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  • The Problem of Parabens

    Dr Philippa Darbre, was the first scientist to make the link between parabens - ubiquitous preservatives and breast cancer.

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    While cell phones are very useful in today's society, the negative or flip side of cell phones poses a very serious health risk.

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    A brief introduction to the benefits and uses of Bach Flower remedies with Julian Barnard.

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    Many spiritual leaders today espouse that there are no accidents. Yet if that is true, why do people loosely use the word "accident" all the time?

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    The layers of this recipe work so well together, the raspberry layer is soft and sweet and the chocolate layer will leave you wanting more.

  • 5 Yoga Practices That Beat Stress

    When we are faced with a deep stretch or strength-building posture, our bodies feel challenged and our minds may begin to protest.

  • Robyn O'Brien at TEDxAustin

    Robyn shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path as a "Real Food" evangelist.

  • Am I Capable of More?

    If you're surrounded by negative people, get away from them! Now! Life is too short."

Foods That Behave Like Addictive Drugs In Your Body

So many of my patients struggle with cravings, weight issues, and late night snack binges. Knowing that certain chemicals in foods, called exorphins, can act as addictive drugs may help to develop strategies to improve health.

You need to know a little bit about exorphins because the makers of processed food, Big Food, know all about these chemicals. In fact, they manipulate ingredients to stimulate our appetites and initiate an addictive cycle of overeating and subsequent disease states.

Knowing about these foods can help you control overeating. (And to learn more about how Big Food gets you hooked on junk foods, check out The End of Overeating by former commissioner of the FDA Dr. David Kessler and Salt, Sugar, Fat byjournalist Michael Moss.)

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Is there anything to help a person with what doctors say is Multiple Sclerosis, lesion in spine and brain in MRI test and balance is off?

First, perform the Full Body Detox for 3-weeks.

After you complete the kit, do a regimen of 3 capsules each of BRAIN TUNER formula, CIRCU-LAID formula, and CNS formula.

Add OXY-DROPS (20-30 drops) to every glass of water you drink from now on.

Change your diet greatly. Less or no meat, dairy, refined grained and starches, sugar, etc.

Start performing deep breathing exercises too!

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5 Ways Factory Farming Creates Air Pollution

Gone are the days when animals raised for food live out their lives on family farms. Today’s demand for meat, eggs and dairy products has made that impossible.  Instead, the “animal agriculture industry” has turned into a veritable machine with a goal of producing more, at a faster pace, and for a cheaper price.

Today, animals are raised in huge facilities, deemed “factory farms” or “CAFO”s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), facilities that are just as horrid as they sound.  There is little regulation in this industry, thanks to the ability of corporations to pull out stops such as, ag-gag laws — the result of this is vast expanses of facilities that are dirty and dangerous places for humans and animalsalike. This is all without even mentioning the damage done to the environment through contamination of the earth, water and air — contamination that is destroying our planet and making us sick.

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"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."

Why are you detoxing?

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Nearly 90,000 ER Visits Annually

Bad reactions to psychiatric drugs result in nearly 90,000 emergency room visits each year by U.S. adults, with anti-anxiety medicines and sedatives among the most common culprits, a study suggests.

A drug used in some popular sleeping pills was among the most commonly involved sedatives, especially in adults aged 65 and older.

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