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  • My 30-Day Burger Experiment: Real vs. Fake Foods

    My 30-Day Burger Experiment: Real vs. Fake Foods

  • Garden of Life RAW PROTEIN

    Garden of Life RAW PROTEIN

  • Menopause


    Drink plenty of water and good herbal teas that benefit the female hormonal system. Change your thoughts from negative to positive.

  • 3 Ways to Make Raw Vegan Gluten Free Pasta Recipes

    3 Ways to Make Raw Vegan Gluten Free Pasta Recipes

  • A Bottle's Odyssey

    A Bottle's Odyssey

  •  6 Ways To Manage Pain Without Having to Suffer

    6 Ways To Manage Pain Without Having to Suffer

    In terms of mental pain — when the monkey mind replays hurtful scenarios or negative thoughts — gratuitous suffering is often created.

  • Hydration and Electrolytes

    Hydration and Electrolytes

    Whether you are a beginning or elite athlete, proper hydration and electrolyte consumption are essential for health and performance.

  • Banana Cinnamon Crepes with Berry Ice Cream and Mango

    Banana Cinnamon Crepes with Berry Ice Cream and Mango

    Crazy yummy banana cinnamon crepes with berry ice cream and mango

Drink Chamomile Tea to Lower Thyroid Cancer Risk

 A small has study found that chamomile tea consumption lowered the risk of thyroid cancer development.

The study involved 113 patients with thyroid cancers. Researchers compared their dietary habits from 1990 through to 1993 and made a comparison with 138 people who don’t have the cancer as well as 286 people who had a benign case of thyroid disease. Researchers examined the subjects’ diet, medical history, lifestyle and consumption of beverages like alcohol, coffee and tea.

What they found was that higher consumption of chamomile tea led to a lower probability of developing thyroid problems.

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Five Days to Go and Feeling FABULOUS
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Im Here Again
by Candaice Randolph
I have never felt as good as I felt when I did the full body cleanse. Sometimes products work, sometimes they dont. Sometimes you lose focus...
My Life Saver Came in a Box
by Rick Crump
I ordered the Full Body Cleanse after hearing about it last week on the Steve Harvey Morning Show Mix 92.3fm Detroit. My order arrived Frida...
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Question of the day
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I was given a blood pressure prescription because my reading was 140/90, I know that blood pressure is a symptom of something else going on. Do I need to cleanse my kidney? What's needed to treat high blood pressure?

Please read our article entitled "High Blood Pressure" in our articles section. There is plenty of information located wthin this article Beloved!

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

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Stanford Named America's #1 Vegan-Friendly Large College

California school earns top honors with meat-free options in every campus dining hall.

Northern California’s Stanford University is already an epicenter of academic innovation, but after winning peta2’s “Favorite Vegan-Friendly Large College” contest, it will now also be known as a hotbed of healthy and compassionate dining. With students from 30 universities voting in the online competition, Stanford ranked first thanks to its campus’ commitment to serving the meat-free options students crave.

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