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  • What a Raw Vegan Eats in a Day!

  • The Benefits of Foot Detoxing

    When combining reflexology with the science of ionics and osmosis, foot detoxing can be an incredibly powerful health management strategy.

  • Pineal Gland Mystique

    The pineal gland is situated between the superior colliculi, the pulvinar, and the splenium of the corpus callosum.

  • Finding Peace and Quite in Our Loud Modern World

    It can be hard to find moments of silence in a modern world filled with squealing traffic, growling leaf blowers and never-ending media.

  • Why You Should Cook At Home

    Reasons to bypass the boxes, pass on prepared foods, retreat from restaurants and make your kitchen your go-to source for sustainable health:

  • What Happened During My Raw Food Vegan Pregnancy

  • Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

  • How and Why We Read

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Embracing a Plant-Based Diet

Since I went 100% plant-based, I’ve noticed a much higher sense of well-being overall, along with other health benefits. I also haven’t suffered from a protein shortage or calcium deficiency either, in case you’re one of the many who worry about this issue. With athletes, celebs, and even political figures going vegan, why not the rest of us? When we consider that animal production has led to more problems in our world than solutions, it just makes sense.

Animal foods are also more processed than even some of the more processed plant-based choices people avoid at the store. Considering that animals are living creatures just like you and me, it makes no sense for us to spend our money on an industry that causes them suffering, destroys the environment, and causes us health problems. As rates of cancer and diabetes increase, one has to wonder if this has to do with the animal production being higher than ever and fast food restaurants serving up more animal foods that are cheaper per meal than whole, plant-based meal offerings. Though you and I can’t change this overnight, we can change our health by eating a plant-based diet. I’m under the belief that if more people chose the vegan route, they’d not only feel better, but animal production demand would significantly decrease.

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Question of the day
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I was wondering if anyone has actually tested negative for viral infections (such as herpes or aids) and whether it is a normal result to be considered "virus free" after completion of your detox. Or is it is just like any other detox where it "may help u feel better" by releasing certain toxins but really leaving the virus in your system.

Just when I thought I wrote the Anti-Viral FAQ in a way that would prevent confusion. The Rulers of the Matrix (U.S.) really did a job with the information on herpes. However, I believe I made it plain with all the literature on our site.

Herpes is TOXICITY (and parasites) and a degenerative disease which means it can be healed by changing diet, lifestyle, mindset, and attitude. We never suggested staying on the 3-week diet after the cleanse. We suggested staying away from the Standard American Diet (meat, dairy, refined grains and starches) that you ate before the 3-week cleanse. There's a difference! I hope I cleared up any confusion. Diet plays a role in herpes. It is not strictly sexually transmitted (though this might go against the medical programming people with herpes may have heard from ignorant doctors which is what is creating all the confusion).

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Solar Energy Solutions

One of the worst traits of humankind is our reliance on fossil fuels and the incessant depletion of non renewable resources. There are many alternatives and yet the majority of the world still acquires energy using practices which are causing irreversible damage to the earth, the people, the land, the air and the water. The exploitation of natural resources and reliance on coal powered plants and nuclear energy plants will lead to a dismal future if solution based renewable energy systems are not replaced as the norm. Luckily, individuals like Aur Beck are shedding light on the easy transition to choosing renewable energy. My dear friend, Aur 'da energy mon' Beck, has been immersed in the growing field of renewable energy since he was a teenager. In 1990 at age 15, after independently researching solar energy, Aur moved into a 12 volt,  battery operated camper in his parents’ driveway.

Aur translates as light or to enlighten in both Hebrew and Latin, a perfect name for a solar energy expert. According to Aur, “reading profusely and consistently tinkering with Renewable Energy (RE) has been a continuous constant throughout my life. Never officially attending school left me time to do in depth study, intern, view, and install renewable energy projects. Of course, working in one of the first United States passive solar schools helped.”

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"You can never get enough of what you don't want."
Wayne Dyer

Why are you detoxing?

Yogic Breathing Could Be An Effective Treatment for PTSD

Soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, could suffer fewer distressing symptoms if they were given training in yogic breathing, a new study has found.

One of the greatest casualties of war is its lasting effect on the minds of soldiers. Studies show, for example that more than 20% of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have post-traumatic stress disorder, and this presents a daunting public health problem.

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