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  • Distilled Water

    Distilled Water

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Mucus Clearing

    Apple Cider Vinegar Mucus Clearing

  • Flax Seed

    Flax Seed

    Flax seed is a good fiber to take. I would recommend it as a good dietary fiber blend in addition to the beneficial omega oils it contains.

  • Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Fibroid Tumors

    Fibroid Tumors

    Many females are plagued with uterine fibroid tumors, older women as well as young teenage girls.

  • Avocado and Veggie Spring Rolls

    Avocado and Veggie Spring Rolls

    These spring rolls will surprise you and not only will you want seconds, but you will be coming back for thirds.

  • Vegan Mango Chia Pudding Recipe

    Vegan Mango Chia Pudding Recipe

    When you have a luscious chia pudding recipe like this one, it’s easy to understand why mango is one of the world’s most popular fruits.

  • Steve Harvey Interviews DHERBS CEO AD Dolphin

    Steve Harvey Interviews DHERBS CEO AD Dolphin

Blackcurrants Boost Brain Health

Two varieties of blackcurrant have been found to boost cognitive performance and alertness, with one variety showing particular promise in blocking the enzymes associated with Parkinson’s.

The research, conducted by New Zealand and British researchers showed that compounds found in two types of New Zealand blackcurrants – DelCyan and Blackadder – increased mental performance indicators, such as accuracy, attention and mood.

It also found that juice from the Blackadder cultivar reduced the activity of a family of enzymes called monoamine oxidases, which regulate serotonin and dopamine concentrations in the brain. These chemicals are known to affect mood and cognition, and are the focus for treatments of both neurodegenerative symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and mood disorders, including stress and anxiety.

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Extra thick, ice-cold and creamy, this papaya twist on pina colada is a refreshing, vitamin packed drink.
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Big Boy Power106 Interview Dherbs CEO
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Start the Full Body Cleanse NOW!!!!
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Question of the day
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What can an older woman use to prevent her bladder, from dropping and vagina coming out.

Try Kegel exercises, perform the Total Woman Cleanse, and also try anti-gravity exercises. I'll do an article on the subject of 'Uterine Prolapse" real soon! Hang in there!

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Study Finds Ground Meat Often Mislabeled in US

Horse meat and other species found in mislabeled meat products.

Up to twenty percent of ground meat in the US is mislabeled, according to a new study conducted at Chapman University. Researchers bought 48 ground-meat products from supermarkets and specialty meat retailers—both online and in stores—and tested them using DNA barcoding. 

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