sign that the body is eliminating toxins and parasites and worms via the skin; a sign that the blood is very toxic. Facial steaming (tinting) is helpful; clean the skin with witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide (oxygen). Bumps, pimples, or blisters in the genital area denotes toxicity and lack of oxygen. Eat/juice more green foods!

Burning or Warm Sensation in the Chest:

A sign of heat (from Formula #2) in the chest; denotes too much acid (mucus) in the chest area (lungs); denotes improved circulation in the chest area.

Burning Sensation in the Throat:

A sign that the throat is inflamed due to compromised mucus membrane area; mucus and toxic lymph congestion in the throat area of the mucus membranes.


A sign denoting deep cleansing is taking place. See Fever!

Clear Urine:

A good sign! Denotes that the body is presently alkaline and being thoroughly cleansed. Urine is naturally clear!

Cold and Flu-Like Symptoms:

A sign that the body's defense (immune) system is taxed and greatly toxic; a sign that cleansing is taking place.


A natural body function; a sign that the lungs are attempting to expectorate dissolved mucus via the mouth.


Gas pockets in the colon are being released. See Spasm.


Denotes dried mucus (boogers) being eliminated externally in the head area; a sign of too much mucus in the head area; wash the head/hair with a pH balanced shampoo and lubricate with olive oil (or Amla hair oil).

Dark Colored Stools:

Nothing but years old fecal matter that has been stuck in the colon for many years and finally being released due to detoxifying the body; a sign that cleansing and healing is taking place in the colon.


A sign of serious fecal compaction in the colon. The body is taking water from the tissues and sending it to the colon to soften the hardened fecal matter. Drink plenty of water and add a half teaspoon of sea salt to the water to replace the lost sodium in the body.

Ear Pain:

A sign of fluidic buildup in the ear canal and/or sinus passage; denotes fluid being dissolved in the head area. Ear coning or candling may offer relief. See Ringing in the Ear!

Enhanced Libido:

A sign of improved circulation throughout the body, mainly to the genital region.

Erect Penis:

A sign of improved circulation throughout the body, mainly to the genital region.

Excessive Urination:

A sign that the body is greatly releasing fluidic buildup from the kidneys; a sign of too much protein in the urine.


See Lethargy.


Though rare, denotes the body heating up so as to cause perspiration which is a form of eliminating via the skin; cold baths help a fever but do not stop it. See Perspiration.


A sign that gas pockets in the colon are being dissolved. See Bloating and Spasms.

Floating Stools:

A good and healthy sign! Denotes alkalinity in the body due to the consumption of raw and living foods. See Bubbles in the Stools.

Foul Oder:

A foul odor exuding the body denotes severe toxicity; however, a sign that the cleansing is in fact cleansing your body old putrified toxins.


See Flatulence.

Green Stools:

Colon releasing old fecal matter. Green stools are the result of bitter gall fluid released in response to eating very acidic things eaten a long time ago. A sign of poor digestion.


A sign that the colon is greatly toxic and that the colon is being cleansed and the fumes are being released via the mouth which is a part of the eliminative-digestive tract. See Body Odor and follow pointers given.


See Acid Reflux.


Blood is thinning and purifying itself of impurities. Fluid in the head area is being dissolved and pressing against myofacial nerves. See Sinus Pressure.

Herpes Outbreak:

If you have herpes, during the cleanse outbreaks and lesions only mean that the body is utilizing the skin to rid itself of toxins and parasites. The skin is an organ of elimination, in fact, the largest organ of elimination.


Constant hunger while detoxifying is mainly psychological – an upset colon dictating to the mind of the brain; a sign that nutrition (more minerals) is needed for the cleansing process. Simply eat more of the raw foods you like in addition to drinking more water.


A sign that the body is eliminating via the skin and that the blood is extremely acidic (which causes the itching). Use topical calendula cream on the itching area.

Itchy Throat

A sign that the mucous membranes of the throat are being affected by the cleansing.

Lack of Defecating:

A sign of serious constipation and compaction in the colon; denotes weakened peristalsis (colon muscular activity due to eating too many dead so-called foods). Drink plenty of prune juice or senna tea and perform enemas (or get a professional colonic) to help.


A sign that the body is greatly taxed due to being toxic.

Loss of Appetite:

A good sign! A sign denoting that your past hunger was due to a toxic state.

Mucus in or on the Stools:

A good and healthy sign! Denotes the elimination of mucus via the colon.

Nose Bleed:

A sign that the cleansing is working in the nostrils, but also that attention should be given to the nose.

Nose Itch:

Cleansing is affecting the nose, perhaps to induce sneezing to eliminate mucus.


Pain is always a healthy sign of an organ being addressed by the cleanse. Pain is a sensor. Where ever there is pain, it is a sign the cleansing is being greatly affected in that area.


A sign of bodily elimination via the skin; a sign that the internal eliminative channels are taxed and sluggish; represents a good sign and natural function of the body's intelligence.

Poor Appetite:

A sign that the stomach and colon are shrinking back to its normal size — a good sign!

Post-Menses Discharge:

A secondary menstrual period; as menstruation itself is a cleansing function, a secondary menstrual cycle while detoxifying is a sign of the body releasing toxins via the female vaginal tract. Dark blood denotes serious toxicity (and anemia) – a very unhealthy sign; light colored blood is a sign of good to moderate health. See Vaginal Discharge.

Puffy Eyes:

Denotes fluidic pressure buildup in the eye area; a sign of fluidic buildup dissolving in the head area and being released; denotes cleansing activity in the kidneys.

Rash on the Skin:

A sign that the body is eliminating via the skin; a sign that the blood is toxic; denotes the blood being purified.

Red Eyes:

Denotes serious cleansing activity taking place in the liver; a sign that the liver is greatly toxic and needs attention. Drink milk thistle or dandelion root tea.

Ringing in the Ears

A sign healing is taking place in the ears. Also could denote celestial/cosmic information being downloaded that will manifest at a later date when you are ready to receive and act on the information. Left ear denotes "past" and right ear denotes "future." The side of the ear impact denotes information about your past or future. Also denotes a message that you need to hear something that you may have not been anting to hear.

Runny Nose:

Dissolving mucus in the respiratory tract and/or sinuses being released via the nostrils; fluidic buildup in the head area being dissolved and eliminated via the nose.

Sinus Drain:

A sign that mucus is dissolving in the head area and respiratory tract and being released via the nostrils. See Runny Nose.

Sinus Pressure:

A sign that fluid congestion is breaking down and about to be released; pressure is caused by fluid pressing against myofacial nerves.


See Lethargy.


The body's way of cleansing (expelling mucus) via the nostrils of the nose; denotes excess fluid build-up in the head area being drained via the nose.


Gas pockets in the colon are being released; involuntary muscle contraction of sudden onset initiated by the dissolution of gas pockets. See Cramping.

Swollen Lymph Nodes:

Denotes the lymph system is congested and a lot of toxins are stores in the nodes and are trying to be released by the body.


A sign that cleansing is possibly affecting the nerves.


A sign that cleansing is possibly affecting the nerves.

Vaginal Discharge:

Mucus being eliminated via the vaginal tract; a sign that the body's other eliminative channels (colon, kidneys, lungs, liver, and skin) are blocked; a sign of excess mucus in the female reproductive channel being released.


Although rare, denotes elimination via the mouth; a sign that the body is too acidic and that the colon is too taxed to expel via the rectum; a natural reaction to the alkalinity of the herbs.

Watery Eyes:

A sign that there is much congestion in the head area and that drainage is taking place.


Detox Emotional Troubleshooter

Cleansing on a deep cellular and tissue level can release stored emotion (usually negative emotion) in the body. Emotions are stored in certain organs of the body due to an affinity to the organ. They also store in other parts of the body as well, i.e. back, buttocks, neck, etc. as any good massage therapist will tell you. Feeling a certain way while detoxing (with any Dherbs.Com kit and regimen) simply denotes that the specific corresponding organ is being addressed (worked on for your healing benefit).

Cleansing (detoxifying) is not just physical, but mental, spiritual, emotional, and ethereal. Using the Dherbs.Com 'Chakra Elixirs' can greatly help to cleanse on the auric or subtle body level as all disease first appears on the energy level and appears in the human aura which aura photography can show and prove to you. For this reason, Dherbs.Com highly recommend that you have your aura photographed once a year minimal, and four times a year (every seasonal change) maximum.

Negative Emotions:


The liver is releasing toxins and stored emotions of anger, anger that has been repressed and suppressed.


The pancreas is releasing toxins and stored emotions of bitterness that have been repressed and suppressed are being released.


The abdomen is releasing toxins and stored emotions of envy are being released.


The kidneys are releasing toxins and stored emotion of fear.


The thymus gland is releasing toxins and repressed emotion of grief.


The female reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries) are releasing toxins and repressed guilt (mainly from past sexual history and intimate relationships) is being released.


The liver is releasing toxins and stored emotion of hatred is being released.


The abdomen is releasing toxins and stored emotion of jealousy is being released.


The liver is being cleansed and repressed emotion of melancholy is being released.


The heart is being cleansed and stored emotion of sadness is being released.


The heart is being cleansed and stored emotion of sorrow is being released.


Positive Emotions:

NOTE: The following are generally experienced by those individuals who are spiritually-inclined and/or very aware (conscious) in life.


The cleansing is greatly working on your subtle body. Most of your stress was due to toxicity in your body and now that the toxins are being thrown off, the stress no longer has an anchor in your body.

Clear-Headed (Clarity)

The cleansing has profoundly affected your head, especially your brain and thus your two highest chakras (6th or Ajna chakra and 7th or Sahasrara/Crown chakra) due to affecting your pineal gland.


The removed toxicity and acidic state has caused elation which means your head (brain) has been affected by the cleansing and thus your two highest chakras (see above).


The cleansing has greatly affected your genital region and its effect has overlapped on the etheric level of your subtle body and has opened your Root or base chakra (1st chakra).


See Elation above!


The cleansing has impacted your brain and thus removed calcification from your pineal gland (spiritual center) positively affecting your Ajna or 3rd Eye chakra.


Your cleansed body and heightened pH balance has released your natural state of being.


The toxins (which served as an anchor for negativity) have been expelled (or are being expelled), and your heightened pH level makes you feel peaceful. The cleasning has greatly impacted your subtle body. Stored worry, stress, and negative emotion have been released from your body.

Spiritual High

The cleansing has impacted your brain and thus your pineal gland (spiritual center) and opened your 7th or Crown chakra. Per chance, the cleanse (and other things you may be doing) helped to open up all your chakras or removed blocks from them.



"God causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herbs for the service of humanity." Psalm 104:14
"...and the leaf shall be for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

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