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    A plant-based diet that’s full of clean, whole foods can improve your digestive health and immunity all in just one week.

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    Alcohol is used as a social lubricant, and has become such a crutch for most people to feel comfortable socially that they would feel lost without it.

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Natural Does Not Mean GMO Free

If it’s ‘natural’ it must be GMO-free – right?

Not according to a new report by Consumer Reports in the US.

A majority of US packaged foods labelled as “natural” and tested by the non-profit testing group actually contained a substantial level of genetically modified ingredients.

This is yet another way in which the word ‘natural’ – which has not legal definition – can be grossly misleading for consumers.

Consumer Reports conducted a survey of more than 80 different processed foods containing corn or soya, the two most widely grown genetically engineered crops in the United States, to determine whether labelling claims for GMO presence were accurate.

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by Mikaa Wilkins
I have completed my 20 day full body cleanse with no cheats and no sugary treats!! Im officially a stripper. Thats right!! I have stripped d...
by Dona Lyons
Today was a little tuff for me... I was a little weak this morning but I pushed through. I am not hungry I think its more of a mental thing...
by Dona Lyons
My first day went very well. Eating healthy is very pricy! Whole Foods is my place of choice because its organic heaven. Organic cashews are...
by Dona Lyons
Received my order just a few mins ago and I am a little excited to start... Tomorrow will be my first official start date. Wish me luck 10/1...
by Dona Lyons
So my order will be here tomorrow and I am so excited about it! My Birthday is less then 50 days away and my goal is to be 20 pounds lighte...
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I received your email today and I was happy that I got a response so quick from your web site. I am writing because I didn't have time to really explain my story. I told you that I was diagnosed with HPV for at least five years, I miss understood the my ob-gyn, I was diagnosed with a bacteria that lead me to HPV. I received your information on how to treat it but I left something out when I emailed you, I?ve done a detox cleanser, not yours, from another company. I am also confused on what you want me to take for me and my husband, Did you meant for me to take Yoni formula, Anti-viral kit and Female Hormonal formula? Do I really need the detox kit when I already had one? Also for my husband, Does he really need that detox kit, Why cant he just get the Anti-viral Kit, Male Hormonal formula and Rainforest Tonic?

I just really wanted to spend at least close to $400.00 only; I don't have that kind of income. What you advised to take is too much money? When you stated maintenance, do you mean I have to always get these medications over and over again to maintain me from getting it again? I say this because I have only been with my husband since we have got back together and I am not having sex with no else. Can you please give any other regimen; do we really need to buy the Full Body Detox Kits? Please answer me back before I have to go to my LEEP procedure, which is scheduled on 2/1/08 and I am praying to take this medications as soon as possible so I can get a second opinion and have that Biopsy done again to rule out the HPV.

I would suggest you guys both perform Dherbs Full Body Detox. Don't confuse our kit for other kits. After the Full Body Detox, perform 3-week the Anti-Viral kit. Now if money is a factor, make your own choice and choose either the Full Body Detox or the Anti-Viral kit.

After whatever cleanse you guys perform, you will need a maintenance regimen to perform on a daily basis. Please visit our HERBAL RECOMMENDATION CHART to learn what formulas we recommend as a maintenance regimen for a specific disease.

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Dherbs Mushroom Combo
Patricia Damery on Biodynamic Farming and Connecting with the Earth

We all are well aware that traditional farming can be less than sustainable. But once we embrace the land and treat it with respect, farming can help the environment, and nurture our souls. That’s why practicing Jungian analyst and author Patricia Damery wrote her book, “Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation.”

“A few things stirred me to [write the book],” Damery says. First: her candidacy as a Jungian analyst. She entered the training program at a difficult time. “I expected to have a wonderful, nurturing experience and it wasn’t.” Second: she wanted readers to discover how biodynamic farming helped her personally, and how the practice can help the Earth overall.

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20 Day Cleanse and Regimen that works to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body to aid in necessary weight release, enhancing the immune system and increasing energy levels.
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20 day cleanse that aids in the release of excess weight and unhealthy food cravings.
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20 day cleanse that helps to fight viral infections and build the immune system.
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Liquid herbal extract that works to cleanse and detoxify the body of toxins and impurities.
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An herbal supplement that helps to strengthen your immune system while helping your body protect itself from cold and flu virus symptoms.
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Natural oil that helps to nourish, tone, rejuvenate and heal all adverse skin conditions.
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A substance that helps to neutralize and the rid the body of harmful toxins.
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Natural tooth powder that works to polish tooth enamel, fight against plaque and bad breath, and protect against cavities.
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All-natural hair and scalp oil that works to restore life and moisture, aid in hair growth and fight against dandruff and dry scalp.
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Quote of the day
"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."
David Brinkley

Why are you detoxing?

Whole Foods Market Says 'Values Matter' When it Comes to Customer Satisfaction

Whole Foods Market, the nation’s leading natural and organic grocer, has launched its first-ever national campaign called “Values Matter,” with print, television, online, billboard and in-store promotions at its nearly 400 locations.

The costly campaign is the first of its kind for Whole Foods Market—an estimated $15 to $20 million to produce.

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