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  • Maxine's Dash for Freedom

  • Allergies

    Allergies simply denote that the human body has received too much of a harmful thing...

  • 7 Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

    To create a place to unwind, the idea is to unfurl the stuck energy in your environment — otherwise known as stress!

  • The Benefits of Journaling and Tips for Getting Started

    The very act of writing has been shown to be a beneficial creative process.

  • Employee With Down Syndrome Insulted By Customers

  • What Matters Most

    David Wolfe, a chocolate connoisseur, takes you through the history of chocolate and by the end of the show, you will crave it!

  • Raw Vegan BBQ Meatballs

  • Okonomiyaki Recipe ♡ Vegan

  • Food Expiration Date System Is a Mess

    The date labeling system in the U.S. is not a system at all. It is a mess,

  • Crunchy Curried Chickpea Tacos

    Nothing new about crunchy oven roasted chickpeas but maybe putting them in a taco might be?

Why We Need to Stop Misuse of Antibiotics In Agriculture

Applegate, the leading brand of antibiotic-free meat in the U.S., is at the forefront of the movement to stop the misuse of antibiotics in agriculture. Today, nearly 80% of the antibiotics produced in the U.S. go to animals raised for food to make them grow faster and to protect them against disease on unsanitary industrial farms. Unfortunately, this is harmful to humans: antibiotics, once considered a miracle drug for people, are now failing, in part, due to their misuse on animals.

The new documentary, RESISTANCE, examines the crisis of antibiotic resistance and what we can do to turn the tide. It's being screened nation-wide throughout the summer. 

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I took and followed the Anti-viral cleansing kit and my test for herpes said that I had it. So I called and spoke with someone with Dherb's and I was told that I might have to redo this as many as 3x but on Dherbs I have read a lot about other kits and this and I just would like to know what kits in what order for how long should I do to get a clean test. I understand that every one is different but before I go back to get another test I would do all that I can do to change this. Please help lead me on the right path.

One week after the kit? What did you eat and do during this one week period? The diet and thoughts QUICKLY change within a one week period. We tell people that if they go back to a degenerate diet BEFORE getting tested, something little as meat will cause HSVII to show up because you're dealing with parasites. Plus, HSVII emits a certain frequency and when you are in doubt as to whether you are cured or still have it, feelings dominate thought. Your subtle body emits the frequency that you STILL have HSVII. HSVII is all in one's mind, believe it or not.

This thing can be knocked out and we have the people to prove it. First, Full Body Detox for 3-weeks. Perform the salt baths, drink vegetable juice daily (especially CILANTRO) as recommended in the FBD Companion manual; keep those thoughts positive. FEEL HEALED! Don't wonder if you WILL be cured (after doing the cleanses) because this denotes an energy of still being infected. After the DETOX, jump on the Anti-Viral. Only wait less than a week to start it. Do the same things you did while detoxing, i.e. (salt baths, vege juice, etc.).

Then go get tested a day after you finish this cleansing. Schedule your doctor visit the 22nd day after you start the Anti-Viral cleanse. See, once that test comes back "negative" you'll know HSVII is based upon your diet. What you eat affects your blood and this is what doctors are testing for. But your energy is all in your blood. So you must be very wholistic about yourself when healing. Healing is mind-body-soul!

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New Study Shows Organic is Better Than Conventional

Is organically grown food really worth the price tag? A new study says "yes."

In a new study out of the United Kingdom, organic foods are shown to have more antioxidants, fewer toxic metals, and less pesticide residue than their conventional counterparts. Published in the British Journal of Nutrition—and said to be the largest study of its kind ever conducted—researchers at Newcastle University found that organic crops had 18 to 69 percent more antioxidants than conventional crops, the equivalent found in two additional servings of fruit or vegetables.

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Why are you detoxing?

Essential Oils - a Better Way To Preserve Food?

If you worry about all the synthetic chemicals used in food preservation and packaging take heart.

A new study has found that essential oils may be able to be used as food preservatives in packaging to help extend the shelf-life of food products.

Essential oils are aromatic oily liquids extracted from different parts of plants (roots, peels, leaves, seeds, fruits, barks) and have been shown to be a good source of antioxidative and antimicrobial substances.

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Food As Medicine This nutrition-packed, Oca boasts a wide range of micro & macro...• See more
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