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Feb 10,2015
When you want to win you have to do the work. A friend of mine said the most incredible thing the other night over dinner. She said “ Baaaaby, people will help you do a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, they will Not help you live” I laughed and then later realized how big a statement she was actually making. Yes I do a number of things that make me feel great and some things that make me feel not so great but one things for sure, if I die, no one will die with me and even if they did, it would not be the same experience. I’ve been asked multiple times “How Are You Doing This” losing the weight. People see my results and they seem to be astonished. Well folks its simple, developed a product that not only helps flush fat out of my system but also helps establish better health. I do work out but most of the change is because of my change in mind and in diet. I’m not ON a diet but what I put into my body. I had to get that part together first. Now more than 80 ...
Feb 04,2015
New Green shake; Kale, Spinach, Chia Seeds, Lime , Agave, Jalepeno Good morning world!  Yes I’m young fly and free, feeling good and all about it.  All about what you ask?  This life baby.  The Dherbs Get Wit It and Go Lifestyle.  I’m seeing the changes and feeling awesome about them.  I know its because I’ve learned that its not always about how fast you get to the finish line as long as you get there. Some may say that’s no way for a “winner” to think but that’s exactly how I’m beating the curse of obesity that has stricken my family for generations.  I remember being a kid and hearing my younger brother say “I just don’t want to be fat”  he was thin at the time and still is and I was well, fat.  Lol.  At the time I didn’t realize that he was taking note of something that had completely gone over my head.  I knew I wasn’t skinny but I never saw fat as a problem.  I realize now of course not that fat is bad, but more so that people, even when you are open and need to hear the truth of your situation… they aren’t going ...
Feb 04,2015 by Genie Atkins
OK... so today is day 9, I think?? Well I can't lie its been a battle but I am determine to win the war. My new found friend is Whole Foods Smoothies, since I cant eat any cook food I decide to bring smoothies in my life. And I have to say they arent all that bad. At this moment Im only doing the healthy green smoothies which is mostly veggies and water with a hint of fruit. I also found myself walking on my lunch breaks which is a major step for me, I usually sleep in my car for the whole 45 minutes. I weighed myself today and  feel good to say Im down 5 pounds, I know I have a long way to go but that 5lbs gave me strength. ...
Had a great weekend, spent most of Saturday resting around the house.  I hit the gym 5 days in a row so my body was grateful for the rest. But lets talk about those Patriots!!! Yup, my Team!  I literally ran out the front door into the street yelling Patriots Patriots Paaaaaatriooooooots! I was ridiculous lol and I loved every minute of it.  What I didn’t like however was not know enough recipes to make my super bowl party Super, so I went to my moms house instead of going to any parties where there’d be a ton of crap that I once had a love affair with.  I’m still craving dat gum chili dog lol.  But but worry, I’ll be prepared for the next big event.   I’ve run into an amazing Raw chef Cynthia Jackson you can find her @RawJackson_ who does amazing things with zucchini lol.  Just wanted you guys to check out a few of her pics.  I’ve been very dedicated to the gym, but in truth I’ve been struggling with keeping the Raw part of the deal.   It wasn’t my intention to fall in love with a stripper but I think I’m falling head over heels for ...
Jan 31,2015
Starting to “Dherbs Full Body Cleanse” is truly one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself; I’m seeing the results and liking them. One of my favorite things to make is a shake. I know I’ve been drinking everything green for a few weeks now, but that’s because they’re good and they work! Lol. Sense there’s hardly any bad combination when it comes to veggies and fruit pairing almost any combo tastes great. Wanted to share with you guys my favorites so far. The Avocado Rush 1-Cup Spinach Teaspoon of Agave 1 red pear 1 #Avocado     The Panache Spinach Shake Cup and ½ Spinach Teaspoon Chia seeds 1 Apple 1 Banana Juice of ½ a lime   Super Green Shake 1-Cup Baby Kale ½ Cup Spinach Teaspoon Chia Seeds Teaspoon Agave 2 full Basil leafs, 1 Red Pear 1 Banana     BOMB!!! All three of these shakes are amazing and truly help to get me going and to get my day started. I drink any one of these daily after a workout also. Filling, helping and good. Along with the “Dherbs Full Body Cleanse” and exercise, cardio in particular that weight should be falling off! ...
Jan 28,2015
Day 1 Taking 5 pills every 2 hours is a lot for me, but I guess I got to do what I got to do to cleanse my body. I kept myself full all day with water/fruit/nuts, the hardest part was watching my son and husband eat pizza in my face. It seems like every time I say I'm on a diet my husband wants to come home with my favorite junk food... He's such a HATER...Lol.. But I'm going to act like it doesn't even bother me and chew on some ice... ...
Jan 28,2015 by Genie Atkins
Day 2 wasnt so bad even though I think I over indulge in eating nuts all day trying to keep myself full. I know I have to do better besides eating nuts to keep full, I also ate a fruit salad. I have to start eating veggies which is going to be hard for me since I only buy frozen vegetables please dont judge me but yes thats the honest truth. I'm still lacking energy and I know I need that to start my work out plan. Hopefully tomorrow I can start eating veggies and do a workout. ...
Jan 28,2015
Me and Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacy hanging out at the IPAC Conference Today was a beautiful experience; I knocked a bunch of errands out including the grocery store, hit the gym, hung with my god mom for her birthday, saw my aunt and then finally landed at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live.  Along with Councilman Curren Price (9th District) and the Centurion Fire Fighters I was invited to procure talent from the Selma film for a private screening and Q&A panel for 700 high school students. Henry Sanders who played 84 year old Cager Lee in the Selma Film. Thank you again Henry for supporting me the Councilman and our efforts I’d heard a few things about the Selma film that caught my ear, namely that songstress Ledisi would be playing Mahalia Jackson and my dear friend Niecy Nash also had a role. Of course with the Best Picture Oscar nod, Common and John Legend getting tapped to perform the media has kept the film face forward in the public eye. But the silence of David Oyelowo getting snubbed in the Best Actor category is much louder in my ears, particularly after experiencing his portrayal of Dr. King my heart literally aches at ...
Jan 27,2015 by Genie Atkins
Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself how in the hell did you allow yourself to get this big?? Well thats what I'm dealing with at the moment. Basically all my life until the birth of my son I have always been a slender woman, but not to complain because my son gave me that womanly figure. Now six years later I am looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out how I gained 30 pounds in one year. My normal weight was 142, now Im 172 and its not looking good on me. I had to realize that I am no longer a size 8 but a size 12 and can not fit any of my clothing, but the sad part is I refuse to buy new clothing in a larger size and I'm stuffing my fat ass in a size 8... Please dont be like me, this really hurts... ouch!!! Well today 01/27/15 I made it my business to do something about the extra weight. I started taking the 20 day cleanse, Im hoping to lose about 10 to 15 pounds at the end of this journey. ...
Jan 27,2015
Hey guys doing things a little differently this week. Decided yesterday that I’d speak after returning to the gym today. Yup returning. I was out for the count last week due to a knee injury and a car towing. Not all week, but four of the seven ya Saturday shake going up! And boy was it needed. Those #HungerGames were starting to flare up. Lol. No nickname for this one I was just hungry as hell and needed a fix. I think I damn near sprinted from my car to the kitchen. Lmao #seriously Try it though. My base is usually kale, threw in half on an English cucumber, chia seeds, an apple and my natural sweetener a banana. #SoGood its got a brotha boy was done. Someone brought me flowers while I wasn’t on my feet. Men like flowers too. (In a really deep tone) lol Today I got back on the horse, my energy was top flight and I was ready to feel the burn of a long strong session. I spent 2 ½ hours enjoying myself to the fullest. Kind of didn’t realize how much I enjoy working out until I couldn’t. I was a wreck too y’all. Lol. The ...
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