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Nov 07,2014 by Francisco Rosario
So I have to begin by saying that I'm not one that has ever posted a blog anywhere but I have to. On Saturday November 1st I received my 20 day cleanse and was excited and skeptical at the same time. My girlfriend thought that it was a waste of money, but that she would still support me trying the cleanse. Monday November 3rd at 7am I began my cleanse. First couple of days was hard for me because I looooove food. I told myself that I was going to stick with it this time because everyone on The Steve Harvey show talks about it daily. When I weighed myself on Monday I was at 364lbs, Today is Friday - day 5 of my cleanse and I am at 357lbs, Thats 7lbs gone in a week IN A WEEK!!! My goal is to get down to 300lbs and I have a feeling that DHerbs, good healthy eating, and exercise will get me there by summer 2015. Wish me luck and Good Luck to all of you as well! ...
Oct 21,2014 by Mikaa Wilkins
I have completed my 20 day full body cleanse with no cheats and no sugary treats!! Im officially a stripper. Thats right!! I have stripped down 15 lbs., I have stripped the toxins from my body, I have stripped emotional eating from my meal plan, I have stripped the abuse of Dr. Pepper, I have stripped my running shoes from my closet & I have stripped junk food from my pantry! Now, my husband can officially say Hes in love with a Stripper!!  This has been one of the greatest life changing experiences for me. I am comfortable ordering a healthy salad on nights my family prefers to go out to dinner. I have received an enormous amount of compliments in the notable changes in the way my clothes fit and new found energy. I will be a faithful customer of DHerbs and will continue with the 10 day follow up very soon.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who is on the emotional roller coaster of bad eating habits. This regimen has allowed me the opportunity to flush out old eating habits and establish an accountability to what I allow my body to consume! Happy DHerbing to all of you & ...
Oct 16,2014 by Dona Lyons
Today was a little tuff for me... I was a little weak this morning but I pushed through. I am not hungry I think its more of a mental thing. Our mind tell us that we are hungry even though we are not. Its 15:35 est time and its almost time to take my last set of pills. Oh yeah, OMG went to the restroom every 30 minutes so this process IS doing something. Until tomorrow, see you later. ...
Oct 15,2014 by Dona Lyons
My first day went very well. Eating healthy is very pricy! Whole Foods is my place of choice because its organic heaven. Organic cashews are the best snack you can buy at this place. I am not a tea drinker but I am learning very quickly. I stayed on schedule today with the capsules. I'm not a person who like to take pills, I put all of them in my mouth and swallow with lots and lots of water.  The last step for me is the charcoal water wow I hope this is go well I will act like I its grape kool aid. So far so good, I hope everyone had a good first day.  Talk to you tomorrow! ...
Oct 14,2014 by Dona Lyons
Received my order just a few mins ago and I am a little excited to start... Tomorrow will be my first official start date. Wish me luck 10/15 I will start with Day 1. ...
Oct 13,2014 by Dona Lyons
So my order will be here tomorrow and I am so excited about it! My Birthday is less then 50 days away and my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter. I have decided to push myself to make this happen. ...
Oct 13,2014 by Dorothy Dukes
Good morning, good morning, GOOD MORNING!  Over the weekend I cleaned my fridge, went to Berkeley Bowl for bulk and dried produce. Once home, I washed everything in a baking soda & water solution and began to prepare my world for an awesome change! I took photos of my efforts and they honestly are putting a huge grin on my face just knowing that I'm setting myself up for success! This morning when I arrived at work, it took me nearly 40 minutes to get my fruits and veggies put away and I made a gallon of fruit infused water (limes, basil, cucumbers, ginger, orange) that I will sip on all day. I've got a full day of raw meals and snacks planned out. I'm anxious for my package to arrive and in the mean time I'm readying up! Have a RAWriffic day everyone!  ...
Oct 12,2014 by Mikaa Wilkins
It is day 13 for me, and I am craving Popeyes Fried Chicken. Why does this bother me, because I didnt eat Popeyes prior to starting DHerbs? Well the answer is obvious, my taste buds are obviously going through PMS, LOL!!! Feeling weak and craving foods Ive never liked before, I decided to blog about my cravings. This allows me to hold myself accountable to my 20 day dedication. I open home page and there it was - God!!!! Well maybe it was not God himself, but it was definitely a sign. Staring me in my face was my before picture. YES!, DHerbs had highlighted my before picture on the front page of their website. Just the slap on the wrist I needed to not fall victim to my hormonal taste buds. ...
Oct 10,2014 by Dorothy Dukes
Today I took the first step to a better me! After hearing about Dherbs on Steve Harvey ALL YEAR and after failed efforts with Weight Watchers and Herbalife I decided whats another $120.00! So with that, I placed my order, and will use today to get my mind and my kitchen in order for 20 days of rawness! I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time. This blog will be my saving grace. Thank you DHerbs for making this a safe place! ...
Oct 09,2014 by Dona Lyons
Woke up this morning so excited about the new start. I have started preparing my self for the ten day challenge by eating raw fruits and veggies. My pantry is going to get a shock of its life in the next couple days.  I sure hope my product is shipped soon. Make it a great day! ...
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