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  • Acai Bowl Recipe

    Acai is full of goodness and packed with more antioxidants than other berries.

  • For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

  • 6 Surprising Ways To Control Your Appetite & Lose Weight

    With these guidelines, you will enjoy your meals more than before!

  • How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

  • The Dangers of Perfume and Cologne

    Many of the perfume and cologne ingredients are known irritants and are toxic through skin absorption.

  • Vegan Bento Box | Raw. Vegan. Not Gross

  • Why Am I Vomiting During My Cleanse?

    Nausea can be normal reaction when people are overly toxic. Vomiting simply denotes your body is seriously taxed due to toxicity.

  • DHERBS Oxy Oil

How To Grow and Cook Beets and Carrots

rightly colored beets and carrots, so nutrient-dense, are mainstays of the gardener’s winter diet. You’ll find them side by side in cold-weather dishes and in the root cellar as well, although not on the same schedule.

How to Grow and Cook Beets

Beets are the less cold-hardy of the two. In Maine, we can sow beets around Aug. 1, nine to 10 weeks before our fall frost date, and still have them mature in the garden before our first hard frost. Temperatures below 26 degrees Fahrenheit are likely to damage them, so out of the garden and into storage they go.

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One of the major benefits of doing the Dherbs Full body Cleanse is that it rids your body of all kinds of toxins; the gunk and crud that fe...
I woke up today feeling alive and ready to rock.  I took the weekend to do nothing but sleep, it was wonderful.  I slept every which way I...
The frustrations of being on the road touring while trying to cleanse are immeasurable; the flop of it all. So I’ve been touring with this...
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Lemon Cashew Tarts
Raw lemon and vanilla cheesecake tarts. They taste delicious, light and very refreshing.
Fruits and Vegetables for Delicious Spring Eats
Spring is here, and that means it is time to take inventory of your d...
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What you should know before going raw, interview wth Dara Dubinet.
Dara Dubinet Interview
Interview with Dara Dubinet covers her childhood diet, transition to...
Joe Cross
Exclusive interview with Joe Cross the man behind the film "Fat, Sick...
Audio Articles
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DHERBS.COM CEO gets interviewed by Shirley Strawberry of Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Plastic Pollution in Our Bodies
Ken Cook speaks of the toxic chemicals leaching into our bodies from...
I'm Vegan: Gary Francione
A chat with the professor Gary Francione about animal rights and vega...
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Generation XL - Obesity in America
This video was created for a project in a sociology class. It explains the obesity epidemic in America and its effects on society.
Overweight kids in America
Understanding the role of food labeling and advertising
On the Frontlines of Childhood Obesity
As a pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Thornton sees first-hand the shocking hea...
Question of the day
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Hi to whom it may concern, I have a question about the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE product it would be ideal for me except, I am allergic to shellfish, and I see that this product has kelp in it.. is this product safe for me to take?

RESPONSE: Kelp is seaweed, not a fish! Two totally different substances altogether and thus nothing to be concerned about!

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5 Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Processed Foods

Dodging harmful ingredients in processed foods like chips and candy is pretty easy, but when it comes to some ‘natural’ and even ‘organic’ items like non-dairy milk, protein bars, non-dairy yogurt, whole grain products, nut butters, condiments and even some cereals, the lines can get a little blurry. Many of these items are staples for all of us, and some of us might even eat them daily.

Though a whole foods, 100 percent plant-based diet is the best route for everyone, most of us don’t have time to make fresh almond milk and our own nut butter every single week. Those are certainly the optimal options, but some packaged foods can come in handy when we’re trying to make a healthy diet work for our busy schedules. It’s also to important to remember that not all processed foods are equal. A box of sugary cereal with artificial flavors and preservatives does not compare to some processed raw granola mixes or organic, non-GMO no added sugar cereal varieties. Both are processed, but will act completely different in your body, and create different effects towards your overall health and well-being.

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