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Mar 24,2015
One of the major benefits of doing the Dherbs Full body Cleanse is that it rids your body of all kinds of toxins; the gunk and crud that feels like it belongs as part of your body but ultimately is destroying you. My greatest lesson in this is happening right now.  I’m under the weather prepping to re-start my Cleanse on Monday.  My allergies have decided that they want to rule my body but I’m certain that the Cleanse can knock all of that right on out.  The best thing to do in the interim however is to feed myself fresh juice, fruits, and other “live foods”.  Remember your symptoms want you to rely on meds but if you can hold out and help the body begin to love the relief of healing through natural agents you’ll be better on the other side. I’m learning that our body’s crave good health, we disturb it however by what we put into our bodies both directly and indirectly; we have got to assume a responsibility that most of us I’m sure have never thought about.  What I’m saying is this, how many of us forfeit our destiny by giving in to bad health.  Sure, we could ...
Mar 24,2015
I woke up today feeling alive and ready to rock.  I took the weekend to do nothing but sleep, it was wonderful.  I slept every which way I could.  Lol.  I mean really!  Anyway, all that did was get me ready for my one week assessment.  I started working with a coach to help align my body; my balance was off terribly and so was a bunch of other stuff.  As I’m moving forward I don;t want to become victim to my weight loss.  Meaning I lost a bunch of weight but paid no attention to the need to recalibrate my body. I’m sure that I’ve said it before, my mind is catching up with the weight that I’ve lost.  I still a lot of times calculate how I’m going to move around, move though crowds, sit in chairs, even lean up against a wall.  A lot of the training I do involves core, balance, and resistance.  I’m noticing more that my body wants to be given the chance to support it’s new weight; I’m more agile, sharp and strong.  Not simply losing fat but gaining a body, a shape. This morning I jumped into my day with stretching and a winning attitude. ...
Mar 19,2015
The frustrations of being on the road touring while trying to cleanse are immeasurable; the flop of it all. So I’ve been touring with this amazing play Tamara Hill’s “Workplace Drama”, great writing, talented cast a true prospect. I wish there was some fresh fruit heaven that could follow the tour bus but not so. SO I’m now figuring out the benefits carrying a cooling chest. I admit I hated the idea, but it the only way to make this thing here work, otherwise I’ll be fighting the battle of the fluctuating bugle like I did in New York. So today’s entry is Simple. Do what you have to do to make You happen. Who cares what the process looks like. Get It Done ...
Mar 14,2015
Damn this feels good, experiencing my body move into alignment is freeing; there’s a part of me that can’t fathom why I never decided to decide to do this before. What am I talking about? Just “living” is all. Yeah man, Living and being free. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not saying that it’s easy; hell, who would I be kidding. I’m simply saying that appreciating myself makes me see the glass half full instead of empty. I’ve had those fleeting but terrible thoughts in wonderment of whether I’ll see 40 or not. Though none of us knows our date of expiration it is sure we cut the time ahead by continuing to live how we’ve lived. Oh yes, I include myself. Look, we are responsible for ourselves. It is up to you to not only decide to change cut to take action. T.D. Jakes said, “There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Changed Mind”. This is true; I’m living this statement. I have nothing down packed but I am becoming accustomed to the shift as I submit to my decision to rebuild my life. “I moved here for a change in my life” we’ve all heard it at one time ...
Mar 12,2015
Dream Live Thrive the Dherbs Battlefield; The Astral Plane So, when you look up Astral Plane it gives you some deep definition relating to religion, medieval esoteric yada yada, blah blah…and what not. I will challenge you today however to accept my definition for fun-sake. The Astral Plane is the space you go to mentally that allows you to connect directly with your future self. I.e. the person you want and hope to be. At some point in our growing, evolving lives we begin to desire a direct path, connection to our future. We want know exercise our knowledge of self and the riches of the experiences we have already had here on this grand earth. What happens when we “meet” ourselves in the “Astral Plane? We gain more core control of our emotions, our expectations and our direction. The Astral Plane in this case unites us with our desire to become identified by our True Life and not our physical presence. What we think we look like physically in a lot of cases unfortunately determines how we feel about ourselves. Think about it, when you wear your favorite pair of shoes, or a garment that compliments your shape, you “Feel” good, so much ...
I don’t know where you’ve been, but I felt a sense of relief in jst seeing your photo pop up on my screen. People pull on you a lot, but that’s because seemingly you have all the answers, and most times ya do. Know that your life exudes an energy that seers right through to the core of people. You are one of His greatest gifts Jeff. I pray that His love would continue to pour out from your pores and that in return for such a gift your life would be elevated without weights. His power is your power and to be available in obedience to That gift is why He calls you friend. The truth is no one knows you like you and no one can tell you what each triumph in your journey means to you. Most folk are only privy to the “right now” moments of your life. They have no idea who you’ve been, where you’ve’ been and what it’s taken for you to Stand in the power of who you are right now. It’s been wonderful receiving all of the emails, photos and, kudos and encouragement after having lost 159 pounds. I know the days ...
Mar 09,2015
I heard a man say that the best thing he’s ever done is decide to “Get Free”, telling on yourself beats and cancels any plans the adversary would have in play to throw you off track. Getting Free slows you to put the past behind you. You’ve lived it, dealt with it, and experienced it. It’s Old now so let it go, Get Free and then go Smile! As I listened to his message I was challenged, incredibly. I haven’t been smiling and I haven’t been free. As a matter of fact even how I communicate for the most part is governed by what I think you may think if I say that! Hearing that message from an openly gay man who’d freed himself from the holds of religiosity, societal expectations, family constraints and self imposed mental jailing allowed me to see just how locked up id been. So where do we go from here? We go up, we begin the shedding process from the inside. See, this man wasn’t speaking about some trivial small part and passing in your life. He was talking about disturbances in the foundation of how we’re made. Things, words we’ve kept hidden in our hearts as ...
Mar 04,2015
The truth is no one knows you like you and no one can tell you what each triumph in your journey means to you. Most folk are only privy to the “right now” moments of your life. They have no idea who you’ve been, where you’ve’ been and what it’s taken for you to Stand in the power of who you are right now. It’s been wonderful receiving all of the emails, photos and, kudos and encouragement after having lost 159 pounds. I know the days I wanted to quit, the heart pulling strength it took for me to get up time and time again. Pushing foods I love away, deciding to become disciplined, finding my power and center for the goals I’ve attained and what challenges I’ll meet next. What’s been interesting is delving through the layers of hurt and reasoning it took to put the weight on in the first place. Don’t get me wrong; some of us simply love food! They way it makes us feel, the gaps it closes the hurt it over lays and buries – food for a lot us is a healing agent in uncountable ways. Our days are structured around food, our mood, what ...
Had an unexpected great day- well, I guess I kind of expected it. The morning started with prayer and devotion then I took another nap J then got up and dressed, ready for the day. I hit up the hospital to visit my mom- she’s coming along well and the nurses are kind. We laughed a bit today and she talked a lot lol. She’ll be up and doing her thing soon I’m sure. As usual, seeing moms does that thing to me where I get a little down, but I know exactly what to do now “Walk n Worship”, I hit that treadmill throw on my headphones and do my thing. When I walk in the gym I weigh-in but only if its after 4pm normally. I stepped on the digital scale- it hit the weight I thought it would, unsurprised and barely motivated I went up to the 3rd floor. Today I split the cardio time, an hour and a half in the gym; 3 miles on the elliptical 1.5 on the treadmill after that I hit the chest press and the bicep curler. It was a good night in the gym. But check, it gets better, I weigh ...
Feb 25,2015
I already stated that I’d eaten New York and a portion of Los Angeles over the coarse of the month what I hadn’t talked about however is the pressure of every day life and the toll it can have on your physical presence in the gym and even what you’re choosing to eat, put in your body. I’m not gonna make this long, but I wanted to share with you what my trials and experiences have been over the past few weeks and how its effected my eating and weight. The hardest thing was recognizing that I was beginning to slip into a space that is unrecognizable by most of the people around me. This is why we, you and me have to constantly check in with ourselves. No one knows you like You. I had taken on a bit of guilt from my splurge, just a hint, but that’s all the darkness of Emotional Eating needs to roll out a spread that will keep you so occupied you wont even know you ate the kitchen sink until its gone. Just a hint and depression will push that refrigerator gate wide open. Its been for some time now that whenever my mom ...
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