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  • Urinary Tract Infections

    Urinary Tract Infections

    Urinary tract infections can result from a host of things, including sexually transmitted diseases.

  • How Much Can I Eat While Detoxing?

    How Much Can I Eat While Detoxing?

    Real food will not harm you. Real food contains nutrients our bodies need. You can eat as much of them as you like.

  • Kidney Bean and Kale BBQ Burger

    Kidney Bean and Kale BBQ Burger

    Super easy to make and BAKED —not fried— these mouthwatering burgers are a healthy meal you can enjoy any time of year!

  • Healthy Vegan Dip Options

    Healthy Vegan Dip Options

    Deciding to remove or limit processed foods is one of the best choices anyone can make to clean up their diet in a quick and efficient way.

  • Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

    Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

  • 20 Minute Deep Hip Opening Yoga

    20 Minute Deep Hip Opening Yoga

  • Vegan Recipes Breakfast Ideas

    Vegan Recipes Breakfast Ideas

  • My Crazy Immune Boosting Turmeric Elixir

    My Crazy Immune Boosting Turmeric Elixir

Chamomile Tea Ensures Longer Life for Women

Here’s a health benefit most of us didn’t expect from drinking daily chamomile tea – longer life.

Chamomile is a commonly used herb among older adults of Mexican origin. In an effort to understand its potential benefits, researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston analysed data from over 1,600 women and men from over a seven-year period, during which the researchers compared consumption of chamomile and the cause of death.

Before beginning the study the team established that 14% of the participants regularly drank chamomile tea.

Benefits for women – but not men

The findings, published in the journal Gerontology, revealed consuming chamomile lowered the risk of premature death from all causes among women by 29%. This difference was still found even after taking into account various risk factors including socioeconomic status, existing health conditions and health behaviours. The same protective effect was not found in men.

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In The Beginning
by Queen Garrett-Howard
I started my cleanse 4 days ago. I admit I was apprehensive on Day 1, fell off the wagon on Day 2 but got right back on. This is the story o...
4 Days in
by Sasha Lundy
Ok so i started the FBC on Saturday and i must say i feel incredible. I will admit that i cheated once but it wasnt anything major but i fe...
Still going
by Loretta Cox
So far everything is going just as planned. I have lost a total of 25 lbs, 10 on my own and another 15 with the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse. It...
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Question of the day
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I was given a blood pressure prescription because my reading was 140/90, I know that blood pressure is a symptom of something else going on. Do I need to cleanse my kidney? What's needed to treat high blood pressure?

Please read our article entitled "High Blood Pressure" in our articles section. There is plenty of information located wthin this article Beloved!

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

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Frances Forces Large Supermarket to Donate Food Waste to Charities

Food waste is a big deal: Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste while 11.3 percent of the world’s population goes hungry. To crack down on food waste, France has passed a law that prohibits large supermarkets from throwing away or destroying old food. Now, they must donate the food to charities or for animal feed.

The vote was united across party lines in France to combat what politicians call an urgent need to take action. Supermarkets are also barred from deliberately spoiling food, which according to The Guardian, many large establishments went to great lengths to do.

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